Relocating My Cat from Sydney to Hong Kong

Hi guys I am wondering what the is most economical way of sending a cat from Sydney to Hong Kong. Has anyone done this before and would be able to tell me how much it will cost/paperwork involved and if the process is easy or not?

Any info would be great! Thanks


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    Haven't done it internationally but our dog has flown with JetPets domestically before and it was all fine.

    They appear to fly pets to Hong Kong so maybe get in touch and get a quote/etc.

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    You need to obtain a passport and visa for this Aussie cat.


    also make sure you look at he potential to bring it back to australia if you think that may ever be on the cards.

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    10 years ago is $900 + custom fee. Not sure about now.

    There is agent doing it all for you

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    I've used Petraveller before and they were amazing.

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    Heard of multiple people using JetPets. There are a couple of other companies that also do it.

    There is sometimes a quarantine period (though that is normally the other way e.g back into Australia).

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    Taking pets from Australia isn't too hard, but bringing them back is a nightmare.

    OP there's serious quarantine and costs involved for bringing it back, so make sure you look at the return cost if you're planing on bringing it back.

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      I brought my dog and cat back from Hong Kong (to Sydney) about 10 years ago. Didn't use an agent. Was not so difficult as long as you start the process early with blood tests etc well before travel date. Both pets required one month in quarantine in Sydney. Not certain but I think total cost was about A$5k per pet.

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    As above, taking out of Australia isnt too bad, bringing back in is veerrry expensive.

    The actual 'airfreight' cost isnt that much. Its the quarantine thats expensive.

    Having worked at Qantas Freight i can tell you that JetPets are by far the best, if anything were to go wrong, JetPets will go above and beyond within a very short period of time (somebody will be at the airport in under 10 mins).
    Every other company sucks from my experience.


      Thanks I’ll have a look at Jetpets for a quote! Won’t be bringing kitty back to Sydney so not to worry about that. Just wanted to see how much it would cost in total that’s all.

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    14 years ago I brought my cat back from Japan. it cost about $1400 just for the flight. then 3 months in quarantine @ ~ $12 a day.


    Dimensions? :p


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    Use a BIG catapult, cheap.

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    I love that you're taking your cat with you, safe and happy travels to you both :)

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