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Tesla Model S Ludicrous Performance (née P100D) - From $164,465 (33% off - was $248,000+)


Didn't expect this to be my first post, but here we are.

Obviously not a deal for everyone, and still a high yield investment depreciating asset, but Tesla has adjusted the price on their highest end Model S and Model X by about 33% which is a pretty significant saving of about $82,000 - $85,000 (or thereabouts) varying based on on-road costs for whichever state you're going to register the car in.

E.g. VIC pricing

  • Tesla Model S Ludicrous Performance (previously known as P100D) - $165,529 (was $248,112)
  • Tesla Model X Ludicrous Performance (previously known as P100D) - $172,502 (was $258,402)

For anyone previously looking to buy one of these, the value proposition has become a lot better. Still not for everyone. A pricing change of this magnitude is pretty much unheard of in the automotive industry, so it should be interesting to see what impacts it has on the resale value of existing used cars.

Here's an article from Carsales summarising the changes

UPDATE: These prices will only be valid until March 18th 2019 as Tesla will be increasing prices to make up for closing less stores than initially planned. They estimate 3% on average, but this higher margin variant may end up absorbing a large portion of the price increases.

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  • upvoted so i didnt miss out. thanks bought 6

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    Drive to ACT and pick it up, and you save a further $6000

  • Nice one OP, gives a whole new take on bargain deals on this site..

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    The post with most votes and least purchase of the listed bargain :)
    Lowest votes to purchase ratio

    • You mathematical genius you.

      • Lowest votes to purchase ratio

        actually, highest votes to purchase ratio - or if none purchased, then it's undefined :)

        • +1

          You mathematical genius you.

  • Purchased. Thanks OP. Don’t forget the cash back.

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    This is hall of the fame comment for the most upvoted post. Btw, hope there are news regarding Model 3's price reduction.

  • Ordered for my collection.

    I'll need to build a new hangar soon.

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    Sorry to be a party pooper, but ….

    1. How many OZB actually bought this?
    2. Isn't this a permanent price correction from Tesla?

    Wouldn't this be a "bargain", if Telsa offered the $80k off temporarily, which lowers the price of the product but it would go back up again, so in effect it becomes "on sale"?

    However, Tesla have reduced the price permanently to remain relevant and competitive, in a market where there are many innovations being launched by competitors who may/maynot have a better product offering which may/maynot be at a a more competitive (or lower) point?

    If waterfront house prices in Sydney dropped by 33%, so a mansion wasn't $60 million and was only $40 million, would that be a bargain too? According to all the votes, the answer is yes. * shrugz *

    • +2

      Cue Arnie accent;

      Don't be a party pooper!

      Best not to dwell on such things. Just smile and enjoy the fun of being a part of OzBargain history :).
      Your reasoning is 100% correct of course, but that didn't stop me and thousands of others offering their one plus vote to the deal.

      Just give your plus vote like the rest of us.
      Resistance is futile.
      Come on. Just a little press of a button.
      You'll feel much better ;).

      • Lol love it +1 for you too, and yes i did the arnie voice in my head …….

      • Oommmmwaaaaaad i caved to peer pressure

        I'm one of "those" OZBers where I would not upvote deal unless it was a ripper deal of epic proportions unseen to mankind.

      • +1

        Just give your plus vote like the rest of us.

        You've sold me. :->

    • Some people may not be aware of it and this post brings it to their attention.
      Hence they buy the Telsa instead of the Maserati.

    • +1

      The point of the post was to bring to attention this huge pricing change so that anyone who was previously (mis)informed would be able to re-assess and make the correct decision.

      I don't know about you, but I'd be gutted if I had purchased the wrong car, because no one told me the one I really wanted (but couldn't afford at the original price) had actually become $80k+ cheaper. Especially at this very high end of the market.

      • -2

        No. I disagree, this isnt "Oz-raise-awareness-and-not-be-misinformed"

        Not sure about you but usually when i buy a car, i do my research.

        Its not like I'm going to wake up on a random Thursday morning and think "hmmm I'll just drop $200k on a Telsa during my much break today" …

        If there were people on OZB who were realistically able to buy a Tesla they would no doubt compare and already be aware.

        I'd love to see pics of the 1000s of OZB who have purchased … Ozbargained???

