expired [NSW] Free Wet N Wild Water Park Entry for Emergency/Medical/Defence Force/Education Staff Save $74.99


As a thank you, we are offering FREE day entry to our Community Heroes on operating days in March!*

Community Heroes include members of emergency services, medical professionals, defence force personnel and educational staff. Family of staff (up to 5 entries) can enter for $35 each.

Emergency Services:
Fire Brigade
SES Assistance

Medical Professionals:
Enrolled doctors
Nurse Practitioners
Aged Care and Direct Carers (Care workers/Foster carers)
Healthcare Chaplin

Teachers and Educational Staff:
Kindergarten teachers
Prep teachers
Primary and secondary school teachers
Tertiary teachers
Lecturers and professors

Defence force personnel:
Royal Australian Navy
Australian Army
Royal Australian Air Force

*Valid on operating days in March. Offer available at the gate. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Community Heroes must present valid industry photo ID and/or proof of employment.

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    Title is misleading, it's not free for everyone.

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    Westpac employees left out again!

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    Why do they exclude heroes who have saved peoples' lives by being at the right place at the right time but are not highly paid professionals?

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      Because after including Nurses and Teachers, the average pay dropped below the poverty line…


        I guess you haven't seen how much teachers and nurses really get paid then…

        Teachers pay starts at 60K and goes to 100K.
        Average pay of a basic nurse is 65K.

        Poverty line must have gone up considerably in recent years.


          Teachers pay starts at 60K and goes to 100K

          Principles can currently earn ~$125k

          I also know teachers with local qualifications and years of experience who are working minimum wage because they can't get teaching work.

          The problem with teaching is the number of graduates pushed though the system and the rise in short term contracts used to destroy the teaching unions and their hold on teaching standards (and costs). You don't allow fresh enrollments in a government institution when the primary employer in that field is the government and there is a massive excess of under employed graduates.

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            @This Guy: Principals can hopefully spell.

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                @This Guy: What has that got to do with the proper spelling of words? There is an actual difference between Principle and Principal.

                English is changing, therefore we can ignore all established constructs of the language?


                  @Munki: If two words are often spoken identically (however incorrectly), and there is no confusion in spoken language, is it pointless to have two different spellings? /s

                  If a person's response to discourse is to call out a spelling error (however poor), is that somebody you really want to humor with a serious response?

                  LoOK aT mE. i CaN SPot A SpeElInG MisTaKE!1!

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    The ones that charge you $5 to sign are stat dec are the real heroes. Glad they're getting a free ticket….


    Hogan joined the chat.


    Glad to know all the surgeons and specialists are finally seeing some financial reward for all their hard work.

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    brb, enrolling for the army

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    Nice that teachers who earn good pay get to go for free, but all the staff that support them (cleaners, maintenance etc) that get paid peanuts have to pay.

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    Not sure why radiographer is on that list? A good job, photographer of bones, but not exactly a 'community hero'

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      Long time lurker on Ozbargain but I would like to break my silence because as a radiographer it's hurtful to read a comment like this because well you don't know what the entire job entails.
      I can lecture you about my job, what the physical,emotional AND mental demands are like, how sometimes you don't feel respected by patients because I just press the button. In order to make it LOOK EASY to press the button it requires YEARS of experience and education (3+ years of tertiary education and 1+ years of intern experience - in order to be a qualified radiographer in just x-rays, it is even longer if they do other imaging machines such as CT/MRI/Flouro/DSA/DEXA because it requires more training!!!).

      I would like to explain to you with a short list of why I personally think I am a selfless-sacrificing 'community hero'.
      But I respect your opinion otherwise.

      1. You're responsible for the safe administration of Radiation in order to convert a harmful radiation source into a justified picture to assist for your medical diagnosis.
        a. This does not entail just traditional x-rays (as per the common understanding of a radiographer) but extends into multiple imaging modalities (laymen - medical imaging machines) such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Fluoroscopy (to name a few).
        Trust me. You do not want your everyday Joe to do your medical imaging exam. A quick google of the consequences of radiation-related medical imaging catastrophes (radiation burns - NSFW/L please be careful if you want to google this!!) and fatal MRI accidents will quickly change your mind. You seriously want to be taken care of by a proper professional radiographer. Australia has one of the highest standards of medical imaging in the world.

      2. You're responsible for the patient care and wellbeing by translating Doctor's clinical notes into justified images (be it xrays/ct/mri etc.)
        a. It is my RESPONSIBILITY to not only follow the standard protocol (as per hospital or medical imaging clinic) but to also translate referrer clinical notes into appropriate images.
        SPECIFIC pathology will require SPECIFIC scans. We know this better than doctors sometimes!
        b. if said GP wrote a referral to have a CT scan completely unnecessary to the clinical notes that you as the patient are having, I am in my complete right to refuse to do said procedure and to instead request from said GP a different examination.
        Radiographers will always ensure they follow the correct protocol and do additional views or completely CHANGE the examination (with of course the radiologist & referrer permission) should it be required! Radiographers require a LOT of pathological and anatomical knowledge.
        I make sure that all referrals are a LEGAL binding document as to why you should be having said procedure (in addition with the radiologist). Radiography can be legal evidence for use in court!

