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Zzz Atelier Black Label Mattress Queen $207.20, King $247.20 + Delivery (Free in Some Areas) @ Zzz Atelier eBay


(All sizes temporarily out of stock)

King Size $247.20
Double $183.20
King Single $159.20
Single $119.20

Finally pulled the trigger after all the positive reviews from fellow ozbargainers, can’t wait to try it

Original POOLTIME 20% off 118 Stores on eBay Deal Post

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  • You snooze you lose, I've been waiting for this. Now Queen is sold out!

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    PSA: I messaged ZZZ Atelier about re-stocking King in the OP version and received a response saying that they hope to restock around noon tomorrow with whatever they have left. They've recommended watching the listing to avoid missing out.

    Good luck OzBargainers!

  • Deals up….anddddddd..it's gone.

    I just bought the last King Single.

  • Thanks OP. Sadly I just got 2 mattresses from them last week.

  • Queen was just very briefly restocked. Bought one and now it's sold out again.

    Still Double, Single and King Single available.

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      Dang, I tried to get one but just missed out, nice work :P

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    Glad I didn't hold out. Good luck to the contenders tomorrow. 😂 Haha. Ozbargained!

    • Same, bought the super firm one, what about you?

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        Yep, went the super firm, convinced the wife to get a topper if she finds her half too firm. 👍

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        Mine turned up today, it's definitely firm. Very similar to our current all latex mattress. Daresay the wife will want that mattress topper, there isn't a lot of give in it at all and I'm about 85kg.

        • Wow that was quick! So does it feel like sleeping on the floor with a bit of cushioning?

          • +1

            @montorola: Haha, not quite. Surprisingly, my wife doesn't think it's too bad. She's been staying at her parents this week on a king single/roll out double thing that they have that is firmer than my old latex Queen mattress and when she tried the new one today, she wasn't as shocked as she thought she'd be. Very similar to my ole latex for me but even that she doesn't like so it was a shock to hear her say it wasn't too bad at all. Win!

            • +1

              @db87: Haha good to hear! Can't wait for mine to arrive now

  • Damn did I just missed the double's? Sigh

    • +1

      Firstly, these are on a few times each year. Secondly, still a bargain at full price.

  • +1

    Can anyone comment on a spring pillow? Interesting to try one..

  • +2
    • Possibly firmest mattresses I've used, great support, some getting used to
    • Not a short mattress, something to consider, especially if bed frame isn't short
    • Edge of mattress has no reinforcement, definitely deflects much more than rest of bed
    • Delivery gave me a call when they arrived at my house and I wasn't home to discuss where to leave it
    • Packaging and expansion is interesting, definitely needs a day or 2 before use, and a space to lay it down and let it expand while not using it
    • All in all: very happy, wish it was shorter and edges had slightly more support
    • Which one did you purchase? The linked one above or the Super firm product?

      • The one linked, Queen medium firm. Purchased August 2018

  • Dang Kings all sold out.

    We sleep on the very edge a lot for various reasons, so these are soft on the edges so it forces you to sleep towards the middle of the bed?

    • They are only soft on the edge when you sit on it. I think that is what people are referring to, certainly that is what I meant by my comment above. Lying down the body weight is distributed over a bigger area. Also maybe get a king to have more space in between and not need to be close to the edge, but really I do not think it's a problem.

    • King back - just ordered one

      • Thanks mate, ended up going out and buying a $1,000 mattress, maybe i'll pick up one of these in another 10 years ;)

  • How often do they restock?

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    if anyone's still around, they've restocked the queens. just picked one up

    • Thanks just grabbed one. Looks like all sizes are back in stock.


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    Queen sizes are out of stock again, missed out yikes.

  • I wonder why the listing linked in the OP has a 15 year warranty in the leading picture but the super firm listings show only 10 year?

    Not that I'm likely to make a claim between 10 and 15 years on a $250 mattress, but is this an indication of different materials?

    • Seems like one is inner springs. Generally they don't last as long

  • Looking to get one for my 8yo son. Hes a fidgety sleeper and sleeps all positions (front, back and sides), probably more often on his back and front. I'm leaning towards the Superfirm, but really undecided…

    • Not 100% sure but as a kids a lot lighter than an adult, wouldn't the medium firm be firmer for him or is my logic wrong?

