Flights to Hanoi in December

Planning to spend Christmas/New Year in Vietnam, quick searches throw up some rather high fares, e.g. $1800 on Vietnam Airlines (ex-Sydney)
Are these fares likely to drop as the year progresses?
Also, apart from Vietnam Airlines are there other airlines that fly direct to Hanoi? Thanks


  • A lot of them probably won't flight direct, but transit over, which you don't need to get the baggage out, search for those that said 1 stop. Christmas is the highest season so I expect it to be that expensive. But watch out, Singapore Airlines or others might have cheaper flights on sale in May or June.

  • Keep an eye on Skyscanner as well.

    BTW, I don't think Vietnam Airlines fly direct Melb - Hanoi; they have a stopover in Singapore. Most other airlines will similarly stopover there, so you could structure your own flights (but beware of delays or extended stopover duration).

  • Vietnam Airlines stops over in HCM city.

    Other airlines stop at their respective capital cities, Malay is kuala lummpur, thai will be Bankok, you get the deal.

    December is like the busiest season for that route, as all the students will be flying home, hence they are super expensive.

    I would find reward flights with Sing air around that time.

    • OP will have a stop-over somewhere regardless.
      For example,
      Melb - Syd - HCMC - HANOI; or
      Melb - Sing - HANOI

  • December anywhere is expensive due to Holidays and Christmas.
    Usually Jetstar is the cheapest without any addons.
    I usually fly to Bangkok $600 return on QF when they have a sale, last December paid $1200 on Emirates from Sydney. Now, that route has been dropped and the price is QF only $1800 return so I just booked JQ for $1000.

    Expect to pay around double to any other time of year as per above reasons.

  • OP said direct to Hanoi, so presumably flying out of Sydney, as Vietnam do have a direct flight there.

    Otherwise no, they appear to be the only one. I'd save your cash and go with Cathay instead ($1170 return) for random dates I chose, compared to $1707 for Vietnam


    Close to Vientiane which has some new routes. Maybe check those.

  • Thanks everyone for the comments/tips, will wait a while to see if fares are discounted.

  • I just got Syd > Hanoi, Hanoi > Siem Reap, Siem Reap to Sydney all for $950 over the Christmas period. Wish I could have paid a bit less but it is Christmas and I'm not in a position to rely on a Sale coming up as Sales don't commonly cover Christmas. My flights aren't direct but aren't too bad. Ultimately, I'm happy with what I got.

    • Do you mind sharing what airline you've booked with? Thanks

      • Cebu pacific on way there, Air asia on way back. On the way back I have an 11 hour layover in KL, but it' during the day which is great so we can get out and explore for a day before heading back.


          How long are you allowing to get back to the airport?

  • How is your trip? Planing to go there and following the apknite app Hanoi City Guide. Don't know if it works. Any suggestions for things to aware here? Thanks so much.