      3. I am sacrificing my lifetime dose of radiation so that you have a quality and a well-trained medical professional doing the best they can in order to always be able to assist you and the wider community with your medical care.
        a. Despite medical technological advancement rapidly reducing the total dose per medical imaging modality. Ultimately, I will be receiving an increased lifetime of radiation (this is monitored though!). Let's say you receive 0.2mSv of radiation for your chest x-ray. Due to the bouncing effect of radiation and why I always ask people NOT involved in the examination to either leave the room or hide behind the x-ray wall (made of lead which effectively blocks radiation) is because I will receive maybe 0.02mSv of radiation (this of course varies depending on medical imaging examination). If you have one chest x-ray per year, you are well below the recommended lifetime dose. However, I can be doing approximately 30 to 60 (in my workplace, can be more or less depending where you work) per day, 5 days a week. 48 weeks per year. It might not be much for 1 year (i'm still below the yearly threshold) but after 5, 10, 15, 20, even ~45 years. It adds up.

      You can have any Tom, Dick and Harry 'press a button' and 'take a photo of your bones'. But ultimately if they have no idea what they're doing, it results into a useless image that adds no medical significance to your medical care but ALSO risking the lives of people by exposing them to unnecessary (possibly) cancer-inducing RADIATION. The risk is small. But the risk is still there.

      I am keeping this list nice, short and simple (because this list can go on and on).

      Radiography is a good job. And I am personally well respected in my local community for my patient care and expertise in radiography. But it's really more than just photos. My pictures are worth over a thousand words. But I do my pictures correct. And make it look super easy. :)

      P.S If you feel like you received good/great/excellent care from your medical professional. Tell us! Write a compliment to us! Tell our boss! (It always bring up morale!!! Trust me!) I wrote this because I want to bring awareness to not only just my field but ALL medical professions, alongside the emergency services, army personnel and teaching staff. Each field encompasses greatly varying lengths of a emotional, mental and physical toll. But we do it because we want to help. I think we're all heroes!


        Welcome to the internet, don't take these things personally, just a mindless comment from my end.

        Radiographer is a great job - my second choice of profession in fact.

        I understand the requirements of your position, I'm a Registrar on BPT training (Oncology), don't consider myself as a 'community hero' either. I get paid to do a job just like millions of other Australians.

        I worked 144 hours last fortnight - most of that unpaid overtime.

        I had a patient this week who swallowed water at the beach, the life guard on duty advised that he should get a chest x-ray for good measure. You guys did your work and he had an asymptomatic tumour in his lungs the size of a lemon. Early 30's, non-smoker, with 2 kids.

        I certainly didn't feel like a hero that day. Telling him and his family the news.

        That life guard on the other-hand. Legend.


          That life guard on the other-hand. Legend.

          I don't think that volunteer life guards that save people from rips qualify for this deal…

          But kinder teachers do…


          TBH I was surprised that radiograpehers and sonographers were on the list but I'm grateful. Usually we are left out and community attitudes like the 'mindless comment's you made have an impact.

          Are there other everyday heroes who should be on this list? Definitely. But to pick just one profession from the list and make a comment that it shouldn't be included is frankly not appreciated.

          This is why radiographer2019 felt compelled to create an account and respond to your 'mindless comment's because it actually doesn't help anyone.

          Why can't we just enjoy the fact that the government is putting up a free deal that depending on your profession you have access to and leave it at that?


          Public hospital basic physician trainee is one of the worst jobs in the hospital, but people who aren't junior doctors don't understand that. Our colleagues in other professions in the hospital hear about junior doctors working unpaid overtime and they think to themselves, "yeah, sometimes I stay back half an hour before I hand over" but that's after they've had their 3 protected tea breaks that shift.

          Surgical registrars (particularly unaccreds) have it bad too, but I'd rather work 144 hours and get paid for them than work 144 hours and get paid for 80.

          Thanks for saving my life and those of my patients' every after hours shift. Med regs are actually heroes.

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    SydneyTrains staff were included last year. Dunno why but I enjoyed it.

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    Thanks op, will take kids this weekend if weather is good


    Healthcare Chaplin

    Too late - he's dead.


    I am trying to decide whether hero or bully is the most overused word of the past 5 years.

    Can anyone help?


    I wonder if my missus who is a child care worker could count as a “kindergarten teacher”. Would save us quite a bit!


    Thanks OP. Enjoyed a great day there today. Great deal. Saved us a truck load of money!

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