Beat Deal for iPhone + Apple Watch LTE Share Number Plan Including Owning Devices

I'm an android fan and ozbargainer.

Partner on the other hand is apple invested.

Currently I have her with belong and her iPhone 7+.

She wants an XS plus LTE watch with shared number between the two devices. Please help me get some kind of bargain here.

Don't care too much which company we end up with. Though we do have a 200gb mobile broadband plan for another 12 months from optus. Key about the best deal owning them.

Many thanks!


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    It's nice to see the Catholics and the Protestants getting on these days.

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    If you are happy with your Optus coverage then I highly recommend going with them for the mobile/sim only plan on the same account as your mobile broadband. You should be able to pool your data allowance, plus when you activate the Apple watch by 31/3 you get free number share for 12 months.

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    just use ozb search function

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