out of stock 3 CK White Dobby Business Shirts for $55.97 or 4 Shirts for $62.96 (with AMEX offer) @ Calvin Klein


No idea about the quality of these shirts compared to CT or TML. Someone who have used these may comment.

Try creating an account for 10% more discount as mentioned in the original deal below.


  • Original "rip-off" price per shirt $89.95
  • Sale price $26.99
  • Discount of -$25.00 for every $75.00 spent.
  • Further discount of -$20 from AMEX for every $100 spent.

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Calvin Klein



    How does one remove shipping for the 3 shirt deal?


    Don't wanna be "that guy always in white shirt"


    thanks OP!

    got 3 shirts

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    Shirts arrived today.

    Terrible quality. Lots of loose threads all over the shirts.

    Will be returning them. No idea how they planned to sell at full price but these are not worth the discounted price.

    I ordered 3 shirts and all had similar issues.

    Now CK are trying to charge me two way shipping to return the faulty products.
    I paid $10 delivery and they want to charge me an extra $5 to post back which means I'll be down $15 for nothing…