      • +1

        Makes some sense :) Although I haven't heard anyone complain that the superfirm is too firm (but heard people say normal is a little too soft)

        • +2

          I can't imagine the medium firm being too soft for your 8yo. But this depends on weight and what a person is used to or prefers. YMMV

    • An 8 year old will sleep on a sack of potatoes, just get whatever is cheaper.

  • Was told by them to check noon today for restock, perhaps was confused with midnight coz they restocked at midnight and it sold out. No stock this noon.

  • +6

    LOL. It's in stock now and grabbed a Queen!

    • Cheers, checked like 1 minute before your comment and was sold out. Gonna grab a King Single.

    • Haha ditto. Refreshed and saw it there… Fastest I've ever been through eBay checkout!

  • Every size is in stock now

  • Back in stock!!!
    Picked up a Queen to BNE for $222 delivered

  • +1

    All back in stock… like asloss and philldo said… lol.
    I picked up a King. yay!

  • Picked up my 2 x Queen - awesome!

  • eBay site not accepting pooltime code for me. Any idea?

    • Same here. Did you sort it?

      • Tried from laptop and as guest checkout. It worked

  • I have been in touch with the store, and they have kindly added the stock, so as others mentioned, all options are back to stock now.

    Pulled the trigger, and bought a queen to replace the one in a spare room, let's see :)

  • +3

    I have Bought a King Mattress after positives reviews from fellow Oz bargainers and have only good things to say about the Mattress.
    Have had it for more than 6 months now and would highly recommend it.

  • Bugger, no double beds available… I've messaged to see if they'll add more. I'll report back here if it's looking positive.

    • Doubles are back, I just placed my order.

  • Wondering why when I go to Cashback website, it says 0% cashback for Ebay AU?

  • I don't see where you can choose the firmness? Am I missing something?

  • Is it just me, or is the restock a different mattress? The original was “black label”, but now is saying euro top - I’m keen to purchase, but don’t want to get jibbed with a different style to the one people rave about

    • its the same mattress, the black label has a euro top, still says black label in main description

      • +2

        Brilliant, I purchased anyway because I was afraid to miss out again, and hey it’s a great deal (and also it’s for guests so a few nights won’t hurt them!)

        • Do you really want your guests to stay longer than their welcome?!

  • Queen is back in stock - got one. Thanks OP.

    • Gone again! 60+ Queens sold in the last 4 hours, at least they had a large amount of stock.

      • DAMN IT

  • Trying to buy the extra firm one, but ebay won't take the POOLTIME code — what gives??

  • We currently sleep on an 8ish-yo one from IKEA which it rates as "firm", and I feel like I'm drowning in quicksand in my sleep. Does anyone know how Zzz's extra firm compares to it?

  • Was gonna check at noon but busy with work, can't believe still available at 16:38
    Must have restocked
    Ordered! Three cheers for you OP

  • Is this too high 34cm for bunk bed? I have tripple bunk bed with double mattress at bottom and single above. Wandering if this is a right choice or not. Anyone using it on bunk bed?

    • Prolly not. The single mattress alone is 28kg.

    • Unless if you go for the super firm one, I think that's 24cm

  • does anyone has experience with 5 zone pocket spring mattress?

  • How does it compare to Giselle's?

  • Considering ordering a king - how exactly does it come when delivered?

    Reading other comments, it's squeezed into a box, is that right? Roughly how big would a king box be?

  • +1

    So I bought two of these. They are okay if you don't mind a soft mattress. Well it's comparing to Ecosa. The Ecosa is 9 or 10 on hardness. Where these are about 5 or 6, so these are quite soft. Ecosa is a cooler to sleep on. Where I find my self quite warm on these. It's great value for what you are paying or don't really care. Hope it helps someone.

    • +1

      That's $1000 though, did you buy the "super firm"?

      • Ecosa Firmest Very Cool.
        Koala Firm
        This soft but still firm. This gets you quite warm.

  • How does it compare to Royal Sleep?

  • Back in stock, just bought a Queen! Thanks OP!

  • Really wish they did shipping to the NT.

  • +2

    Just got my shipping notification and tracking.


