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Zzz Atelier Black Label Mattress Queen $207.20, King $247.20 + Delivery (Free in Some Areas) @ Zzz Atelier eBay


(All sizes temporarily out of stock)

King Size $247.20
Double $183.20
King Single $159.20
Single $119.20

Finally pulled the trigger after all the positive reviews from fellow ozbargainers, can’t wait to try it

Original POOLTIME 20% off 118 Stores on eBay Deal Post

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  • I was just about to post it. Got this for $202.20 thanks to free $5 ebay gift card(sold out now)

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      Wouldn't let me stack the code even though I qualified for it.

      $300 delivered to FNQ anyways is still an amazing price for a King.

      Thanks OP!

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      What's everyone doing with their old mattress?

      If you are in Willoughby council in Sydney, they have just started a new program where you can have it picked up for free (normally $50)


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        There are a lot of councils around Australia that do this.

        Also there are some social enterprises that will come and pick up for free too and they recycle them whilst employing people who really need help getting into the work force. Have a google for your local enterprise.

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        I put on gumtree as give away and was taken within 2 days!

  • Stack with $5 free giftcard from PERK5

    EDIT: slowpoke post

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    What's the quality like on these? King for $247 vs $2470 in the shops!

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      …exceptional bang for buck. easily comparable to 1-1.5K+ mattresses you find in store
      3x of these in regular use at my house for over 1 year so far (1xQ & 2xDB)…everyones been very happy with their sleep.

      • I read they come with a chemical smell. How did you find it?

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          …you unpack and let it decompress/breathe for 24 hours (i put ours under a breezy window to facilitate the process)
          most of the 'smell' (which is barely noticeable and more to do with the packing material) will be gone by the time youre sleeping on it the following night. within one week the mattress will have fully settled and will just feel/smell like a lovely new mattress :)

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          There is a not so strong chemical smell but nothing unexpected to be honest. This is only if you intentionally tried to sniff it. I aired it for a week and used some automatic air freshener near it. Happy to pay the extra $10 to make this amazing mattress even better.

        • Didn't notice it, have been sleeping on one for a few months since the last deal, fantastic mattresses, all the reviews are true.

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          Yes it had a smell and the instructions tell you to let it air. After a few days could not smell it anymore.

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        everyones been very happy with their sleep.

        Not everyone so it seems

        • +3

          …at my place.
          i have no idea about what that bloke reckons… :D

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        I second this. Had i tried them first i would have easily paid twice as much and still happy about it.

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      I bought one probably 12 months back and to be honest.. I like it more than out $3500 proper brand name mattress.

      We have 3 other mattresses at home, all pillow top and they were

      1. $3500
      2. $1500
      3. $250 (this one)

      I would say 2 and 3 are the best and in terms of bang for buck this is the best.

      • Yep, couldn't agree more. Our King Zzz is the best mattress we've owned and all our previous mattresses have been $2500-$3000 each!

        • Thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these, how are they in summer though, have you been sleeping hot?

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            @montorola: No hotter than the $3000+ mattress we replaced with the Zzz! It had a fancy euro topper that boasted ultimate breatheability etc. etc. etc. and I was a little concerned the Zzz was going to be hot however it's been fine. Been a pretty mild Summer here in Brisbane though, half-way through now and I haven't yet felt as uncomfortable as I have over previous Summers. Hmm, hope I haven't jinxed myself now ;)

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            @montorola: I have been on a King one for about 1/2 a year - I will say when we have been Ill with a Temperature they are very hot to sleep in. The memory foam in the topper doesnt let it out - rest of the time however its been awesome. Even on hot days in summer with only a sheet. The Mrs has complained a bit that its a fair amount warmer tho.

            The other thing that would be good is if the bottom edge / edges were firmer somehow - lifting it to put sheets on is a bit oif a task and I find they slip arround the edges for the same reason during use - not to a point I would say there is issue with it but could be better - but for a sub 400$ king what do you want.

            Postage to WA isnt cheap either but is available.

      • Did you buy the 5 zone pocket spring mattress?

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      I got a King about 6 months ago and I am very happy with it. It's a bit soft around the edges due to it being a boxed mattress I guess but other than that no complaints. definitely better than all the more expensive mattresses I bought earlier from Ikea and other stores. check out some of the previous deals to check more detailed reviews.

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      Quality for the price is amazing. Runs in the 1k to 1500 game. Very happy with the one we bought for the spare room. So much so, we moved it to our bedroom and shipped out Sleepmaker to the spare room.

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      We had a 1.5K mattress from the shop and bought this one for the guest room. And now I and my wife have been sleeping on this one for over a year now.

    • Its the great wall of mattresses

  • Seems like delivery is free to metro melb and syd, bris is coming up with $15.05, $9.80 to adelaide.

  • These are super dooper popular and if I had the need for a new mattress this would probably be what I'd get.

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    is on the soft side, if you like your bed firm might want to reconsider.

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    I bought one of these about a year ago and it has been the best sleeping investment we ever made. I have no idea how they do it for the price, but the beds are good. Very good.

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      Completely agree… but I think it's more the other way around. These are probably closer to true cost which begs the question, why are locally manufactured mattresses so expensive?! The Aussie Mattress Cartel methinks :)

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    I have one for about 9 months now. Only negative is that it retain alot of heat. If you're a hot sleeper, it might get uncomfortable.

    • Agreed. Fortunately, I have aircon in my room.

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      I dont have this one, but the Seally medium firm with pillowtop we bought few years ago becomes hot as well in summers.
      I think latex might be responsible for that and I will avoid it in my next mattress.
      Hope these guys have pillowtop or other variant which does not become that hot in summers.

