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Free Telstra Pre-Paid Starter Sim Kit (Was $2) Delivered @ Telstra Online


A free pre-paid sim kit might come in handy if Telstra still activates sims without a requirement for recharging first.

Offer is available online only, it will still cost you $2 in store.

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  • thanks OP

  • i cant remember - do they expire unactivated?

    • I think they have an expiry date on the pack.

    • Yes they do - just checked my old one (which I ordered ~2 years ago) has an 18-month expiry.
      Confirmed the dates via the confirmation email + the date on the back of the packet thing.

  • I was informed by a Telstra rep over the phone new policy - you need to recharge before activating a service number :(

  • Did everyone receive an email after ordering? Mine has not arrived.

  • Is this the only one in the market which can be activated without recharging? I am using it to reuse $1 amaysim 1G at the moment, but just wondering if there is alternative.

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    I'm off to Officeworks to get them to beat the price by 5%.

  • Does Telstra still stupidly use your provided phone number, but print it as an ID and StarTrack requires to show proof of ID, which needs to match your phone number in order to collect the Sim?

    • I don't think so - when I had my Telstra sim delivered I missed the delivery meaning I had to collect it at the post office.
      I went and all they needed is proof that I lived at the delivery address + the "delivery missed" card.

      Whenever I've used startrack for parcels, I have never needed to show ID - since I literally walked out of my house to sign the package and walked back inside.

      Does that answer your question or no?

      • I know usually for online shopping delivered by StarTrack or other courier companies, showing ID is rarely needed.

        In your case of missed delivery of the Telstra SIM, because it's a missed delivery, hence the SIM was sent to local post office for collection, and like you said they usually need proof of address and collection card.

        However, my case was different that I was at home when StarTrack delivered the card. I signed up 2 cards last year. Everytime they came they asked me to show my ID that needed to match with what printed on the Sim pack.

        They refused to give me the Sim because the printed ID (actually my phone number provided in the order) didn't match my real ID number. I told them that's my phone number, but they didn't accept it.

        That's stupid even though other details like full name and address were fully matching. Probably Telstra instructed StarTrack to ask Receiver to sign and show their ID. (This is usually the case for more expensive items like Smartphone)

        Other OZB fellows here also reported this same issue last year.

        • Recently had a Telstra SIM delivered and Star Track handed it to me at my home without ID required.

        • That's very strange. Thanks for the heads up though.
          Found this… wowies… Telstra what is this…

          Also, nothing is mentioned about the phone number ID - only photo ID. e.g. Drivers licence.

    • 🆔 may be required for phones but for sims, no.

  • Does anyone know: is there a limit on the number of active phone numbers an individual can have at any one time in Australia?

  • Can I resell this?

    • I would be interested buying it from you after you activate the SIM (+ the login details to Telstra site). ;)

  • Is this useful for Telstra perks etc? And using it for first-time discount codes for Uber, menulog, etc.

  • Can you use these to create new accounts for certain deals?

  • If you buy and activate but not recharge can you use this to receive a confirmation code when signing up for a trial service like kayo?

  • If you work full time and have no one to collect your mail I can't imagine going to the post office in your spare time, queuing up and verifying ID is worth your time.

    This deal is for people like me.

    So, be a man, and sign up to a FREE Belong SIM with a referral:


    • So how the Belong Sim is sent?

      Can Belong be activated without recharge?

    • Startrack always leave mine in the mailbox.

    • Can you refer me, Pete?

    • Have you heard of weekends?

      Even if you are at home on weekdays, I can't imagine not able to go out and have to wait for a free $2 SIM to arrive.

      • Sorry I don't understand. I think you're agreeing with me?

        At my post office it would be silly to line up for half-an-hour average (plus a 40 minute return walk, short bus trip or 15 min return drive plus fuel) for a $2 SIM.

        But like I said, my life isn't that exciting so I would do it (walking only) :)

        • No, on the weekends, I generally need to do some errands. Visiting the LPO is no big deal for me (even if I had to walk, my LPO isn't that far, 5 minutes top). That's better than forcing a family member to stay at home for one whole day (and cannot go out - because you don't know whether it will be delivered in the morning or the arvo). Asking a family member to waste a whole day to receive a SIM doesn't make sense.

          Belong… a minor issue for me is that too many people I know have it, hard to decide who I should use for referral without upsetting other people.

          I am chubby so walking would be good for me. Though 10 minutes roundtrip walk is too short.

  • Still using Telstra?

  • I mustnt be following here….but why do so many people love these free Prepaid sims? Is it only to sign up new accounts on services like uber eats and get welcome credits? Or is there some porting out and in benefit ?

    Someone care to explain :) ?

    • Telstra Thanks for cheap movie tickets

    • What you said is correct too … most companies these days care more for new customers than loyalty … so acquisition > loyalty hence being loyal is dumb these days because they don't award that.

      So in short, this gives you whole new possibilities of the good perks.

    • Then on my subject about acquisition > loyalty .. this is also used as stepping stone to get cheap prepaid from time-to-time. Kogan being one of the best company that supplies those good perks .. but of course, only for new Kogan customers .. hence you go out … then go back in as a new customer. HTH

  • Don’t you need ID to activate the sims?

  • Never got my sim from the last free sim offer

  • Telstra is only one telco which still alow $2 sim be activated without recharge and frequently offer the free $2 sim. Vodafone $2 sim is sold $1 online. Optus $2 sim is free online but now need RECHARGE at same time when activation. So only get some telstra $2 sim for porting use.

    • Does Vodafone need activation?

      • Yes, I just mean the Vodafone $2 sim is seldom free. As I know, 7-11 fuel app once offered free vodafone free $2 sim. But vodafone didn't offer officially on its website.

        • Do Vodafone $2 SIMs expire? I've got one that was manufactured in 2016…

          • @sween64: That's the point. Almost all other companies sim cards (Telstra/Optus or VNOs operated by these two)have the expiry date, but vodafone AU without. And some VNOs operated by vodafone have not the expiry date(Like Lebara).

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