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Huggies Ultimate Nappies 52-108 Pack - $20 @ IGA


Good price, haven't seen these nappies this cheap before (although I've only been looking for the past 6 months since becoming pregnant), worth stocking up.

Can possibly get Chemist Warehouse to price beat if they haven't reduced their price by Friday (currently $29.99).

Not sure how to tell if Australia-wide or QLD only (someone let me know if I need to adjust the ad)

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  • Great price, usually don't go lower than about $25 or a little cheaper on the massive boxes on Amazon.

  • Great price.They are on the back page of our catalogue & I'm in country Vic.Will be stocking up .Thanks for the post.

  • important to call out, huggies ultimate!

    • I was waiting for someone to comment on the recent bad reviews of Huggies because I am not sure what nappies that included aside from comments about "mickey mouse" ones being rubbish.

      Anyone care to shed some light? Are Ultimates OK?

      • Yes, my 2 year old has been using the Ultimates type exclusively and they are fine. I believe the problem has been with the Ultra Dry (Mickey Mouse print).

  • Nappies or Nappy Pants for toddlers?

  • There is an issue with some of the Huggies nappies, namely the Mickey and Minnie mouse ultra dry nappy. Babies are suffering from severe nappy rashes. The newborn Winnie the Pooh range are fine. However a lot of women are boycotting the company as they are demanding the nappies be recalled. There is a Facebook page if you wish to follow it further.

    • This! Huggies recently changed their materials and there's been a lot of reports of babies having reactions causing a really serious and painful rash from their new range (our bub was one - now got a bunch of Huggies ultimate nappies we can't use)

      Obviously YMMV and different babies will react to different materials but would recommend trialing a small pack before buying these in bulk.

      I am noticing these nappies are almost always on clearance sale now which might infer that they are trying to run down the stock because of the problems.

  • Hopefully amazon price match!

    • Or, we can support those who created the price drop for us. And smaller, Aussie businesses.

      • No IGA near me, they all re-branded to farmer jacks. Amazon deliver for free. I also find it hard to get boxes of nappies from the shelf to the pram to the car to home with a newborn.
        thanks for your advice though, it was very useful :)

  • Great price. I've picked the ultimates up for $20 and $24 before at Big W. I personally prefer Baby Love nappies now after using various brands.

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    Thanks OP
    To be dad in 3 months and have no idea about nappies :)
    Should I start from Size 0 ? Or is there any infant version ?

    • same here, If I was looking about buying '6 months stock' what sizes should i buy?

      • I wouldn't try and rack up that much, you just don't know how they are going to grow. We have a newborn now, who is obviously going through them like tissues at the moment, but for our 2.5 y/o we went too hard at one size on a deal and didn't get through them.

        It also pays to remember that while this is a good price, they're pretty much down to $24-26 every second week. So if you get a 'safe' amount at this excellent price and grab where you need to fill in the gaps, you might be safe.

        Also account for size of baby - we knew our second was going to be big (4.2 kg) and grow quickly because the first did, so we have gone light on the lowest size.

    • In terms of Huggies, I think the smallest is size 1 for newborns.

      I remember stacking up a few boxes before ours was born and thinking "we'll never get through these!" I was wrong.

      • 108 nappies in a newborn box seems like a lot but we've been told to expect to use 10-12 per day so I'm thinking 2 boxes of newborn won't be too many. There's some overlap with sizing but really depends how big the kid is.

        First time for us soon (only 7 weeks to go!) so we'll just wing it, worst case we have friends we can give/sell onto lol.

        • When we have needed to go up a size, we have found supermarkets are really good with letting you swap your unused boxes of nappies to one of another size, even without a receipt. Obviously must be a standard size box that they sell.

          You can use the WHO growth charts for weight to try and guesstimate at what age they will be for what weight. Then work backwards with the assumption of 10-12 nappies for the first few months.

          You can never have too many nappies…

          • @misterchan: I hear the same thing (more often) about baby wipes :) good idea though on swapping, will keep that in mind!! It's really the same as returning without a receipt for store credit.

        • Unless you have a big baby you'll go through two boxes in no time. Good luck!

        • haha I'm such a noob serious 10-12 a day!!

  • First off, congratulations to the OzBargainers on this post who are expecting new mini OzBargainers :)

    Agree with what most have said, only approx 2 boxes of the Newborn size (size is up to 5kg). It does depend on the size of your baby of course, some big babies barely get through one box. Have you been given any indication of the weight of your baby?
    Remember you can always "stock up" on the next size up (size is 4-8kg), as they will be in that size for much much longer. As you can see there is a slight overlap in sizes, and it is more cost effective to buy more of the smaller size, BUT, it is not just the weight you should go by in terms of which size nappy, because how much the nappies can "contain" when your baby evacuates their bowel is a huge factor. And this continues to apply as they grow. Although they may just still fit the smaller size, and it is more cost effective to do so, the poor nappy just cannot cope with the amount of "content".

