Preferred HDMI Cables to Buy

HI OZB family,

Do you guys have a preference of HDMI cable ? as in any particular store or brand?

Does we have any HDMI cable mob as we go and have a look at blitzwolf for quality USB cables.

I am basically looking to buy few HDMI 2.0 cables (.5-3 meters), planning to wall mount a 85 inch tv so would like to tidy up by getting few new cables.


Edited to include the length of the required cable


  • G'day,

    It'd probably help if you let us know whether you're looking for short (0.5-3m) device interconnects, or longer (5m or more) cables to run from room to room.

    In general, I'd look for anything that specifically mentions "18Gbps bandwidth" in the specifications or test results. "4K" is too general a term, but if a cable can pass 18Gbps, it should be able to handle everything up to [email protected] 4:4:4 with no HDR (or [email protected] 4:2:2 with HDR). In other words, pretty much every signal you're likely to come across domestically, for the near future.

    Pretty much every short (0.5-3m) HDMI lead should be able to handle 18G, even if it doesn't specifically mention that. Anything from 5m upwards really needs to be tested and rated. And PLEASE test a lead with your products BEFORE you put it through a wall or ceiling.

    If you're looking at buying online out of the US, then I'd suggest the Monoprice and Amazon Basics range, as they seem decent. Out of China? Honestly not sure, as I've never bought those myself. Hopefully you'll find somebody else on here who has.

    All the best!

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    • Which HDMI cable at Radio parts do you recommend maximum bandwidth to work with 4k HDR with 60hz, in otherwords the maximum HDMI 2.0 can provide?

      Those "Easylock Pro.2" cables you have on the front page any good?

      • Hi plmko,

        Sorry, looks like I was dinged for linking to our website. It's got my association in my profile, and I wasn't trying to link to anything specific, just to show that there are a lot of different HDMI leads out there. Maybe I should have linked to Amazon instead.

        So that I don't get dinged again (I hope), I won't specifically mention any of ours here.

        I'd reiterate these points, wherever you buy them from - the length matters, and the specified bandwidth matters.

        HDMI version numbers aren't supposed to be used on packaging, as older leads may work perfectly well with brand new formats. For example, I've got a 3m HDMI lead that I bought in 2006 (version 1.2 era), and it's running at the full 18Gbps through test gear. 4K, HDR and so on weren't even on the horizon back then.

        Anything with a chipset in there (like an extender, an active lead, a switch, splitter, matrix, etc.) probably won't go much beyond its current specifications. That's speculation, but generally, a manufacturer of a chip doesn't have a reason to over-design.

        The simple HDMI lead hasn't changed in more than a decade, and providing they're made well and weren't damaged, should still work with most formats today. That's truer for shorter leads (0.5m to 3m) than it is for longer ones.

  • No preference for me, I buy the speed one I need and thats it, Don't care about all the other gimmicks,all they are doing is transferring data. A same spec one is going to do the same thing at $10 then one priced at $100.


    If you're after shorter than 15m, signal degradation is so minimal you can get away with the nastiest rubbish anyway.

  • I'd seriously go the Belkin on this one future proofed too! fully certified ultra speed

    The rest claim to be ultra but are actually not 18Gbps is not a Specced Ultra High Speed cable look it up on homepage

    The Belkin for once got it right

    Supports speeds up to 48Gbps, Variable Refresh Rate, 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz (HDMI 2.1)
    Compatible with Dolby Vision high dynamic range technology
    Future-proofed with 4K and 8K HDR compatibility
    2M length

    Range in price around $50 Harvey Norman Apple store or you can get them cheaper again overseas

    Tried a few and nothing comes close to this one the ones marked 18Gbps seem to struggle with PC's and TV enumerating correctly.

    • Absolutely no need to buy these. A good quality HDMI 2.0b cable is 100% fine up to 3m for 4K at 60Hz with HDR.

      Spending more now and future proofing HDMI cables is also silly. When HDMI 2.1 becomes the norm and have the devices and content to support it, You will be able to buy affordable cables at that point in time when you need it.

  • I usually go to Selby Acoustics( Never gone wrong with their products, always been exactly what they have said, they are also good with advise. I have bought from their Showroom and also bought through their online store. They also have an ebay store you can order from. Their prices are reasonable.

  • The cheapest one.

  • Amazon Basics, works well with my Foxtel IQ4 4K box.

    3 pack of 3M cables for $9.55 but on backorder.
    I used these when wall mounting my tv too.

  • Monster

  • If you are going to purchase apple 4k and your tv supports dolby vision you have no choice but buy belkin cable 50 bucks at harvey norman. I have just gone through this last month.

    • @denz02 no not getting into apple bandwagon any soon, i do use xbox x for all video streaming and movie watching.
      But i guess i will do buy belkin cable as a backup in case any cables fail