Is This a Scam - R M Williams for $50

Hi, I've been sent this link from someone I trust for a website that has R M Williams for sale at $50.

Here's the link, reckon it's real?

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    Do you really need to ask?

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    Would you like to buy some magic beans?

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      i'll buy magic mushroom.

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    Best way to find out is to try it and then let us know.

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    No concrete contact, address or businesss details given.
    Social media links just go to homepages.
    The Est. 1932 company with a ***.club url.
    It wreaks of cheap fakery.

    Always ok to try, bearing in mind they'll have your full CC or paypal details to use if they're thieves.

    I.E. Don't ever take such chances.

  • Yeah lol thanks guys, guess I just wanted a pair of shoes :) dw I didn't give any cc details

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    im concerned for the person that voted 'real'

    • Non profit scammers.

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    I bought some and they fit great. But I think they spelled RM Williams wrong on the label. It says RM Wiliams. I contacted the factory to inform them of their typo but haven't got a reply yet.

    • From the same website?

      • you should ask "from the same scammers?"

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        I think that's a whoosh haha.

        • lol……. whooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh

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    Did you know you can pay your ato bill with iTunes cards now?

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    The thread on Whirlpool agreed that they were fake also.

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    It's scam. Here is how it works.

    You will get some boots delivered but they won't be original RM Williams. The boots will be extremely low quality, worth somewhere around $2.

    If you email them asking for refund, they will not respond. If you go to the bank and ask for chargeback, they will respond and refund your money.

    The way they make money, they rely on people actually not asking for refund through the bank. Imagine yourself going to the bank telling them story about how you thought you are buying original RM Williams for $49. Nobody wants to look like an idiot. You might as well keep it to yourself. Chuck the boots to the bin and forget about it. And the scammer just got away with your $49.

    • I doubt they would even send anything, just take the money and run.

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    Just in case there's any doubt, here's the WHOIS data:

    Most relevantly, there's no info other than:

    Registrant Organization: feng gao rong


    Updated Date: 2019-03-04T18:35:21Z
    Creation Date: 2019-02-27T18:35:21Z

    Yeah, created literally not a week ago.

  • if URL starts with "http://" its not secured.

    http:// - not secured.
    https:// - secured.

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      http not secure

      But https does not necessarily give the user useful security here. It only indicate encryption along the way, which is not the problem in this case.
      The victim has no actual protection from website-based scammers using https TLS or SSL.
      It makes no difference as I understand it.

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      Anyone (including the scammers) can get basic SSL certificates for free anyway.

  • Free box of genuine Viagra included as well

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    Give it the boot.

  • Ah ha.
    No one mentioned R M Williams boots sell for an avg price of around $500.
    So boy are these a bargain.

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    Over the weekendI was served RM Williams ads on Instagram constantly, the only thing that changes is the Insta account name, I advise Insta it's SCAM and the ad comes back with different name, same images. I notified Instagram SCAM more than 10 times on these ads.
    No, RM Williams don't sell for $50.

    I've got a big bridge in Sydney for sale, it's huge and well known, lets discuss a price?

    Come on mate, what are you thinking?

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    If you follow it through to where it asks for your details, the "PayPal" option appears to have dropped off the menu. Funny that. Its presence wouldn't prove it was kosher, but its absence after the grainy B&W suggestion that it was an option on the home page is a clear indicator of utter shonkyness.

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