I Can Not Verify My VIC Driving Licence

Hi, I got my Driving licence more than a year ago, whenever I tried to buy a SIM card, I can not verify my ID using Driving licence. I try to use digital id by Australian post also it failed. Anyone know how to solve this issue?


  • Ask Vic Roads?

  • Common issue. I'd just use alternative ID and move on. You can waste several hours with VicRoads but it is not guaranteed to work.

  • Are you neglecting to put your middle name? That sometimes causes issues

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      That could explain why my wife can never update her change of address online. That's discrimination against people who don't have middle names.

      • What did NabooRoads say when you asked them?


          Lady at the counter said she'd fixed it but we had the same problem the next time we moved.

      • i rarely put my middle in when doing verification and always passed, doesn't matter if it's no middle, with middle or initial

        • Same here - my middle name or initial is on all my cards and my licence, but I never enter it when doing verification or whatever, and it always works fine.

  • there no middle name

  • Get VicRoads to confirm that you actually do have a current valid licence.

    That would be a good thing to look into, even if you eventually manage to use alternative ID to buy a sim.

  • Have you changed your address since getting the licence?

  • Pretty common issue.

    My SA Driver's license is sometimes not recognised, and my Medicare card is almost always never recognised.

  • Use your Medicare card. That's what I always do.

  • Might be your address, type it character for character EXACTLY as it appears on your licence. Make sure everything on line 1 goes in line 1 field, everything in line 2 field goes in line 2.

  • VIC roads has a space after MC in surnames that start with MC So check if they have done something like that

  • Merged from Verifying Vic Driving Licence Online failing

    Hello All,

    My Vic drivers license is not getting validated online. I am posting this question to see if any of you had the same problem as me and any potential solution to solve this.

    Online verification of Vic Drivers licenses not working.
    Used my ID in MYpost APP, it failed there.
    In another instance, I used this ID for a brokering Site for verification and failed again.
    Never this worked.

    I hope someone had this issue and is having a solution for me.

    Thanks in advance

    • Last time I had this problem I called Vic Roads and they fixed it for me. Call: 13 11 71

    • I hope someone had this issue and is having a solution for me.

      Hi OP, solution is to call Vic Roads.

    • This fails most of the time for me. Usually I follow the manual process.

    • Okay. It's simple process to resolve this issue.

      Steps 1 : Call or visit VicRoads and check your details ( First name, Middle name and Last name) details are correct. If they told everything is correct at their end, then follow step 3.

      Step 2 : Your service provider will check your ID verification with Document Verification Service(DVS) system - Identity Matching Services (IDMS) - Department of Home Affairs.

      Step 3: If you have problem with your ID verification, then send an email to DVS Manager <[email protected]> with your problem details and your ID document.

      Step 4 : DVS dept can attempt to verify your ID via their access to the DVS system. If it's fail then they can investigate with the issuer and provide further information regarding the reason for the failure. All they need is a copy of your documents and your consent statement which will allow them to investigate and fix the issue.

      Hope this will resolve your problem.

      I wish your well with your future verification attempts.

  • hey guys, my cousin have this Vodafone unable to verify NSW Driving License and Medicare to activate prepaid sims…

    anyone from NSW have this issue? how you solve it?