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2 Free AudioBooks with Trial @ Audible AU


New members only, Can select any book, Cancel within 30 days or pay 16.45/month

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Who's a good dog? Nice pic.

  • I joined audible for the included echo dot back in Nov(?) then unsubscribed - still listening to the audiobook / collection I got for the included credit on my daily trip to work - Galaxy Outlaws: The Complete Black Ocean Mobius Missions - 80+ hours, kinda a poor mans rip on a firefly type space crew adventures .. decent value for money in it.

    • Sounds like I just found something to spend next month's credit on, good suggestion! When I managed to snag a free three month trial, spent my credits on all three books in the Night's Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton which clock in at 40ish hours per book, also great value for a epic space opera that's nearly three times the length of LotR.

  • I've previously had an Audible AU trial and I was able to sign up for this trial and get the 2 credits.

  • I'm still on

    Usually means cheaper credits and more books (though some I can't purchase). But I have to recommend Audible in general, just because there are so many awesome audio books. Last year I had a full year's of credit (12 credits), and bought an extra 12. This year I'm still re-listening to things I've bought before. OK, we don't all love audio-books, I understand that some of you have no taste ;)

  • I've had trials with the Au, US and Uk Audible sites.

    Contacted Audible support and they kindly merged all of my books into my .AU account.

    Have managed to get 12 audiobooks without spending a dime:)

    • Glad to hear this! I currently have a US account and was thinking of doing this trial to get 2 free books and then merge! Thanks for the tip :)

  • How do most people use Audible? Do you take advantage of their offer to return your audiobooks at any time and then get another for free? I listen to about 4 or 5 audiobooks a month during my daily commute - having one free credit per month wouldn't cut it for me.

    • Have you tried Scribd? You get to stream 3 a month for US 8.99. Selection isn't amazing but I use it as my main source of audiobooks now and supplement with library audiobooks and Audible for the big new releases.

      • Yes I looked but the range is very limited - I like Tom Clancy and the writers that collaborated with him

    • I refund a few, the ones that don't wow me- or if I think I will never listen to them again. I've never had any issues from them in doing this. The membership also drops the purchase price down considerably for extra on top of credits.

      I also combine with two other mates, so three separate accounts and we share books together, which makes up for it. If you keep making use of deals and such that they put out. I'm constantly getting through 3-5 books a month and never seem to spend more than a months subscription worth a month(sometimes getting as low as $6-7/month when you go to cancel and they take off half price).

  • Signed up but not a whole lot of choice

  • I'm having trouble using the Windows 10 app. When I sign out of my account, and then sign back in, my downloaded files get wiped and I have to re-download them. In addition if I change the download folder to an external source and move all my books there, I can no longer play books that were downloaded to the internal folder prior to me changing that. It complains that it can't find the files. So does this mean that Audible books can only be played if the downloaded files are kept in the same folder that they were originally downloaded to? Sounds weird.