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7 Meals for $39.80 (Existing Users), 7 Meals for $29.85 (New Users) Delivered @ Youfoodz


Hey Everyone

As they are giving away two free meals, if you have a new account you can use the promo code 2FREE to take another $19.90 off your order, bringing the cost of the meals to $4.26 EXPIRED

As they are giving away two free meals, if you have an existing account you can use the promo code YFLOVE to take another $9.95 off your order, bringing the cost of the meals to $5.70

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          • @AussieMark: I think it's sneaky, too. The first spot I hit was their FAQ to see how they can provide "fresh, healthy meals" to places as distant as Perth and Adelaide. Zero mention of preservatives there!

            How do the meals stay fresh?

            "Youfoodz sources the freshest produce that is cooked, packaged and delivered straight to your door.We seal our meals using "Modified Atmosphere Packaging". Like vacuum sealing, this process removes oxygen from the meals and allows the product to stay fresh naturally for as long as possible." -

            I consider that misleading through omission that there's significant use of preservatives throughout their menu.

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              In 2017

              Spaghetti (33%), Beef Mince (21%), Cherry Tomato (11%), Tomato Paste, Tomato Sauce, Crushed Tomato, Cream, Parmesan Cheese (2.5%), Celery, Onion, Bolognaise Pesto (Canola Oil, Cashews, Basil, Mixed Herbs, Parmesan Cheese, Basil Puree, Garlic Puree, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Chilli Puree, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Xanthan Gum), Carrot, Red Wine, Brown Sugar, Beef Stock, Garlic. Contains: Wheat, Milk & Tree Nuts

              Look at this verses today's ingredients

              Ingredients:Bolognese Sauce (52%) [Beef Mince (35%), Tomato Paste (Acidity Regulator (330), Crushed Tomato (Acidity Regulator (330), Cream (Skim Milk, Cream, Thickener (1442), Emulsifier (472e), Vegetable Gums (415, 407), Tomato Sauce (Food Acid (260), Pesto (Contains Cashews, Cheese (Contains Milk), Pine Nuts, Food Acid (330), Preservative (202), Vegetable Gum (415)), Celery, Onion, Carrot, Red Cooking Wine (Contains Milk), Brown Sugar, Beef Stock (Contains Soy, Flavours (Contains Milk), Flavour Enhancer (635)), Garlic], Spaghetti (43%) [Durum Wheat Semolina (Contains Gluten)], Parmesan Cheese (5%) [Cheese (Milk, Non-Animal Rennet, Calcium Chloride (509), Animal Lipase), Tapioca Starch].


              • @AussieMark: Good find! Wouldn't have thought to look there.

                Wow! 2019 Nonna's Spaghetti Bolognese is full of additive versus 2017 with not a single significant additive listed. So unless they were caught for extremely faulty labelling (seems like they'd be shut down for that, so seems unlikely), they have added so many unhealthy ingredients. I suppose they'd done the bulk of their organic blog-type marketing by then. I'm not sure which is worse.

                I think the most offensive one is flavour enhancer, followed by preservatives.

                There should be laws against this.

                • @shushu: Yeah it's crazy. They have slowly been swapping out ingredients. There use to be a few 100% natural means and now I literally couldn't find a single one.

                  I'm going to contact them again and see if they reply this time.

                  I wish more people knew.anoit this

          • @AussieMark: Not to mention the faulty implication of "eating clean" in their blog post

            Interview Question: "Youfoodz 70/30 is all about balance, eating clean 70% of the time so you can enjoy life’s more relaxed moments 30% of the time. How do you incorporate balance into different parts of your life?" - Tradie Jack lost 60kg by filling a fridge in his ute with YF!

        • Was just saying the items you listen like pizza or pies were items most would consider unhealthy anyway. Thanks for pointing out that even the items on the menu that appear to be healthy may also be unhealthy due to additives or sodium values.

          • @samverhoeff: No worries. It didn't need to be done in a condescending way with no facts. This kind of thinking is exactly why companies like this make money. People stop at perception.

            I've studied nutrition at a university level (which is also only pseudo-fact), as well as seeing first hand how people can make healthy food, regardless of whether it's pizza or lasagne.

            So please think again before making assumptions about people, and thought processes, experiences, or backgrounds in future. I also made the assumption that it was commonly understood that there are "healthy" variants of almost every food out there. That is also an oversimplification, since healthy exists on a scale from healthier to unhealthier. There is no such thing as either. Is a packet of chips unhealthy for a person in a desert who is genuinely starving? Well even that depends on multiple factors.

            • @shushu: Not sure where I made an assumption about yourself; apologies if I did.

              Since you've studied nutrition I've a question.

