Telstra Samsung Staff Deal Delisted - Please Provide Details

Could whoever posted the detailed instructions for getting the Telstra Samsung staff deal please repost in the forum, now that the deal has been unpublished. It will make it easier to find how to order.


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    Assume you're talking about the S10 pre-order deal through the Samsung Enhanced Partner Program?

    Following this and you should get the relevant links and info.

    • Thanks, but I was specifically looking at the 1\2 price deal someone gave me some good instructions but the were lost when the deal was unpublished. It would be great if the deal was moved to a forum rather than unpublished completely as it might be helpful to the staff members to know.

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    Are you a Telstra staff member? All the details are on Yammer, was posted yesterday afternoon

    • Thanks for reply.

      • correct… and you need to use your staff email to register. ALSO, even if you manage to register, you need to purchase the handset through the EPP Portal

        • Would you have the link to the flyer which included the models and prices?

  • I would guess it is because the first rule of fight club is not to talk about fight club

    You acknowledge and agree that you must not:
    2.4.2 -publish in any medium (including, but not limited to, on social media) or otherwise disclose to any person who is not an Employee, any discount on, or discounted prices of, any Product(s) offered to Employees;

    I am not sure if the one for Telstra employees has those exact ts and cs, but probably

  • Does anyone know how to complete the samsung plus training? How to even register for that?

    • Can you pass on via pm please.

  • soo thanks to feedly I got a cached version of the post and saw the pdf.
    I am reaaaly interested in this so if there are any telstra staff that don't want an s10 and are willing/able to I would love to work out a deal/way to buy this through/off them.

    preferably someone in the sydney area (unless the EPP program will/can ship directly to me?)

  • Is there a limit of number of phones a Telstra employee can purchase on this?

    Also is it a lengthy/difficult process? My brother in law works for Telstra and I'd like to ask him. But I'd like to know if it's a lengthy/difficult process for him to go through.

    • the pdf states "purchase a maximum ofone (1) Participating Product at the Discounted Price", the training is 3 modules with quizes some menion of app based somewhere but no idea how involved it is (not a telstra staff member)

  • also for those interested gsm arena comparison

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