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Mountain Goat Lager Very Enjoyable Beer 6/12pk $15 Cashback @ Goat Lager - In-store Purchases Only eg. 6pk $17.49 @ Dan Murphy's


15 dollars cash back after uploading receipt and providing account details. Cost of 6 pack was $16. Effectively $1 for a 6 pack.

Need to buy in store and upload receipt. Check your local dan Murphy / iga / supabarn / first choice)

Claims are limited to first 3000 claims received and close 11.59PM (AEST) on 30/06/19
This offer commences on 04/03/2019 and is limited qualifying product purchased up to 31/03/2019. Residential addresses only/no PO boxes. Multiple entries allowed. Max 1 claim per qualifying purchase and receipt, person per day per day (and no receipt sharing allowed). Full T&C’s available at link below.
First post so not sure if I have done something wrong.

Excludes NT & Northern WA

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    OP: Perhaps update title to mention it's only $1 after $15 cashback. Also store in title and mention it's lager. Note somewhere as well this isn't seeming to be a normal price (judging from what I can see online).

    Seems a great deal though! Reviews don't seem flattering but cheap beer.

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      No idea why you were downvoted for this comment. Have an upvote!

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      Done !

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      Seems a great deal, yet you don't upvote OP….

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        I was after more details first. Now that I've got them, I'll upvote.

  • Where did you get the 6 pack from?

    • Yer I can’t see anyone that sells instore

    • Picked it up from supabarn in Casey ACT.

    • Dan Murphys ($17.49), Bottlemart ($19.99) and Cellarbrations (price varies by region) do.

  • made Dan murphy's online order but no barcode? any idea how to claim cash back?

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      I uploaded a picture of the reciept on the website. Claim was
      Approved in half an hour and it said to allow 21 days for the cash back to come through.

      • Thanks, but i don't have receipt, made online purchase. Any idea, thanks

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      It says clearly in the T&C's no online order?

      1) purchase a 6pk or 24pk case of Mountain Goat GOAT Very Enjoyable Beer from a liquor licensed store (excl. online purchases) in any Relevant State (Qualifying Purchase) and keep purchase receipt

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        my Bad, thanks.

      • Just to ensure is it specific to Very Enjoyable or any other Mountain Goat bear? Cheers

        • Refer to pennypincher98 in this thread mate! scroll up!

        • Very enjoyable is the only option in drop down menu

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    For more info, call phone number 134628.

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    None in store at Dan Murphys marion (SA).

    T&cs say liqourland is a participating store, they don't have it either!

    • Thanks saved me a trip

      • Vintage Cellars all have plenty.

      • Liquorland now has them. James squires 6 pack + Goat for $23 (but you will only get $10 back). Or, thirsty camel were exacty $15 last week as well.

  • Love mountain goat fancy pants! Holding back as there seems no way of knowing if you’ll get the cash back or just have paid 6 pack price when I’d normally buy a carton for better value

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      deal says you can buy a slab instead of a 6 pack

  • Just noticed cartons are also included. Will have to check my local stores for stock:)

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    Just bought a 6 pack at first choice in Qld for $17.

    They also have a promo running where you get a free craft single with any 6 pack of beer. So I got $23 worth of beer for $2

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    Currently $15 members price for a 6-pack at Dan Murphys in NSW: https://www.danmurphys.com.au/list/mountain-goat
    Just buy each on a separate receipt (and get your partner/housemate to claim extra purchases), and buy in store rather than online, and it's free beer :-)

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    1. Buy beer
    2. Redeem cashback
    3. Return beer
    4. Repeat each day.
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      3 . Return beer

      Drink Beer

    • the cash back will probably take over a month to come through.

  • So is the beer shit or what?

    • baa

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      It's very enjoyable

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      It's a lager from a macro-owned company. Probably trash.

    • It's decent.

    • It's good. Was australian then asahi bought it out. Nothings changed though tastes great.

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    So reading t&cs, I can buy one, and the wife? Same day, Separate receipts..

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      Can't buy your wife…

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    $1 for a six pack is good, but I already have a six pack.

    • where did you find it for $16?

    • Not if you drink enough $1 beer.
      Turn that 6 pack into a keg!

    • Got mine from Liqourland Fairfield

  • Most of my Dan Murphys are out in Brisbane, Will try Liquorland today :)


    • Please let me know if you find any in Brisbane :)

      • Got mine from Liqourland Fairfield and they have an offer to get a 6 pack James squire for an extra $4 what a day.

