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9W Clipsal LED Downlight Kit | TPDL1C1- from $219 for 10 Packs + Free Shipping @ Lectory


Clipsal 9W Dimmable 90mm cutout Downlight Kit bundle deal includes:

Clipsal 9W Dimmable Downlight Kit Bundle | 10 Downlights + Ctec Dimmer Switch White

Clipsal 9W Dimmable Downlight Kit Bundle | 10 Downlights + Ctec Dimmer Switch Black


  • 90mm Cutout

  • Dimmable

  • Colour Temperature switchable

  • No Bridge is required

  • Compatible with 3G / 4G WIFI

  • Allow timer control & auto routine On / Off setting

  • Allow 2-way control by pairing with Scene Switch

  • Allow control individually or by groups through App

  • Instant response to commands

  • Australian standard wall mount switch size fits on any standard switch box

  • Secured wifi settings, no interference with other devices

  • The LED indicator helps to locate the switch during night time

  • Manual/App Control

  • Compatible with Alexa Echo Plus, Google Home Hub

Clipsal 9W Dimmable Downlight Kit Bundle | 10 Downlights + Zigbee In-ceiling Dimmer Switch

Clipsal 9W Dimmable Downlight Kit Bundle | 10 Downlights + 10 Surface Socket


  • 90mm Cutout

  • Dimmable

  • Colour Temperature switchable

  • Compatible with Philips Hue Bridge, Alexa Echo Plus, Google Home

Downlight Calculator

  • Helps to work out how many downlights you need for each room

  • Helps to choose the suitable wattage

About the offer

  • All products are SAA & RCM approved to be legally sold and installed in Australia

  • The easiest way to upgrade your existing lighting set up to smart lighting

  • Affordable Version of C-bus system with no flow meter

  • Apply Coupon Code "OZBARGAIN15" to trigger the discount offer

  • This offer is only valid for 7 days


  • We offer free standard register parcel to all orders

  • Second-day delivery for metro cities

  • 3-4 days delivery for regional areas

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    Quite expensive. Can get multi-colour ones for under $15 each with decent warranty and plug bases go for under $2 each


    You will pay a premium for the Clipsal branded gear.
    And can get just as good ones for about $15.

    This one says compatible with WiFi, so there might be an app you can use to control it? maybe that's where the extra you're paying for?


      Yes, there is an App that you can use to control the WIFI smart switches, it's also compatible with Google home and Alexa so it can be linked with the smart hub to enable voice control.


    I paid almost $940 for 18 slightly superior downlights from LIFX. I think this is a good deal especially because it has a dimmer switch which you can do for a manual control instead of always opening up an app or calling upon a home assistant AI


    Hey OP, I need approx 60-70 of these downlights without the dimmers. Could you pm a price?


      Please send us an inquiry with your postcode and the exact quantity you after to [email protected].

      Or you can submit a "contact us" form though clicking the "contact us" button on the right-hand side bottom of the home page.

      We will reply to you with a quote to start with.

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      edit: Sorry, saw the wrong $243 price below. This really is cheaper if you buy the dimmer separately!

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    Just be aware.

    These are NOT smart lights.
    These are standard lights.

    With a smart dimmer switch.

    I got burned by assuming these were smart downlights / WiFi / zigbee.


      What limitations do these have vs smart downlights?


        The color temperature cannot be changed through a phone app, I'm guessing that is the only difference.


    The code is not working, coming back with invalid code. However looking further into the post there is another OZBARGAIN15 code which works but is only 15% off, not the advertised 25% off?

    Also the price in the title of "from $219" is only valid for the only option in these bundles that is NOT for any smart switches, but for the surface socket bundle. The minimum price for a smart lighting bundle is $243 IF the 25% off code worked, which it currently does not.


      One moment, let me fix this.


      Apologize, it's actually 15% off with coupon code "Ozbagain15" $219 is the price for 10packs of downlight kit TPDL1C1 after 15% discount.

      We have fixed the code issue, please refresh the page and try again.