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Bupa Summer Office : Moonlight Cinema: 2x GA Admissions + $20 Food Truck Credit: $50


$50.00 Bupa Moonlight ePackage
Terms & Conditions
As the weather warms up it's time to get outdoors! With 5 great venues to choose from experience cinema under the stars in style at Moonlight Cinemas.

Please note: Minimum purchase of Moonlight ePackage and a maximum purchase of 5. Tickets are valid until 31.03.2019

Moonlight ePackage includes:

2 x General Admissions

2 x $10.00 Food Truck Credits


Melbourne: 29 Nov - 31 March 2019
Sydney: 29 Nov - 31 March 2019
Brisbane: 29 Nov - 31 March 2019
Adelaide: 8 Dec - 17 February 2019
Perth: 1 Dec - 31 March 2019

Each Moonlight ePackage is valid for the 2018 / 19 Moonlight Cinema Summer Season only.

Visit moonlight.com.au for session times and venue information. It is strongly recommended to book online in advance. All sessions subject to availability.

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    What is the normal price? I guess $20 would be a bargain for this epackage.

    • +2 votes

      Its not $20. It's $50. imo as the food trucks' food are overpriced, rather get the cheap event vouchers that was $10 and byo food.


    What's the bargain? 15 dollar movie ticket, you have to buy 2 plus you have to pre-purchase food vouchers whether they're actually any good or not.


    Is the an advantage of sitting outside for a movie? I think I would prefer a theatre in every single way.


    You can buy two GA tickets for $22 (2x $11.00 Bupa eSaver), so you're charging $28 for $20 worth of probably overpriced mobile-truck food?

    Wheres the bargain? This is outdoor cinema, I thought it would be cheaper than the aircond, indoor version.


    Overpriced confirmed, no bargain


    In fairness 2x moonlight cinema tickets are $43, so it's technically $63 of value for $50. Not the worst deal if you were planning on going anyway.



    Nul bargainus plurus

    …Plus the fact that you only have 28 days of the original 120ish days left to use the tickets.


    Surely this is full price?!

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