expired JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Black $115.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Cheapest i have seen. i have 2 of these and the sound is really good.

Original PGUYS20 20% off Storewide at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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    $116 was previous cheapest price.

    People who know about this what is this equivalent to in logitec and sony lineups? UE Boom and XB31???


      Yeah Megaboom 3 and XB31. I'm looking at getting one of these myself. I'd love the Charge 3 but those exposed speakers put me off. Awesome price compare to the other ones though!

      My next favourite is probably Sony as it sounds deeper, but Megaboom is probably the best of all worlds being 360.

      It's really tough as there are some differences in pricing!

      For me its:

      Price: 1) JBL 2) Sony 3) UE
      Sound: 1) Sony 2) JBL 3) UE
      Features: 1) UE 2) Sony 3) JBL


    This is closer in loudness and quality to Megaboom3 and Sony XB31 so great value at this price. Although I personally chose the older Sony XB30 over this as it had the slightly better sound after a bit of tuning with the equaliser on the Sony app. It seems the XB31 has gone backwards a bit in sound quality judging by all the reviews, so I would get this ahead of the XB31.


    Wanted this in the grey colour….

    The flip 4 is the only one in white/grey


    $119 at Officeworks. Considering no TGG anywhere near me, with freight, OW is $1.40 cheaper.