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[Pre-Order] [Switch] Yoshi’s Crafted World $49.40 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


*Amazon has just price matched. Don't forget to use your cash rewards!

Delivery costs more but is available for pick up in store. Available from 29 March 2019.


Original Harvey Norman Clearance Sale

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  • Tempted to jump on this, but thinking should wait for Amazon to match

    • Amazon has matched it now…. and its $52 which means delivery is free and works out a couple bucks cheaper!

    • You should wait for the reviews

      • Why did somebody downvote this? Smart advice!

        • There's a demo on the Nintendo E-Shop. It's fairly limited but it was actually quite fun. Certainly not worth the $89 it electronically but it might be worth $50.

        • +2 votes

          There’s a demo, and it’s by Good Feel.

          So it will be their usual standard. A bit rough around the edges, but good fun (I mean, I really enjoyed the Yoshi game in the 3DS, when the reviews unfairly panned it).

          • +1 vote

            @DisabledUser77742: Reviewers don't know anything these days. Thank God we have YouTube to checkout the games ourselves to judge since we all have different tastes.

        • I didn’t downvote, but three reasons:
          1. There is a demo, so you might be convinced of the gameplay already from the demo.
          2. It’s a pretty big franchise game. You may already know that you want it.
          3. It’s a first party Nintendo game. First party games don’t tend to get discounted as much, and many have not dropped below the pre-order discounts. So this may be as cheap as it gets for a long time. So if you know you want the game, then you’re better off grabbing it now rather than waiting for reviews.

          So, in general, yes, the advice to wait for reviews is generally a good idea. In this particular case: not necessarily.

  • Thanks OP! Been looking forward to this one.

  • Thanks Op, ordered through Amazon.

  • Does eb games price match pre order prices?

    Already pre-ordered at eb but wondering if they would honour this discount.

    • I'm not sure but I know that jb hifi has price matched a preorder in the past for me. Definitely worth an ask

    • EB are Dilbert’s they only match physical stores that are nearby. Don’t bother reasoning just cancel. I did and never looked back.

    • They wouldn't when I recently tried to for KH3

  • Thank you OP! Cancelled original pre-order with Amazon, then pre-ordered it again with Cash Rewards :3

  • Anyone had issues with delivery from HN to Parcel Locker?

  • Looks like Amazon has run out of stock. Says currently unavailable.

  • Ordered, cheap for first party game. I enjoyed the demo, kick back game i can pick up and play for a quick session

  • Went in the store hoping I would get the game on release as I have pre-ordered. I was told I will wait til next week for stock to be available. Sigh….

    • Did they have any on the shelf? I still haven't heard anything from Harvey Norman about being able to pick it up yet :\

      • i had the same experience, the store i preordered from had no stock and no stock was even allocated. guy wasnt sure when it was going to be there, so i ended up cancelling the order and picked it up at jbhifi. really not worth the trouble ordering from harvey norman, learnt my lesson.

        • I pre-ordered mine from HN and I initially got an email saying they had to back order the product. I got an email at about 1pm and I picked it up. It probably depends on the location of the store.

        • Isn't it $10 approx more expensive at JB now (unless you've got discounted gift cards etc).

    • I got a call from Harvey Norman on Friday saying stock was delayed. They texted and emailed me on Monday to say it had arrived and I picked it up that day. They apologised both times, and made sure to say in the phone call that it was the courier's fault, not Nintendo's.

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