My Huawei Honor 9N Phone Is no longer able to make or receive call with Belong network

Hello All,

Facing a peculiar problem with my Honor 9N mobile phone which I bought overseas. I can no longer make or receive call from last Thursday, 14th February with my Honor 9N mobile phone. However, the incoming/outgoing SMS and 4G data are working perfect.

  • I am using Belong mobile connection
  • I stay at Hornsby, NSW
  • I cannot make or receive call using the mobile, but SMS and 4G data are working fine.
  • When I put the same SIM card in another device, I can make or receive calls. That means, probably the SIM does not have any problem.
  • I have done all sorts of tricks with the impacted mobile, e.g. reset network setting, factory reset phone, rebooting etc.
  • I am suspecting there was a change in transmission band from Belong from 14th February.
  • I have contacted both Belong (mobile operator) and Honor (device manufacturer), but it didn't help.

Request any help on this matter.



  • Has it ever worked? Sounds like you're missing a band on the 3G network thats used for making calls.

    Whats the exact model number? As I'm seeing a couple of 9Ns and some don't have the 3G bands needed for Telstra aka Belong

    • Thanks for your input. My device supports 2100 and 900 MHz 3G.

      Moreoever, I am noticing that whenever I try to make call, my network name changes to YES Optus, though it doesn't make the call.

      • You can confirm the scenario by making 3G only and check which network it get connected, may be it tries to connect to Optus as National roaming and the call get failed

        • Tried making the reception 3G. In this case, there is absolutely no connection.

          • @swprofz: Then your phone is missing the band needed for 3G.

            FYI Voice calls still drop back to 3G on most devices (unless the do VoLTE). So while it works and you have 'data' on 4G, when you make a call or receive one, the phone drops back to 3G for this, but gets lost as it can't see anything.

            TL;DR you phone won't work for voice calls.

  • Does it suppprt VoLTE? Does Belong support VoLTE, try to disable VoLTE in setting if Belong doesn't support it, also try to test in 3G only mode

    • Checked that Belong does not support VoLTE though my device does.

  • +1

    Telstra is shutting down 2100mhz 3G so check whether your phone supports 850mhz 3G

    • Thanks for your input. I checked that my device does Not support 850 MHz.

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