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KingDian 2.5" SATA SSD - 32 GB $9.99, 60 GB $17.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not the fastest but probably one the cheapest. May suit who is after a cheap fast USB Flash drive to combine with a SATA to USB cable

Also available:

120 GB - $29.99
240 GB - $45.99
480 GB - $64.99

Link to the official website 32GB 60GB

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • FYI, free delivery if spend is over $49 so get the 480 GB SSD to qualify!

    Cons: slow sequential Data Read/Write Performance :207/85MB/s compared to something like 550/450MB/s.

    • Not sure how? The 480gb is $64 excluding delivery.

      Edit:I interpreted wrong.

    • I think that's just for the lower capacity drives. 480GB specs on the KingDian website say around the 500/300MB/s mark, depending on which model you choose.

      On paper it looks like the S280 is the better bang for buck, but it appears that the S400 has a metal housing vs plastic housing on the former, if that's a consideration.

      Both are listed as TLC NAND in the specs. Write to life expectancy is 8 years.

      • Update: After closer inspection, it looks like both models have a metal housing, so just the slight RW increase with the S280.
        I've got a feeling that the S280 is the newer model as well, as a quick google search shows some reviews for the S400 in 2017, whereas most if not all of the S280 reviews are from last year onwards.

  • It ain't Kingston. Reads like that.

  • Never heard it.

  • What is this, an SSD FOR ANTS?!

  • 32gb ssd, thats just enuff for windows 10

  • I just love the fact that "Customers also viewed" section includes such brands as Sunbow & Dogfish & Yucun.

  • What is the difference between the S280 and S400 model?

    • S120

    • S400 has slightly less RW speeds, that's about it as far as I can tell. I'd go for the S280 at the same price (which I did).

      • Ahh I see, daam I bought the S400 LOL, oh well doesn't really matter too much since it's for an old 4th gen i5 with RX570. I don't think I need the ultimate SSD for such a build.

        Awesome price either way!

    • I bought the 480gb S280 a while back, As far as I remember the S280 has a nominal amount of DRAM cache <1GB from memory, the S400 does not.

  • Grabbed a couple of 32GB drives. It's plenty of space to install a Linux distribution or Kodi.

  • consumable..

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    Not sure about the numbers, but the actual benchmarks show a different story.

    S100 seems slower than a normal 7200 RPM HDD, in terms of mixed IO it is half of a the cheapest WD or Seagate 1TB drive.

    I guess it meets a niche market for non-critical IOT products. TBW is also quite controversial at 285TBW. Note WD green 120GB SSD only has 40TBW endurance.

    From their site:

    Using 8 years if write 100GB every day(32GB)??

    I mean it's a MLC and not a TLC like the higher models, but still that number looks dubious. Thus why looking at the actual benchmarks becomes more important than what is advertised.

    I think what is meant to say is 100GB per month, which gives you around 10TBW, which seems more reasonable…….
    Would only last me a month with the amount of data I write to my scratch disk. lol.

    My guess is they are clearing those really junky ones that are sub-hdd speeds. The other pricing seems more in line with normal branded ssd.