expired [eBay Plus] LG V30+ Plus (Dual SIM) Black $477.67, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $744 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


LG V30+ discount shows up at checkout

AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS eligible, 24 months Australian Warranty

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    Might be worth adding Motorola Z2 Play for $340 as well. Seems equal to best price for Aus stock. I just grabbed one for my wife because her LG G6 just crapped out and it seemed like the best local phone for the price. Also will be claiming TRS which brings it under $300!

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      Yep, for $340 or even below $400 the Z2 Play is one of the best local phones around.

      Kicking myself for not getting one on clearance at Officeworks 5 months ago brand new unopened for $331 and think it was dual sim too. Has it had the Pie update yet in Australia?

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    Was gonna jump on this but with the v50 announced I'd expect to pay $400~ for the v30 now.


    is the a50 better or the note 7 pro compared to this?

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    These kinds of phones tend to disappear from sale rather than drop below a certain price


    How are you getting it to $477 for the LG V30+?
    Im getting $507 without shipping with plusmore and 'extra 11%' applied

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    I'm after a new phone. Will wait for Pixel 4. Then the S10 would be cheaper and the Note 10 released. There's just nothing that is compelling to me. Kinda bummed we don't get the SD855 S10

    I can't see a reason (other than lack of software support) to choose anything else over the V30. Great device with brilliant battery.

    Excellent audio and more than capable cameras.

    Still mighty quick and has a really great vibration motor. Bargain at this price

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    This Vs. Pocophone F1 vs Oneplus 6 vs Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A50
    Would install Google Cam and custom rom. Still trying to decide on a device under $550


      Custom Rom = Xiaomi. So F1 or 7 Pro. I have a Note 5 running RR, thinking of getting a Mi 8.

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        Just remember, what you get with Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and to a lesser extent Huawei….. you are getting IP68 waterproofing.
        This is one of the major features in my book, as that little bit of assurance really helps for day-to-day stuff.

        For that reason, I don't quite see Xiaomi as a high-end phone. Sure, they have pretty nice prices, specs, and batteries… but they're lacking in other fields (waterproofing, durability, customer support, audio quality, etc etc). Though I sure hope they join the foray, their midrange offerings are already crowded.


          Sorry for some reason my reply got pushed as a new comment LOL. Please see below.


            @Zylam Marex: No worries.
            I would stick to their midrange (like the Pocophone, Redmi Note etc etc) as that makes more sense: you get just as much specs and quality as their Mi9 and Mi Mix flagships but at a cheaper price.

            Especially when new and first released, you're getting 80% of the flagship experience at 50% of the cost. However, its even cheaper/better if you get an ex-flagship several months later. Just like how I snagged my LG G6 for $440 about 2 years ago. The LG V30+ would also be a steal for $500 if you got it 6-9 months ago. Or that Galaxy S9+ for $480 a couple days ago. For now, I'm sticking with the G6 and will try to upgrade for something more substantial than the V30 (QSD 855 processor, better Auto photography).

            However, you should ask for bootloader unlock asap. Then at least root it, and flash a "Clean ROM". This is just MIUI but without most of the bloatware, removes some of the Chinese Server background services, and gets rid of those intrusive Ads built into the Operating System. Also check forums, and try flashing the Gcam mod.


          Such a pity that the LG G6 hasnt seen much discounting lately.
          As for Xiaomi, so fragile and easily scratched/cracked :(

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      F1 is really good. Flagship models definitely worth the upgrade if you can find them cheap. OnePlus 6 is really popular for a reason

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    Yeah I fully agree with this, Xiaomi do lack the smaller details you find with the more main brands. However despite all that I am truely blown away by the quality and price of my Note 5, so much so that that I would 100% consider buying a Xiaomi flagship.

    Hell I might even use the stock rom and not have to worry about apps complaining about custom roms.

    I am excited by what they are bringing in the future.


    Are these phones sold by Allphones TRS-able?


    Hmmm.. not getting 477 for the V30+

    Am getting

    Subtotal (1 item) AU $670.88
    Postage AU $14.80
    Discount -AU $73.80
    Vouchers/coupons -AU $89.56
    Order total AU $522.32


    want to buy this but only getting $536 wih ebay plus

    Has the price gone up?


    Can someone confirm if they have had the 11% discount at checkout as there is no discount for me and wanting to get this phone
    Thanks guys

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