expired [PS4] Shenmue 1&2 $19 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


With Shenmue 3 being "release August 2019", get stuck into the remaster of the originals.
Cheapest I've seen it listed on any platform. Cheaper on PS4 than Xbox One on Amazon for whatever reason.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    I always intended to get this years ago on the dreamcast but never got around to it.

    Is it a typical JRPG, drawn out story or can it be banged out quickly ie. 40hrs or so?

    Gaming time isn't as abundant as it was years ago.


      Not really an RPG, more of an open world action game.
      You can bang both out in 30-40 hours easily.


      The main story is about 20hrs. It's not a JRPG at all, it's more like an "action life sim", the majority of the game is simply interacting with people, occasionally you punch a few.

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      Is it a typical JRPG

      It's not even a typical game.

      This bore fest makes you wait hours between doing actions to continue the story because every character has a "real life" and you can't just barge into someone's work or wake them up to ask a stupid question. If it was a good game you could, like in literally every other game ever made which includes games that were fun to play, but no, this game makes you wait like it was real life.

      Don't worry, you can carry out inane, mindless work while you wait in the game. You know how you always dreamed of being a forklift driver? Well there's better games to do it in.


      The first one in particular can be a bit of a struggle to get through (ie. forklift races and job sequence).

      Otherwise, two easy platinums if you're in to trophies.

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    gone already


    Missed it damn

    Great game


    was searching review and it's gone lol


    The full mue.

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    That's annoying. Been waiting for a price drop on this for awhile. Now it's gone

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    Damn, it's been what, almost 20 years now since they released the first two games? I hope they actually do release the third (and preferably final) game so I can learn the ending to Ryu's story.

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