Koala Beds Anyone Have One? - Good or Bad?

Hi guys and gals.

Looking at a Koala Bed in a box are they good or bad? Does anyone have any reviews from Choice magazine?

Thanks in advance.

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    Can't vote I'm sleeping on one

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  • My MIL found it too soft and returned it. But her son has one and finds it ok. YMMV.

    Why don't you just try it and return it within 120 days if you dont like it?

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    Save yourself the money and go for a zzz Atelier one off eBay. Quality is great and you can pick up a Queen size for about $230 delivered when on offer.

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    I have tried one but wasn't for me. Didnt feel it had enough support.

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    Early adopter - have had one for two years. It's lost its support, developed grooves on both sides and a lump in the middle. Don't recommend - the support process for claiming warranty is terrible. We were in pain for a while, and our body has adjusted, however, we're looking for a replacement back in the main brands. The zzz Atelier has latex and will run hot, just like the Koala.

    • There have been many updates to the mattress from what I understand, also quite a few mattress review sites say it runs far cooler than other foam mattresses.

  • I found it too hard, requested to return it, got given the matress topper for frew and the 'return' period was reset from the day the topper arrived (otherwise i would have just returned it). Love it now.. haha

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    Best mattress around. Have had one for over two years now. Still as Comfy as the day I bought it. We have replaced all the mattresses in the house with them now. Could not recommend them more highly. You won’t regret it. You get 120 days to try them out anyways (as long as you don’t use finance to pay) so it’s risk free to give them a go.

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    Got one when first kid outgrew the cot. Then after lying with her when she had nightmares, realised it was far better then our 7 zoned pocket spring bed. So replaced our bed.
    Been 3 years and both mattresses going great - even with the first kid regularly using it as a trampoline when we're distracted.

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    We have two memory foam mattresses in our house, Ergoflex and a Koala, both are fantastic, better than any other mattresses we have had by a long shot. My lower back problems have improved significantly since getting them. I'll only buy these sort of mattresses for now on. Both are less than 2 years old, so can't comment on durability etc. But they are as good as when we got them so far.

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    Mine is great and still comfortable after 3 years - but being memory foam it does get more hot than a spring mattress in summer.

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