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[NSW] Jackery Jewel Lightning Cable 450mAh $10 @ Harvey Norman, Auburn


Lightning cable for $10 with a built in 450mAh battery. There's a basket load available at Harvey Norman Flagship store in Auburn NSW.

RRP is about $49.95 and on clearance online at $44?!

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Sale ends 1st August?? Gives you an idea of how hard they think these will be to sell lol

  • Use as normal lightning cable, $10 not bad if mfi

  • Exactly what scenario was going through the designer's mind when they thought of this product?

    • lightning had sex with powerbank

    • I think this is a great concept, I often wake up look at my phone realise it has very little charge, plug it in while i'm in the shower then run out the door with it on around 50% charge - this way you just whip the whole cable out when you grab the phone and run out the door allowing your phone to continue charging (yes I know what a powerbank is but this alleviates considerable effort imho)

      • I'd rather carry around a cable in my bag (all the time) & grab a powerbank than have to grab the cable from my bedside, because when I get home I'll need to go to the damn bag and plug the cable back in every day it happens.

  • Is this only in Auburn?

    • Most likely Auburn only. Web site shows these on clearance for $44. Best bet would be to call and see if your local stoere has it at this price. Otherwise just get them to price match if your in Sydney.