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Really Cheap Sashas Blend and Other Pet Products Clearance and Free Sample (NSW)


randleys pet produce at wyong has a clearance of alot of pet products, leads and collars about $5 fido shampoo $8 (which i get at petbarn for $16) pet bowls etc alot of fish products and other things and also a free sample of dog food which is like supercoat, my dog liked it.

also the people who run the toukley markets pet stall have alot of cheap toys and snacks for dogs. they also have a clearance on the pet arthritis formula which is the same as sashas blend / pernease powder usually retailing for $80 for 250gm they are selling at cost for $50/350gm and $30/150gm.

if you want it posted, you will have to call her: 0412601298

Mod: Changed link to Google maps page to what I believe is the correct business, Removed Freebie tag, added location which is possibly NSW

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  • Honestly, THAT is the website you want to use when you have nothing else to put in there?
    If the company doesn't have a website, I'd recommend putting in a White Pages link or at least a Google map…

  • Where is this located?

    EDIT: Taken a punt and said NSW, I believe this is the place, http://maps.google.com.au/maps/place?hl=en&pq=wyong&xhr=t&cp...

  • Yeah sorry i only had a quick minute to post it. I have said where they both are radleys is at wyong and the other one is at toukley. Both on the central coast nsw. Thanks mod for fixing. I put freebie coz the food sample is one. Honestly the collars are the best my 2 terrors constantly break theirs and have not broken these yet. And the arthritis formula is cheap. Its for all animals i had my dog on it and it was wonderful