    And… If you see a good deal on wipes, you will need lots!

    Enjoy your bub!

    • Correct on the wipes, now that we have two we go through a packet a week, between nappies, after eating while we are out. We usually roll with the Aldi ones unless there is an especially good deal around.

    • All solid advice.

      Our first son as a wee machine!! While we tried other brands, nights had to be huggies, and yet bulging after 10hrs (great sleeper!), wicking onto bed/clothing, so needed plastic nappy covers, pull the front higher, and a size-up nappy… And of course, "doodle down".

  • Just to update that it seems to be $23 in SA Adelaide, checked 2 different stores.

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      Yep got that result for Woodville as well. We're using newborn at the moment but just buying the ALDI nappies as they're so cheap and sometimes we go through multiple nappies just during a change.

  • BTW i've noticed that the cheaper coles ones are a bigger size than huggies

  • We just had a baby boy a bit over month ago and went through two boxes of newborn nappies in exactly 28 days. We have now moved up to the next size, they are significantly bigger but fit fine. We did have one major leakage incident, but I think that was more my fault for leaving it a bit loose.

  • Yes people if they have the Mickie mouse print on them in the ultimate and ultra dry range I wouldn't say stay completely away but the quality has really decreased from the previous Winnie the Poo print. I find they are way more thinner and the nappy in the mornings looks so much more damp.

    • Agree
      Quality gone down with the Mickey mouse print, cutting costs you'd think.

    • The old packaging with Winnie the pooh. They are really good. Solid not too soft just right and won't leak.

      I guess they have cheapen out latest Mickey Mouse

  • Bought some from Woolies last night for $30… so yep- $20 is great. Babylove used to be cheap and quality just as good as Huggies, but it's been months since I've seen them cheaper than $24.

  • Will be available in thirroul nsw

  • Can confirm that it's $19.99 at my local IGA here in Perth metro.

  • Come on Woolies Coles or Amazon better match it

  • what's the best price for an ozbargainer?

  • Got 6 boxes of Ultimates at a local IGA .They only had about 6 boxes in each size & gender.Don't think stock will last long .Thanks OP.

  • My local IGA says he has heaps of stock just arrived. Will try my luck this afternoon.

  • @jv don't miss this deal mate

  • Good price.

    For those expecting, congratulations!
    You’re in for a fun ride. Just remember the days feel long but weeks are short. Our little one is almost 2 and oh how time has flown!

    As others have mentioned, for newborns 2 boxes should get you started. Babies grow quick. Having said that we had to start ours on premmie nappies as he couldn’t even fit the newborn ones.

    Also have a look online, there’ll be people on gumtree trying to sell their unopened newborn nappies since they’ve had to go next size up.

  • Does anyone know if they have Size 6 available/on sale?

  • Just had Chemist Warehouse price beat IGA. They had to first call around and find somewhere within 10km that had them in stock.
    Total Price: $19…!

    • We got the same at chermist warehouse but they didn’t bother checking stock luckily. Chick at the counter wasn’t sure whether it counted all the sizes we wanted to buy because they weren’t listed in the catalogue but gave it to us anyway.

  • What's the difference between Ultra Dry and Ultimate?

  • Thanks! Had to visit another branch as first one was sold out of the size I need. For those who prefer nappy pants, check out Amazon, some sizes seem to be on special.

  • I didnt know about the mickey mouse printed nappies. I just got 4 boxes:( can i return it

    • Why don’t you try hem first? I got a box too, but I will try.

      • don't want to take a risk with my new born mate.

        • If that’s the case don’t put any nappy on.

          I’ve read a bad review for every single brand of nappy, no exceptions.

          Can’t live life based on a few loud internet voices.

          As a new parent (just over a year in now) I’ve noticed you get advice from all colours of the spectrum, none are right or wrong, just a opinion from everyone. If your scared of every opinion you’re in for a world of pain

        • Just a FYI, I’ve tested the Mickey Mouse nappies on my beloved little one and he has poor skin generally, a little excema etc but developed nothing from these nappies.

          But take what you will from this internet voice

    • The newborn huggies are fine mate
      Either way you’ll go through so many with a newborn so you probably won’t notice.
      We use the huggies Mickey ones and they’re fine.

  • Does anyone know if this is a national deal?