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        Happy new year bro :) long time. I got the sealy as well and thinking about this one for the spare room…

        • Happy new year to you too :)
          Yea, long time. Will try them as well taken so much of likes from the members.

  • I bought it from their single queen listing which goes for higher than this listing. Is it just a price increased listing or is it different?

    • I was wondering the same

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    Thanks OP for posting the deal. Reviews look great I can't wait to test it.

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    Amazing beds, best $200 I have ever spent and will never buy brand name mattresses again.

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    Good beds, but horrible delivery if delivered by Hunter Express. You've been warned.

    • Lol now I'm curious, what's so bad about them?

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        My experience (and many others with similar experience on zzz atelier bed posts) is they don't call to arrange delivery (even though they are meant to), and they turn up with no one home and either leaves it in plain sight for people to steal, or returns to their warehouse which they'd then charge ebay seller for redelivery. I bought these beds twice, both times delivered by Hunter Express. First time, ebay seller paid for redelivery (goodwill) and second time I called Hunter to ensure they call me prior to delivery, yet they still didn't and left it in at the front door, not notifying me. Only till I checked their tracking then I knew it was delivered. Don't bother calling them re your delivery too, their operators know nothing as the deliveries are done by contractors and you'd on hold for aaaaaages.

        • Agree about Hunter Express. I recently had an order from Hellodrinks delivered by them. Delivery times are woeful and customer service non-existent (though Hellodrinks weren't much better in CS).

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      Hunter Express are notoriously bad.

    • Hunter Express are the worst. After my last experience with them it almost puts me off buying one of these mattresses for just having to deal with them again. Customer service is a foreign concept to them

  • Wished they had a show room… I live in Melb and would really love to try one out before buying. My wife loves a firm bed and i like a medium-firm, so not sure if she'd like this one or not….

    • it is more medium firm than firm.

    • My wife likes a firm mattress as well, and thinks the ZZZ medium-firm is way too soft. Haven't tried their assured firm (yet).

      • Ahhh, good to know. Might go the Firm one then instead of this one….

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    You won’t be disappointed with these mattresses. We had been using them (queen and 2 singles) for a month now and they are amazingly good and amazin in value. I was really suspicious at first but now i am a fan. Funny that some people are complaining that they rise up a couple of cm short but you wouldn’t notice.

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    Any suggestions for a bed frame ? It seems the link in the description for the mattress is no longer available. Tommy Swiss eBay has some frames and is part of the POOLTIME 20% off today.

  • How big's the delivery box (e.g. queen size)? Asking because we're moving soon and can delay ordering if it's huge.

    • it is vacuum sealed and rolled up into a box about 40cm x 40cm x 1.8 m ?

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      queen is a decent sized box and quite heavy. delay if you can i reckon

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      It comes compressed in a box that is roughly (length of QB mattress)cm x 40cm x 40cm. Weights a tonne as expected however ;)

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        This mattress is pocket spring, right? I thought pocket spring can't be compressed (as opposed to foam)?

        • Absolutely a spring mattress and yes, they come compressed.

    • Freakishly tiny. 45kg for Queen but it's so well compressed.

  • I was literally looking at this exact same item when I saw the upcoming ebay sale, cheers

  • has anyone bought the 23cm height mattresses.. the 34cm ones are too high for my bunk beds.. any feedback is appreciated

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      never mind.. bought one

  • Reviews look good and I'm currently looking for a new mattress.

    Is the Single $119.20 JUST a mattress or Mattress+Bed in one? Pics look like 2-in-1, if it is, can anyone recommenced a mattress on its own?


    • +2

      just mattress.

      • Thanks mate

    • How did you read that entire ad & reviews and not come out knowing it was just a mattress?

      • Thanks for your reply, see ad, "Mattress Bed".

        I've seen some mattress+bed in one, around the same price range which are terrible - didn't want to make the mistake of purchasing one of those.

  • I bought the queen size to replace the old mattress.
    Thanks OP.

    • …if youre replacing an oldy youll love it :)

  • MOst comfortable mattress I've ever owned…puts mattresses that cost 20x the price to shame.

  • Queen size is out of stock

    • +1

      …check back again a bit later. they seem to sellout/relist regularly

    • Just as I was about to pull the trigger too - darn it!

    • +1

      In previous sales they often go in and out of availability. But also consider King. I resisted for years but now love it.

  • Had mine for 10 months and we love it.

  • +2

    How do these compare to the Koala mattresses?

    • These are good quality Kangaroo mattress

  • Any pregnant people tried this? What's the experience?

    • +2

      My wife is pregnant and we just purchased. Will let you know in two weeks 😂

    • +3

      Lol @ people.

      Perhaps you should've said women :P

      • +1

        if a lady identifies herself as a man, can we call her a pregnant lady? or is that offensive to her?

      • +1

        Haha just to be safe. I don't want to offend anyone.

  • +4

    have had ours for 2 months & highly recommend.
    - Very good sleep
    - 3 days fast delivery
    - Smell gone after about 24 hrs
    - Some people say the edges don't have much support? - we have not noticed any issues.

  • +1

    was after queen but showing as out of stock whats the difference betweent the different listings? the ad description is the same but price can vary up to $100…

    • Different firmness for one.

    • From my understanding they’re the same product just priced differently in their individual listings.

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    the pics show a base, does it incl the base?

    • No. Just the mattress.

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    Thanks OP. Been patiently waiting for 20% off! Purchased one at 10:01am 😊 worth the risk given the positive reviews and the price. Much appreciated.

  • Bought one. Thanks.

  • Messaged the store. They added more stock for Queen size.

    • still showing out of stock