expired [VIC] 30% off Scaled Agile Framework Product Owner / Product Manager (v4.6) Training + Certification Exam (Weekend) $945 @ ESA


Wearing the battle scars of experience and practicing as a product owner, I am kicking off my first SAFe training workshop in Melbourne to help fellow passionate product masters or aspiring product masters to grow and certify in SAFe.

This is a structured program across two days, held on a weekend (30th & 31st March). Where we, in an workshop format, will learn the mindset, approaches, tools, and ways of working in SAFe as a product master. From here you will be in a position to test your learnings at work and take the certification exam online.

This will be relevent to aspiring product owners or product managers and those looking to validate and extend their skill base.

For further information, please drop me a message via the webpage linked above.

Note - this promo is a limited introductory offer of 30% off the total spend.

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    Which version?


    Are there any pre reqs for taking this course and exam ?


      You must have appetite to keep paying yearly certification fee…


      There are no pre-requisites for taking the course, but I would suggest putting in extra study (post the course) before you take your exam to gain your certification.


    How do add the promo code ?


      Hi Ash_G, after you have entered you personal details, the next screen in the checkout flow, payments details, there will be a discount code field.

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    Are you registered SAFe Agile training provider? I couldn't find list of course on the Scaled Agile Partner training website.


      No I am not a major partner with SAFe. Personally, while consulting I previously fell under Accenture’s as a SAFe certified program consultant helping with agile transformation. I hold a licence to train product owners / product managers in SAFe v4.6 and to distribute the online exam for certification for those who complete the workshop (this is assessed centrally by Scaled Agile, who provides certification).


      Some of the SAFe certifications only require the trainer to be a SPC, so you might be trained by someone who has done a 4 day SPC course, passed the exam and never actually worked with it in practice. With any certifications, always find out who the trainer is and find out their background (LinkedIn, Google them to see their contribution to the industry etc).

      For that you actually need to have a name.

      Checked out the website and there are no profiles which would be a red flag to me. The "About Us" just says:

      We are a passionate bunch of coaches hellbent on helping our customers succeed in their professional development and enabling them with the know how to achieve their business outcomes.

      I guess being a hellbent coach is one way to differentiate yourself from just being a good coach. ;-)


        Hi jetstream22,
        Our "about us" page now has details about our trainer/s. The training services we have on offer are specific to the experience of the trainer/s (POPM and SSM).


    How come you don't have an address on the website? Can you tell us more about how many people you expect in the class, where it is going to be taught and how the exam will be done?


      Hello Lobsterz,
      We are based in Melbourne and don’t have a fixed business address as our courses are facilitated from training rooms in Melbourne CBD.
      There will be up to 12 people for the weekend training. Details of the training room location will be provided to participants a week prior. At the conclusion of the training weekend, login details to the SAFe Community Platform will be provided where you take the multiple choice certification exam from in your own time.


    In addition to my reply to ash_G's question just above, checking out the course description on the website, a small thing but might be big for some, but their website says that for the weekend course, they provide light refreshments, they don't provide lunch which kinda sucks. If the course is being run on a weekend and it's not at a hotel, you could be a little stranded trying to find a place to get a decent meal, even if you're happy to pay for it over and above the course.

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