Carpet Cleaning Prices and end of lease cleaning Quotes etc. Please Help a Newbie out Who Wishes to Start This Business

Hello guys,

My wife and I wish to enter the cleaning business and we will be investing in some commercial carpet cleaning equipment

Can you please tell me roughly how much you pay people to steam clean your carpets?
please include the number of rooms and hallways lounges etc.

End of lease carpet cleaning

Also tile cleaning prices too

general home cleaning

I wish to enter this trade and want to offer competitive prices.

Thanks in advance ozbargainers


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    Electradry does 4 rooms for $160 and 2 rooms and a hallway for 130


    4 bedrooms, lounge, dining, hall: $165

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    Wants to start a business can't even Google it. There are literally hundreds of small businesses that do this.

    Call any real estate agents rental debt and ask who they recommend.

    That's how you get real and accurate information for the market you want to enter.

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      Its been around 20 years since Google started and yet there are some people who are unfamiliar with the whole concept of searching for pretty much anything in seconds.


      I did google Captain Obvious,
      however its better to get answers straight from people on here

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    One thing with end of lease cleaning, you will have to quote without full knowledge of what cleaning is required.
    Eg. You quote when furniture is there, once the couch is moved, might be something really bad that needs cleaning.
    I know one person that only does end of lease cleaning by hourly rate, because of this unknown of what will need to be done once everything is moved out.
    Another person I know, she now quotes higher, because of this, but then says she reduces price once job is done, if it turns out to be not that much cleaning required. She also got stuffed over by someone refusing to pay, and giving the excuse that the real estate wasn't happy with something which wasn't cleaned.
    Good to really emphasize to any end of lease clients,"if there is any issue, have the real estate call me directly" that way you don't end up with disgruntled customers, they are basically guaranteed to pass end of lease inspection without any bond taken,because you go back and reclean anything landlord or real estate isn't happy with.

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      They are going to be in world of hurt guaranteeing bond return and telling real estate agents to deal with them and not the tenant


        She guarantees the bond return won't be refused due to not being cleaned sufficiently. NOT guarentee on all the other potential reasons landlord might refuse to return bond.

        Yes, there are some extremely fussy landlords and real estates. But would you rather, A) deliver bad customer service, get a bad name for yourself, have customers not pay… or B) Just go back there and finish up the clean, clean whatever the real estates say isn't clean enough .

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    I would find another business. It is hard work for little money.

    My relo hires a team of immigrants at $18 per hour and they work Effing hard.

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    Probably not the best business to start… Have friends who started in that area but it's an over saturated market and hence very low margins. They ended up moving into other niche areas that require training/less competition.


    I think there is slack in the market for apartment block cleaners/maintainers.

    Might be a better option.


      Yes, like the ones in my previous unit block. Because stairway carpets were 'common areas' technically it was no 1 tenants role to clean.
      So outside contract cleaners would come vacuum and also carpet clean, never inside a unit, but all common areas.


    $100 per bedroom or $50 p/hr.


    You couldnt pay me enough to have to clean up after people in their home. Some are clean but in other ones youd just about have skid marks in the carpet thats how filthy they are 😂


    Some are clean but in other ones youd just about have skid marks in the carpet thats how filthy they are

    This plus the ones you think would be clean, and that tell you it is a small/easy job, are often the filthiest. Eg. My friend cleaned a place, nice professional couple with kids. She quoted low, as it looked neat and clean, then kids had drawn all over walls and took forever to clean off, but covered up by furniture when end of lease cleaner came to quote.

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