New Car Sales, Interview in 10 Days, Any Advice Will Be Much Appreciated

Hi Guys,

I have a job interview coming in about 10 days.

The position is: New Car Sales

If you are a new car sales consultant or you have been one previously, I would love to get some advice from you.

Also whats the realistic earnings for the first few years if I got in?

Thank you in advance.


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    Get a haircut, look nice and neat etc.

    My bro went for interview, boss said go away and get your hair cut, and you've got the job. Was a long haired surfer.

    realistic earnings for the first few years

    I think it's very much based on your commissions. So how much you sell. Your advancement and promotions would most likely be dependent firstly on how much sales you make, secondly your natural aptitude and/or willingness to put in effort.
    They aren't going to want to promote someone with poor sales figures. They also aren't going to want to train someone into management who hasn't the aptitude (but you can make up for natural aptitude with alot of hard work).

    It seems very good money for upper management. Becoming an owner aka 'dealer principle' is near impossible . Takes millions to start up your own dealership, so there is that ceiling but seems very very good money as a top manager. I don't ask my bro what he earns, but I remember his previous manager he replaced, had about 9mil, and drove a special import from japan Toyota Supra (which my bro got when he took over).

    Plenty of perks and bonuses. Often bonuses are non-monetary though. Eg. You get to drive round the latest 150k top of the line vehicle, might get say 25k Harvey Norman voucher (something dealer principle was given, then gave to my bro). 10k rolex's as bonus given to dealership, for pushing sales figures (eg. Sell 50 of new model in month)
    Very hard work as head manager though. Basically 7 days a week, no real break. Even on your day off, the on duty manager will call to ask you things.


      Haircut! Noted!

      Thanks for the input. Working hard is no problem. I been working hard all my life. Does the first year get any basic wages do you know? Or is it only commission based?


        I think you should get something as a base wage. But when my bro told me how much it was, I was like WTF, it was like 400 a week back then. I forget what the name of it is, but he did get something of a wage regardless of what he sold. He was top saleperson and got some award and in magazine for his first 6 months, so his commissions would obviously have been high. It does mean you kind of struggle in the periods when nobody is buying cars. Eg. When the financial crisis hit. Maybe atm sales bad because of house values dropping and other factors.
        I guess depends on your particular employer, I would expect it to be mostly just commission. Maybe that's why there is a vacant position atm, previous sales person might have left because of people avoiding large purchases with the economy how it is atm.


          Thanks for input. I am fine as long as I get something. I am confident in my selling so as long as there are people coming through the door I can make sales.

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    wait for spackbace to comment

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    It's sales so it's pretty much you sell your or your out. You will have a weekly sales meeting where most likely you will have to walk up the whiteboard and write your weekly figure on the board and everyone will be compared against each other.

    If you are good you will make lots of money and love it, if not you will hate it and be managed out fairly quickly.


      Oh dear, if thats true I feel for the guy who walk up there and write 0 three month in a row………….

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    Ooh Perth too, what brand are you applying for?

    OK here we go.

    Some advice for the interview and the job:

    60hrs/week. Some dealers have fortnightly rdos, some weekly some monthly. But the hours are long. 8am till 9pm on Wednesdays.

    You'll get a drive car, but don't expect the flashiest. Be happy with what you get.

    You'll likely get a different pay structure when training. But they do expect you to hit the ground running. Theyll expect you to sell as soon as you can.

    Learn. Learn from experienced sales people, learn product knowledge, learn prices. Knowledge is power and confidence.

    $100k+ earnings are gone. Don't expect it unless you're a top salesperson on a good pay structure.

    Aim for a busy brand (Toyota is number 1 by a large amount). Busy = better chance of earning more.

    As to the interview:

    Be passionate about sales, be aware of the long hours, be aware of how that will affect home life (you single or partnered? Kids?). Be knowledgeable of the brand and dealership.
    Most of it will be personality and how well you present yourself.

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      Geez no wonder car sales people are a PITA to deal with given those conditions. Conditions sound miserable as!


      whoa! had no idea that car sales people had to work those types of hours.

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        8-6 mon/tues/thurs/fri
        8-9 wed
        8-1 sat

        That's in WA. Different over east where there's 7 day trade.

        Not uncommon to stay an hour back if you're working a customer


          I know someone who works 8am-11pm and skips RDO. They are making over $100k though (still not a lot for the crazy long hours).


      Thank you very much for the advice, the brand is Nissan. So not as busy as Toyota but dont think its will be too terrible also. Happy to work long hours as long as there are things happening and not just sitting at the desk all the time.

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    A. B. C. Always be closing.

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    Do some research and know something about the products you will be selling and company you will be working for.

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    It's a brutal industry. If you can't sell or have the wrong attitude then expect to be out within 6 months.

    Unsure of your age, but have a long term plan. 90% of car sales will burn out eventually. There is also minimal job progression.

    You'll never enjoy a Saturday off for a long time.

    Learn to handle stress.

    Expect to be on a retainer style commission structure.

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    Just reporting back, didnt get the job. The guy who interviewed me are very cocky and rude and self entered, keeps telling me how well his dealerships is doing blah blah…………….

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      Sorry to hear; I was wondering how you’d gone with the interview. However spackbace’s advice will definitely stand you in good stead for any further car sales jobs you go for. Good luck!

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        Yes very true, he keeps saying how good the sales are. I do have to agree as there are a lot people looking on the day.
        Not the industry for me, will not be applying anymore car sales jobs.


      The guy who interviewed me are very cocky and rude and self entered, keeps telling me how well his dealerships is doing blah blah

      Car sales - very male oriented, very old-school mentality. You'll get a thick skin towards things, or just bail out of the industry, it's just how it is.

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