        • +2

          Every bargain we post falls under the umbrella of "raise-awareness-and-not-be-misinformed" - the whole point of OzBargain is to share deals and make the community aware of bargains that a select few may have happened to stumble upon. It's not mutually exclusive. The only difference here is that this seems to be the normal price for the forseeable future. Neither you nor I can say with certainty that this price change is permanent or not. The point is, this is the current price, and its a significantly less than the previous price. And being a substantial decrease on a large ticket item, it has clearly attracted a lot of attention. Even if one fellow OzBargainer has saved money from this, I'd consider it a win :)

          There are plenty of long running deals that we have embraced, most of which are also as foreseeably permanent.

          • @pathacks: Examples you provided are all different.

            Officeworks - change in policy, benefits everyone who wants to buy anything remotely related to IT

            Free items - a deal but that's another sub topic…

            Cheaper via VPN - is a hack and therefore a deal

            Just because they are long running doesn't mean it's different imo, but an item that no one would realistically buy… and that item being the most popular post on OZB 😆

            The Tesla article clearly states reasons for price reductions, unless all Tesla employees start using gold plated toilet paper … then you and i can have an educated guess and safely say the current prices will stay. Unless of course Tesla want to flip 180 and want negative PR.

            I agree if even 1 OZB saved money it would be good and the quality of the saving outweighs the quantity… but does that mean this should be the highest voted post in the history of OZB? A post that no one in real life benefits from… but a post that everyone benefits from in theory life?

            Obviously yes??? Lol 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

            • +1

              @db2k: I wouldn't say no one benefits from it. Amongst all the sarcasm and irony that our community is so good at, I'd say a least a handful of us actually put an order in. My speculation against yours. I guess we won't know until we do a poll :)

            • @db2k: Funnily enough, this deal is set to expire on March 18th as Tesla will be increasing prices across the board by ~3%.

              Buy before then to save the full 80k+!

              • @pathacks: Lol!!! Interesting as the original article states a decrease due to lower operational costs and efficiencies, and then that new article contradicts that with additional costs! Ha … who runs marketing, pr and pricing in Tesla!?! LOL

                In answer to a number of questions regarding the price cuts, Tesla Australia stated: "In regards to the Model S and Model X price changes, this is addressed in the blog post [Ed: see links hereabouts] which includes the below: 'Shifting all sales online, combined with other ongoing cost efficiencies, will enable us to lower all vehicle prices by about 6% on average, allowing us to achieve the $35,000 Model 3 price point earlier than we expected.'"

                • @db2k: Indeed - the original plan was to close down all stores, and run all sales through the website. That decision blindsided a lot of their own staff, so they've had to backtrack a bit, deciding to only close some stores. Obviously running some stores is more expensive than running no stores at all, hence the incoming price increase.

              • @pathacks: That’s 3% before tax. I reckon $10-20k

                • @Burnertoasty: Well the original decrease averaged out at ~6% across the board, which the higher margin variants carrying the bulk of that discount. Logically, a 3%~ increase would mean that that decrease would be halved? Might increase ~$40K?

                  • +1

                    @pathacks: Possibly. But then again, the P100D dropped to about $164k with no options, but you could pick up demo cars for ~$180k at points last year, so while there is a huge discount on paper, there were still deals to be had on P100D demos at certain points. I reckon the new normal will be $200k for the P100D.

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    Sounds perfect, for a "progressive" inner-city socialist…

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    This post deserves a special badge.

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    Has anyone checked if there is sufficient stock available of this to meet Ozbargains posting guidelines?

    • From the guidelines:

      Limited Quantity
      If your deal has limited quantity, please mention it in the description. As a general guide, deals with less than 10 items in stock at the time of submission may be unpublished, but moderators may, at their discretion, allow deals to stay if they are potentially useful to the community

      Given that these are custom orders, and not inventory models, technically, stock is zero. I assume the post has been allowed to live based on its potential usefulness to the OzBargain community.

  • I have set a price alert on Falcon-9 launches, and will be posting a deal here when they drop.
    (Currently us$62m with standard payment plan.)

    Wonder if I can beat patsaw's record? :-)

  • Why is evry1 calling it a 'Telsa' & not 'Tesla'

    • +1

      They think it's a new phone?

      • Exactly 😂😂😂

  • -1

    Isn't Decadence brilliant? :-)

  • -2

    Nice neg guys won my bet no way it gets to 3k without you'se :)

  • Nearly did had me sweating .

  • Guys you better get in quick.

    They going to raise the price after March 18th. Still cheaper than original price but more expensive than the latest cut.

  • Deal has expired as of 22 March 2019. Price is now showing as $179,335 in VIC, up from the $164,465 previously.

    I am no longer able to edit the post so mods please mark deal as expired.

  • +1

    I forgot, you're not allowed to neg on Ozbargain, or the christians will get you.

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