              I am currently doing keto to lose weight along with a 16/8 intermediate fast (skipping breakfast, so under 20 carbs a day); from your studies has keto been shown to be an effective diet if done correctly? Can provide more details if needed.

              • @samverhoeff: Dude, if you don't consider telling someone to use "basic logic" offensive, you may wish to work on your communication skills. Making assumptions based on ignorance is fundamentally offensive, however moreso when you're asserting that the other person hasn't used the most basic levels of thinking. Adding the word "basic" to any contrary assertion and the other person's knowledge level is going to come across as offensive. In case you're interested, I've also studied logic at university, a course I'd recommend in kind. If you don't mean to write "you" as in the other person (hence personalising your argument) then choose another phraseology.

                "If you're ordering YouFoodz for health purposes than ordering a Beef Lasagna, loaded pie orBuffalo Chicken Pizza than you probably should be doing some basic research into what's healthy. I wouldn't be buying a pie and expecting it not to be absolute sh-t health wise. If you use basic logic and select meals heavy on vegetables/meat you're probably be fine health wise. Looking at the menu the Egg white and Omelette smash, Clean Chicken and Broccoli, Chicken Hot Pot and Loaded chicken and pumpkin salad all seem like good candidates.

                The other meals including the ones you mentioned I guess would be good for convenience purposes as long as you're not expecting to get a model body.

                Price wise I guess it comes down to your lifestyle; if you're driving off to buy food each day at work than the price may not be a problem compared to time/fuel saved. Myself; I only buy with coupons like this"

              • @samverhoeff: Most nutrition comes down to communication with the self, and body through self awareness and being in touch with how the body feels, as well as spending time experimenting based on different models under a doctor's supervision. There's no one size fits all. If you need a nutritionist, I suggest you pay for one.

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      Depends on the comparison. I'm looking for a cheap fast meal, hopefully healthy.

      If I'm on the road, I'm buying a maggot bag with sauce, trying not to grab another coffee & slice. Or begrudgingly stopping at maccas.

      Both times, spending double/triple what i have in this deal. Won't be continuing at full price.

      • Hahah "maggot bag"

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      Thanks for the information, particularly on the additives.

  • Great

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    7 for 39,80 using SURVEYLOVE

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    2FREE not working: Apply Apply Discount Code
    This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?

  • Too late for 2FREE.

    YFLOVE still works.

    • It works but only $9.95 off. Just placed an order.

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    Has anyone else noticed the ingredients list in most of the meals have chances.

    Lots of emulsifiers, stabilisers and some sort of numbers added to almost all the meals

    Previously it was just natural ingredients and they promoted that a lot.

    They said they will explain and never got back to me**

    So have stopped ordering for awhile as I think the quality has really went downhill over the last 3-4 months. Loved it as the beginning, even found some plastic inside one of the balls when I ate it.

    • That is why this called fast food, what to expect from instant food once taken to the microwave..

      The code 2free does not work why is it still posted?

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        No they claim it's freshly made and 100% natural

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    Just here to share my experience. I ordered over $100 food for the weekend, paid with 20% off code. But only $40 worth of food arrived and $60 worth of food missing. I contacted the support and they offered either refund or delivery of missing items on Monday. Since I only need these food for the weekend I chose refund. And I’m not happy because I have to spend over $200 to order some takeaway now. The support staff just say sorry and not even offering a voucher for all this inconvenience :(
    I ordered about 6-7times last year and there was a wrong order out of these. So I wonder what are your experience? For me, it is already two packing errors out of 7-8 orders. The error chance seems too high to me!

    • My last order was missing the sandwitches that I ordered too, and the egg omelette made me sick :(

      They have been pretty good up until that point.

  • Bought! Awaiting for my delivery for next week.

  • Just purchased 2 lots of 7 meals with codes YFLOVE and SURVEYLOVE on the same account lol.

    THanks OP

  • Food eventually delivered. Contradicting txts, and tracker was useless. Very tidy marketing in the box.

  • Guess what I contacted them about them changing to artificial and unhealthy ingredients..

    Their reply is crap and avoided the question completely

    Official reply
    My apologies for the delayed response, I have been in touch with our Quality Assurance Team to obtain some further info for you regarding our ingredient changes for our meals.

    Unfortunately our nutritional info may change from time to time due to different suppliers that we use and seasonal variation that may occur with the ingredients in some of our meals. In addition, the increased ingredient change may also be due to the break down of ingredients listed in every meal component. For example, all of the ingredients for our meals are now broken down to ensure that customers are aware of the further ingredients used in our sauces, stock, salads etc.

    Due to this change, our nutritional info is always updated on our website and on our meal sleeves for your reference.