  • Mine just got delivered today. Guy actually called me twice(i did not pick the first time) and put it on a trolley and delivered to my unit on my request where my wife was there to receive it

  • How are these compare to tommy Swiss? around the same price, operates from same state. I have a tommy Swiss mattress. Tempted now to buy this one to swap that after reading all the comments here!

    • I wonder how good the Tommy Swiss bases are.

      • They are not too bad, just too soft for me! It has same configuration and also has pillow top cover. Might be a good idea to buy the firm one from Zzz.

  • Just realised I got Hunter as my courier and I'm now stressing that they think my place (house on land, fully detached) won't have a safe place to do an authority to leave. The depot is 40 mins away and I don't want to pay a restocking fee. Any tips on making sure they actually drop off the package?

    I might be able to get someone to be home that day - but I'm not even sure that they'll deliver on the expected date (referring to @db87 recent experience with an early arrival with no notice).

  • Does anyone know if they deliver over the weekend? I'm in Melbourne Metro and only placed an order on Thursday afternoon. Would be awesome if I got over the weekend or might need to work from home next week.

  • Hunter Express are the worst. Call me without notice/txt, and said you have to pay for redeliver if no one at home, I just WTF! And there is no weekend delivery option

    • +1

      Lol how much is redelivery?

  • Strange I had Hunter express tracking showing out for delivery today Saturday morning and return to Depot in the afternoon.
    No card, no call, no door knock.

    • I had a similar issue. Out for delivery in the morning; returned to depot in the afternoon without any contact/card. Did you have to call them up to get yours redelivered?

  • +2

    Got mine delivered yesterday. Tracking number was a hunter express number, but was delivered by some random subcontractor. They literally just dumped it in the driveway, in full sun exposure, on a 35 degree day. This is despite the fact that my front yard has plenty of shady spots out of street view. So yeah, we're talking bottom barrel service. Luckily we found it shortly after it was dropped.

    As for the bed, I got the standard firmness, and I'm actually surprised how firm it is. Based on the comments here I was expecting to basically sink into the bed, but that's definitely not the case. The bed is comfortable none the less, with a soft yet supportive feel to it. Definitely had a chemical smell out of the box, but that disappeared after a few hours. Hard to judge the first nights sleep as I've been sick, so not sleeping overly well anyway. But the Mrs says she slept like a log, and gives it a thumbs up, so I've got that going for me.

    • +1

      Agree about the firmness. It's probably firm and supportive enough for the average person. I feel that a lot of people in the comments have a valid reason for it not being firm enough for them, but some are just comparing "firmness" sizes and it's as if you know nothing if you think this is firm enough. It's difficult when you can't try it out in a store and have to go by other peoples opinions, so I hope that the people that buy the firmer one are happy with their purchase or eventually get used to the firmness (not sure how much firmer it is).

  • Thanks op
    Just bought a king, nervous as we’ve gone through 3 different ikea ones. I assume there is no return/exchange on these like ikea or koala if you don’t like it, but the reviews are so consistently good got to try

    • +4

      The same mattress for roughly 3x the cost on their website comes with a trial period, but I don't think they can offer that for a mattress this cheap. With all trial periods offered they can't resell the mattresses, so any store has to eat the cost, hence it would be unfeasible with these.

      If you really don't like it chuck it on Gumtree for $100, no big loss and it will disappear fast.

  • Just grabbed a Queen for the spare room, cheers OP!

  • There appears to be a $9.80 delivery fee now in the ebay listing even though the delivery postcode is not in the list requiring additional delivery charges.

    In the extra firm listing, delivery is showing as free although for the Single size, it is $30 more for the mattress instead of $149 for the medium firm mattress.

  • +3

    Had mine delivered today and it was left at the front door, out of view and exactly how I would have wanted it. Considering all the bad press Hunter Express get, I've had much worse deliveries from bigger companies.

  • I've got Hunter Express and on eBay it says expected delivery tomorrow. I live in a high rise, so here's hoping there are no dramas. I had to take a WFH day for this.

  • Can anyone feel the springs easily when pushing your hand relatively firmly on the bed. My older bed didn't do this so don't know if that's ok.

  • Anyone in Melbourne have the regular model and wanting to swap for a firm. Didn't realise ultra firm mattresses aren't great for side sleepers.

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