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$100 off First Order of $159.99 or More (Plus Delivery) @ Naked Wines / Amazon AU


$100 Wine Voucher from Naked Wines (received via Amazon).
Valid for first order of $159.99 or more.
Must be 18 years or older.

Available at website: www.nakedwines.com.au/amazon18
Code: AMAZON18 | Password: JPW156

Code and password is generic.

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Referee gets a $50-$100 credit, referrer gets a $30 credit after first purchase by referee.

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  • +4

    Great wine for the mother in law only

    You’re better off buying Aldi $6 wines

    • How ironic that my Irish mother in law who is over visiting from Ireland just nailed the 36 bottles that I got her in the first 5 weeks so I need more. This is perfect.

  • +3

    I got a bunch of these coupons in my deliveries from Amazon recently. Any idea of the quality of wine and taste?

    • +2

      I am a member. I started with the $100 voucher and was pretty impressed with the quality for the price so I have stayed a member for about a year now. They debit $40 from your cc each month but that goes into your account to spend on wine. You can get it back whenever you like. I tend to wait a couple months and then use the $80 to buy a dozen bottle and it makes it feel cheaper than it is :)

      I generally get wines in the range $9 - $15. They are probably the equivalent of $15 - $25 bottles from Dan Murphy. You also get a free bottle or two each month. I wait for that offer before ordering.

      I was sceptical at first and was going to cancel after my cheap $100 discounted case. But I've been really impressed with their wines so have stayed on. Also, their customer service is excellent. I've had two cases swapped for free (one because they made a packing error and the other because their website didnt remember my choice when I went to the next page and back and I ended up ordering a mixed dozen instead of a red). They were super helpful and sorted the problems really quickly.

      • Agree with this. Some great wines and reasonable prices and have never had any issue with customer service.

    • +1

      As another user has said… I would stay clear.
      Dan Murphy's <$10 wines will be better.

  • +6

    I have about 50 of these cards. I feel like telling them to stop and just save some paper and email the voucher

    Or literally just advise it on there site as obviously this isn’t a “true voucher”

    • +1

      Just like Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon, etc etc

  • +5

    If I remember correctly, I thought these guys were notorious for continuously billing people after the original order for their angel program

    • +2

      e.g. "I never knowingly signed up for this $40 payment and had to cancel my card to stop them taking any more"

    • +1

      Can confirm, my Dad had the same problem.

      Sent him a pic of the voucher that came in one of my Amazon orders, told me to avoid at all costs because of the above.

    • +2

      Use Virgin Global Wallet account, which gives you unlimited virtual card numbers (one active at a time). You can abandon the virtual card and get a new one each time after purchase. That is if you think the wines are worth purchase at all. But it's useful to have for other occasions too.

    • Yep, I called it a scam cause it was never clearly labelled, some hidden small print somewhere

    • -1

      I've never had an issue with them, they'll even refund your money by simply emailing them.

      • -1

        Agreed. It was REALLY clear when I signed up how it works and at any point I have money in the account I want back they refund it the same day I request it. The main problem is people who don't read what they are signing up for.

  • Any good deals on reds here?

    • There is a case of reds to get you started.

  • well worth it imo
    I was one of the first 100 members (angels), I just let the money build up and then buy a mixed dozen of wines rated over 90%

  • This code is generic, I got the same card when I ordered my Renpho digital bathroom scale.

  • If you sign up without a voucher code, they still give a $100+ discount on the first case - I think you can get a case of 12 for $40.

  • +2

    I bought these wines once. Only two from the dozen were wines I would drink again. Very low quality.

    You are better just buying one of First Choice Liquor's deals where they have a dozen cheap wines for $75-100 (they do those deals often). Wine is cheap in Australia.

  • Naked Wines use to be good, but prices have steadily climbed over the years and it is no longer the bargain it once was. I cancelled my subscription last year.