JB Hi-Fi - Faulty Item from Christmas Not Discovered until Now

I bought my mum a present (Belkin Powerhouse - charge dock for iPhone + Apple Watch) which she opened just a few days ago. She messaged me from home telling me that it doesn't work. Becos my mum isn't very tech-savvy, of course I had to double check myself and sure enough, the item is faulty. (Neither the watch charger or iPhone charger will work when plugged straight into wall.)

The thing is, the item was purchased just before Christmas and I've since misplaced my receipt :(

Would it be possible for me to get a refund/exchange or is it too late? The item was only opened a few days ago.
I know it's my bad for losing the receipt but the item is still pretty much in top condition other than being opened.

Just wondering if it's worth the hassle for me to exchange it or should I just take the L.

Thanks OzBargainers!

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


  • Did you pay by card? I think you can use a bank statement as a receipt?


    A receipt can come in the form of a:

    a GST tax invoice or
    a cash register or hand written receipt.

    Other types of proof of purchase include:

    credit or debit card statement
    a lay-by agreement
    a receipt or reference number given for phone or internet payments
    a warranty card showing the supplier’s or manufacturer’s details and the date and amount of the purchase
    a serial or production number linked with the purchase on the supplier’s or manufacturer’s database
    a copy or photograph of the receipt.
    • There are conditions there though. They do not have to accept a credit card/bank statement if it does not identify what was purchased. Just because it says a purchase of $39.95 was made at JB hi-fi does not mean that product was purchased.

      It may be enough for them to check the time and date in thier own records, but I've worked in stores where this is difficult information for a salesperson or even manager to find.

      • I believe this to be incorrect. If you had proof a purchase was made, the onus would surely be on the retailer to determine if that was the purchase.

        • Straight from ACL Guide on the ACCC page above:

          "The Australian Consumer Law does not describe what sufficient proof of purchase is. Sometimes you may need to provide more than one of these things to support your claim. However, as long as you can reasonably demonstrate that you purchased an item, a business may be breaking the law if it denies your right to a refund, repair or replacement for an item that fails to meet a consumer guarantee."

          This shows that bank statements that do not itemise the purchase may not be enough. Not saying it won't work, but they don't have to help just on that basis.

          • @dizzle: While generally true, the evidence requirement is not just one-sided. JBHifi would also be expected to do a reasonable amount of work to check their own records for evidence. I understand that JBHifi retains detailed records of every transaction and I expect they have the means to match the payment receipt no to the itemised receipt.

          • @dizzle: Bear in mind that JB Hi-fi uses basically the same payment system on their website as well as in store. Online stores need to have things like payments very closely linked to actual invoices because of the need to have computers verify the transactions instead of humans. And so that they can correctly provide refunds, etc.

  • 3+ months - depends on how well you convince the manager for an on the spot refund / replacement

  • if you know the day and rough time they can check their system in the store you purchased it from and they can pull up the invoice, they have done it for me before and I paid cash.

  • JB usually send a copy of your receipt to your phone maybe check your messages?

    If you paid by card, check your bank statement if you can show them the date of purchase and the last 4 digits of your card they can re-print your receipt.

  • Why are you asking us and not JB Hi Fi?

  • At worst, if JB won't offer an exchange then surely the item is still under warranty

  • Just buy a replacement, and then return that one in its place. Theoretically they would have to do the same thing under ACL if you found the receipt.

  • I’d be asking why your mum took so long to appreciate your gift.

  • …nice…


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  • Trust me. Take it back

  • I know it's my bad for losing the receipt

    Yes. But go back to the shop you bought it from, show them your bank statement or CC statement, and see if they can find the transaction on their end. JB is decent when it comes to returns and warranties.

  • this is why you always take a photo of every receipt at time of purchase and upload to the cloud.
    has saved me tens of dollars.

  • Hi welcome to the forum

  • You can take the item to any JB Hifi and as long as you have the correct date, sales amount and last 4 digits of the card used ( cash sales are harder to trace) they can pull a reciept. If you take it to a different store to where you purchased it they will contact the store and have a manager find the receipt and email it across. All electrical items have a minimum 12mths manufacturers warranty so youre well within your rights to have the faulty item replaced. It wont be an issue to have receipt reprinted as long as you can provide details.

  • I've found jbhifi excellent fit returns. They are happy to exchange or refund. They also have a record of the sale so no need for a receipt.

    Suggest you head on store and ask

    Peter Gillespie

  • Visit the store your bought it at, with a screenshot of the credit card transaction and the faulty unit.

    They'll look it up, print it out, and put it through their faulty system.

    • Really? I have the opposite experience. $300 headphones less than two years old and was told "that's the luck of the draw sometimes". Will not buy from jb hifi again.

  • Make sure you return it at 5.25pm.

  • I used to work for JB and I can confirm what others have said, just with a few stipulations.

    JB can reprint the receipt for you provided that you can give them the date of purchase and the last 4 digits of the card that you paid with. If there was anything else purchased at the same time, it would be worth mentioning that too. If you paid with cash or gift card, it is almost impossible to trace back.

    Receipts are also kept only at the store of purchase. If you head to another JB, they will call the other store and get them to email the receipt. Just make sure that information is ready to go and is as accurate as possible.

  • Yep. They will take it back, as they shoyld be to locqte the transaction based in name, phone number, date of sale etc.etc. its not the most commonly sold item so the store thst sold it will check sales of that item on said day and find yours… its for this reason stores like the good guys or myer etc take names and numbers so transactions can be found in times like these.

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    Check to see if you were sent a digital receipt to your mobile phone number. Otherwise the easiest solution for you is to bring a bank statement, that shows the date of purchase, to the store you purchased it from and they can look up the receipt for you. Then the staff will be able to run it through the solve up system that will determine if you are eligible for a refund, replacement or repair of your product. If you are not satisfied with this outcome you can raise your concern with the store management who will do their best to resolve the issue for you. If you are still unsatisfied with the resolution you can escalate this for further consideration through this web form www.jbhifi.com.au/ACL-Warranty-Claims

  • If you know the date, approx time of the sale and price paid JB Hifi can track down the sale and print a duplicate receipt