expired Vodafone $30 Starter Pack for $9 @ Coles


Vodafone $30 starter pack for $9 at Coles. ($1 cheaper than last time)

35GB (10GB +25GB bonus) of data
Includes Unlimited Standard national calls and text

28-day expiry.

Limit 1 per customer. Product is unavailable online.
Coles catalogue page 37.

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    Have an international guest coming soon who is looking for a free (or e.g. $2) option to receive text/calls. No data or outgoing calls required.

    Is anyone aware of any free or very cheap options for an activated sim?

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      The $2 optus or telstra sims you can get everywhere would be fine, you don't have to top them up. You can activate and just receive texts/calls.

      IMO spend the extra $7 and get a starter pack like this in case they need to make an emergency call though?


        I got the sense you have to place credit on them to "activate" them, but I'll check them out. Thanks :)


          I've used them a few times just to receive calls, the other day I used a telstra one and it works fine, just hit "later" when it asks if you want to add payment details/top up. :)


    Does this have an activation date? My Kogan is expiring in about 13 days :)

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    Generally vodafone dont have expiry dates, I activated a SIM today that was manufactured in May 2016 with a wrapper that said it has to be activated 365 days after purchase. So I wouldn't worry if your planning to activate soon.

    I don't know if you will have any delays going from Kogan to Vodafone as they are the same carrier, sometimes this causes them an extra step to manually transfer you.