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[PC] Steam - Just Cause 3 ~AU $3.44 @ Steam


This is the cheapest price of all time for the base game. Was looking for a game to buy and came across this, sadly I already own it.

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  • Bought. If it's anything like Just Cause 2, then that's about an hour of fun per cent.

    • I've heard this one is pretty good. I've also heard that just cause 4 is just a terrible copy of this game so why buy that trash for $40+ when you can get this for tree fiddy?

      • Yeah, just cause 4 is atrocious.
        So disappointed. I liked jc3 so that must be saying something!

        • Well if you liked JC3 you'll like JC4 as it's more of the same and looks better …

          … but if you didn't like JC3 because you start off with superhero like abilities that don't progress and it features an open world where you have to make your own fun however you like. But it's just quicker to shoot everything without making your own fun so what's the point in completing missions unless you make you're own fun which takes too long???

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    Not sure if it's lowest price ever, but also keep in mind the XXL edition (which incl. all the DLC) is $10.46

    • The XXL edition has been cheaper before, which is why I didn't say anything as I don't think that's really a good deal. This is the cheapest of all time for the base game. And it's from steam directly so if you don't like it, you can just refund it :P.

      • how do you refund? Even after you've played it?

        • For quite a while now steam has had a policy where you can refund any game as long as you purchased it less than two weeks ago and have less than two hours played. This is one of the reasons why steam is so good in my opinion over other clients. It's only valid of course if you purchased the game on steam itself, and not from some other site that gave you a steam key.
          Other than the royalties, this is probably the reason why bethesda didn't put F76 on steam, because they knew everyone would just refund that trash after thirty minutes of playing and as we found out after the game released, they don't like the idea of refunds.

      • Is the base game still fun to play without all the goodies from XXL edition? I looked at the DLC version and they've got some cool weapons and vehicles.
        I just want to blow up some bad guys to bits with a bang :)

  • But… But I just bought jc2… Ahhhh. Hmmmm.

    • And now you have something to play when you finish that!

      • You never truly finish Just Cause.

        • In #2, you kinda can, since you can't regenerate any of the outposts once you've destroyed them (although of course, there's the 100% bug, so you're technically still right…)

          • @chossenger: Godddddammit!
            Is that a thing?! I must've spend double the time from 98% trying to get 100%…can't find anything else to get.

            • @Ulysses31: Yeah, there's a few items missing, a crate, a water tower, and a fuel tank I think. There's a mod that adds them back in, if you want to finally nail those last few percent down.

    • It might be a good place to end your Just Cause experiences and hope that future games get some of the magic back.

  • both jc2 and 3 are pretty good.

    ppl complain about jc4, so far liking it. yeah the water animation really sucks but i think it has to do with the river in the starting scene which is suppose to be muddy water. the sea water is much more acceptable better, tho ive seen better

    JC3 is good, get it

  • Great game, but remember that GFX are quite demanding, has almost infinite draw distance, and seems they didn't bother optimising it, frame rates drop to 10-15 FPS during explosions even on higher end systems. Oh, but what fun you can have.

  • Good price for open world game. Took me by surprise, I didnt like the earlier games. This one is silly but in a good way.

  • Legend, thanks for posting!

  • Hmm I wonder why this game sells for cheap so often

  • Played the 2nd one and loved it, played the 4th one for a few hours and gave up, was just terrible. Haven't played the third one though, might give it a go.

  • I bought this game about a year ago. Trust me when you first play it you are gonna think this is the best game ever created but it actually gets really stale after a while. Like Abraham Lincoln once said, this game "is as wide as the ocean but as shallow as a puddle". But for 3 Bucks you might as well get that first 5 hour rush you get from playing a just cause game before getting bored.

    • Probably money better spent than watching any of the latest additions to the Star Wars franchise.

      • Hey I have no shame in admitting that I loved Rogue One! disliked the other three though. Especially The Last Jedi.

        • If you have no shame in admitting you are a Disney man, you have no shame. There is no shame in it mate, good on you, and good on Disney.

  • This is an amazing game for this price. One of the most exciting and viscerally satisfying gaming experiences I can ever remember. And one of the few games I actually completed, I loved going back to it over and over to conquer bases and blow stuff up in different ways. The wingsuit is infinitely satisfying and the game is just gorgeous. Just get it, honestly.

  • Just Cause this is cheap doesn't mean you have to buy it.

    • Or you could buy it anyway…

      …Just 'cause.

      (But if you weren't joking, hand in your OzBargain card. Your're suspended until your Pile Of Shame is at ten games or more).

  • Got it, thx.
    Looks like mindless fun