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10% off Sitewide (Excludes Pre-Orders, Special Offers, Sale Items and Console) @ OzGameShop Extendedtill Mar 5


Not sure there is much that’s cheaper than amazon etc even with the discount but someone may find it useful.
I stopped shopping with them after a few lost deliveries ( no tracking)plus 3-3 week wait for items is a pain.

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    Not sure there is much that’s cheaper than amazon

    So basically you are saying you're not sure if there are any bargains?

    Why post it then?

    • do the legwork jv and stop pontificating lol. a bargain for one person isnt for another. one mans terrorist is anothers freedom fughter

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        do the legwork jv

        Actually, that's the responsibility of the person posting the deal. Read the posting rules.

      • a bargain for one person isnt for another.

        The rules state that you should give examples of why you thought this was a bargain.

        • i've done enough pointing out the deal. its a bargsin cos its 20% off their normal prices and there are nound to be some good deals there. when uou pay me to spend 30 mins scouring the site and checking vs amazon then i will post each specific deal lol

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    Since Amazon hit, OGS is obsolete. Their prices are higher and it comes from the UK.


    • yep. might b a few boardgames or fluffy dolls that ate hard to get tho. paying gst dudnt help ozgameshop

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      What? They're one of the main sources Amazon price matches for lower prices.

      Without OGS, Amazon prices would be higher in general. They are consistently cheaper than local retailers on many titles even after applying the new GST laws. When they run 10% promotions, it's effectively to give you pre-GST prices.


      Oh that's a suspicious cowinkydink! Watch what happens to this title when it goes out of stock at OGS…


      Amazon's price will be $69.95.

      I could give you A LOT more examples.

      OGS is not obsolete, they're the saving grace of Amazon price matching outside of BigW sales.

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        eagerfisherman makes a very valid point. I track video games and definitely see OGS lower a price, followed by Amazon

      • All their games are not Australian stock, yes whilst the prices are cheaper the stock is not local (not sure why they call themselves Ozgameshop) and they did a huge stealth number on the player points system (resulted in a loss of 30 bucks ) that basically means your old player points now have to be used in higher spend brackets (30 bucks can only be used in a 300 bracket), I was waiting for a game to come back in stock and got done by them.

        Ill shop Amazon with Cash rewards and Play Asia, but point taken we need them around …. a bit..

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          That is not an issue for the vast majority of people, only collectors care about Australian stock (which I am), which is literally a different slip cover. The game carts and discs are identical between EU and Aus. This goes as far as EBGames putting a sticker over EU trade-ins and selling them preowned because they are identical and they can.

          Yes the PP thing is a valid critique, that's your right to not shop there over your issues.

          We need them around A LOT, if you want AU stock at OGS prices, you need them around for Amazon to price match. The Aus retail scene has changed dramatically, it's in dire ways, JB is as bad as EB (outside of 1-2wk launch window on major titles) and BigW/Target only carry major titles and select shovelware.

          PlayAsia is often more expensive with shipping and GST (which they now started adding, they were a bit slow to enforce it), it's also not an Amazon price match source. (Not to say they aren't a good site, I shop there regularly for asian region games).

          • @eagerfisherman: Actually, the Nintendo rewards program is a good reason to buy local (you cant claim points for games outside of your region). Also point taken PA are great (i get all my shmups and PA exclusives from there — duh for me for the second point). I think they have wrecked themselves with the PP stealth change, a lot I mean a LOT of people are complaining about this now.

            Im a collector also btw my pile of shame is massive :D

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    Sad, I used to order from them all the time. Still have a bunch of Points that will go unused since they're adding an expiration date.

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      Same here.
      I did get re 2 remaster from them cause I had a 10 voucher and they had same price as Amazon.

      Of course now they only let use voucher 10 voucher over a 100 order. Not sure I'll use them once my points expire.

    • Plus they killed the value of the points. Just seems like they are struggling.

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    I still buy PS Vita games off them.

    At this stage, its only worthwhile for games that aren't available locally.

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    Even with the recent changes, if they just allowed customers to still use a $10 voucher if you spend $60 (or at least increase it $70), I'd still buy from them but I stopped thanks to these ridiculous policies. Many people seemed to stop buying from them because of this. I wonder if it's affected them much?

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      Yeah I was one of many who stopped buying with them because of this.

      • Did you comment about this on their Facebook page? I hope they take negative feedback on board and hopefully change their policies.

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          Nah, but just had a look and seems there is a fair amount of negative comments for them lately. Shame.

          • @cc23: If you can, leave them some feedback. The more the better. Have a look at productreview.com.au. Lots of bad reviews.

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