      • Hey mate most Liquorland's should have them they even had heaps sitting on the counter for $10 when you spend over $30 :)

  • Not restricted on place of purchase?
    Couldn't see anything in the conditions

  • I got a 6 pack for $10 at Liqourland after spending $30 in store. Hopefully I get paid $5 to drink them, they aren't a bad drop

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      If price paid < 15 then cash back is limited to price paid.

      • Yep, per ts & cs.

        If a claimant paid less than $15 for a 6 pack Qualifying Purchase, they will receive an amount that is equivalent to the purchase price that they paid, as shown on their receipt (for example, if a claimant’s receipt shows that the purchase price of a 6 pack was $14, their Gift amount will be $14).

  • Not that this will help too many people but liquor land at Victor harbor has heaps of six packs. I got one for$10 after spending more than $30 and then another for$18.50. already put in my cash back so two six packs for$13.50 is pretty good in my mind.

    • You should have asked to pay for the other six pack Separately and redeemed under a partner or parent instead :)

  • Just got a 6 pack from First Choice. Really nice beer

  • Just got 6 pack of Mountain Goat Very Enjoyable Lager from Liquorland Caulfield for $10 which is special price for one of a few items once you reach $30 spend on other stuff. Cashback will be capped at $10 = FREE BEER! Lager not normally my thing, but never tried this one so this is actually research… Cash back claimed so looks like still under 3000. Get in quick.

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      Just got my cashback today via paypal, it was $15 despite claiming only $10, so they really did pay me 83.3c to drink each one! I'm a slow drinker so not much of an hourly rate I'm afraid.

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    Use the Coles docket at liquorland to get a 6 pack of 150 lashes for $12. The goat larger 6 pack is available for $10 when using the docket. Claim the $10 Cashback. 12 beers $12.

  • Grabbed another at VC for 17.49, the guy working there knew nothing about the promo.

    A grand total of 4.99 spent for 12 pretty decent beers.:D

  • got a 6 pack from First Choice. ok beer. they have a promo until tuesday i think where you get to choose a free stubbie too. i choose the super shine which retails for $15 per bottle but i disliked the taste of it.

  • Has anyone received the cash back for this yet? Just confirming before I committ to the beer!

    • Offer only opened 4/3/19, and states to allow up to 4 weeks for cashback to be paid.

      So going on the fact theres only 3000 on offer, I wouldn't be waiting for someone to get cashback before making a purchase if you want to fall on the safe side of collecting on this.

      Mountain goat brewery has been around for a while now, I'd put my 6 pack on the chance of them not paying out on the 3000 claims.

  • already nearly 3k clicks and considering you are allowed to claim 1 per day i dont know if its worth the risk getting one today?

    • Am assuming they'll stop accepting claims once they hit 3000…there'll be a lot of pissed off customers if they allow claims to be made in vain until the end of the month.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just got the claim validated email.

  • It just let me submit a 2nd claim. Got confirmation for one of I did on Sunday today.
    They have stock at 1st Choice at Salisbury in Brisbane.

    • You will get a rejected email in the next few days. They are pretty switched on around the t&cs.

      • Why? Multiple claims are allowed.

        • Multiple claims, but one per person. Whatever that means. Different names, same PayPal/bank account I guess.

          • @tunzafun001: Don't know where you got that idea. FYI I've already received three payments, and submitted a fourth claim.

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            @tunzafun001: Nope you are definitely allowed multiple claims per person, the T+C's clearly state this. I've already been approved for two claims. Same name/address/bank account.

  • submitted thanks.

    Liquor Barons in WA have them for $17

    • got the cash back in the account really quickly

  • Submitted 5th claim today.

  • Is this on lager only or all the mountain goat beers, pale ale and others ?

    • Only the lager, which is a cheaper variety (though goes pretty well for less than 50c a can).

  • I wonder if they will tell us if they reach the 3000 claims?
    What were some of the early claim numbers for you guys? Mine was just 220017.

    • Just got approved with claim number 220565.

    • I had 214428 on March 9 … seems like its gone well beyond 3000 claims.

  • One day to go peeps…just submitted 6th claim, will probably pop down to get a 7th tomorrow…just so cheap. :)

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    was a good deal, wish I got more.

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      Seems like nobody outside OzB knew it was on. Paying $2 or 3 for a nice tasting 6 pack was awesome.

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