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[PC] Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection AU $7.89 @ Instant Gaming


I know, it has been a few cents cheaper in the past but seems to be the best deal at the moment.

This amazing collection includes 17 Command & Conquer titles, via digital download:
• Command & Conquer™
• Command & Conquer™ The Covert Operations™
• Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™
• Command & Conquer Red Alert™ Counterstrike™
• Command & Conquer Red Alert™ The Aftermath™
• Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™
• Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™ Firestorm™
• Command & Conquer Red Alert™ 2
• Command & Conquer Red Alert™ Yuri’s Revenge™
• Command & Conquer Renegade™
• Command & Conquer™ Generals
• Command & Conquer™ Generals Zero Hour
• Command & Conquer™ 3 Tiberium Wars™
• Command & Conquer™ 3 Kane’s Wrath
• Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3
• Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3 Uprising
• Command & Conquer™ 4 Tiberian Twilight

Requires Origin game distribution software to download these games.

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  • +17

    Brings back memory when i first played the 1st iteration and red alert. Spend too much hours on it LOL

    • +3

      I was so young when I played the demo. I couldn’t beat the level where you play as Soviets, tanks kept coming to my base

      Dreamt of V2 rocket launchers raining on the allies

      • +3

        I dreamt of these.

      • +1

        The demo was addictive.. must have played it a thousand times

    • +14

      I remember playing the game on school computer. we copied it onto the hard drive, but it didn't want to play without the CD. turned out any cd would do, because it just wanted music from CD! so we would put in the Offspring - Smash, and enjoy it tenfold :D

    • I remember it was 1995/1996 when I first pay C&C.

      • +7

        I didn't realise Click and Collect was a thing back then? How did you pay, in cash?

        • You click your fingers and they bring it to you

        • Typo apologies.

      • yeah i remember in like 2005 ish when i paid $200 for this urgh.

        • Was that one of those early C&C compilations like this or this?

          I do remember those being on the shelves back in the day and costing north of $100. Though back in the day, most big box releases started at about $90-100 dollars when new and dropped to about $50-60 when discounted and being cleared out, so it was a good deal nonetheless in that era.

  • +8

    God I wish I could play games. Have to do some stupid work instead :-(

  • +9

    C&C and C&C Red Alert is like 21% of my childhood

    • The remasters for both come out next year

      • +1

        Wish they would scrap C&C 4 and remake it to be a RTS instead of the shit they changed it too

      • +2


        • "The remasters for both come out next year"

          • +1

            @spillmill: deep low extended japanese grunt

            • @AlienC: Ok, what's the reference? Sounds like I'm missing something here.

              • @spillmill: hmmm? its just more japanese anime sounds..

                • @AlienC: I meant the nani - was it in c&c somewhere? Anyways, I should prob just let it go…

                  • +1

                    @spillmill: No not that I know of but a Japanese anime command and conquer is something I never knew I wanted until now.. thank you

        • LOL

      • +1

        Holy shit! Really?! I used to play the originals (using the collection the OP posted) in Windows 10 using all sorts of patches but they all eventually break. Remasters would be amazing.

  • +7

    I'm Seth. Just Seth. From God, to Kane, to Seth.

  • +18

    Great games and a great price for access to the entire C&C catalogue, but just be aware, this collection doesn't include any optimisation or compatibility fixes for modern OSs nor any widescreen support for those older titles like C&C and RA 1. See the Amazon reviews for more details.

    Secondly, unlike previous C&C Compilation releases like Command and Conquer The First Decade, this requires an Origin account and thus a continous Internet connection to play these games (despite the fact a lot of those titles are largely single player experiences these days and they didn't originally require online connectivity for anything other than multiplayer).

    There is a ton of community support, along with plenty of unofficial patches that will get the entire collection running on Windows 7 - 10 at modern resolutions and even online multiplayer support, as well as fixing game-breaking bugs/crashes/performance issues, however there is quite a bit of leg work required and you may still encounter unresolvable crashes and bugs (for instance any game of C&C Tiberian Sun on my particular hardware always crashes after a certain interval of time, regardless of the settings I run it with and I haven't been able to get around it).

    Also, the online multiplayer scene for a lot of these games is still pretty active, especially for RA2 and C&C Generals.

    • this requires an Origin account and thus a continous Internet connection to play these games

      They don't work in Origin offline mode? Bizzare

  • +3

    Only a few cents cheaper here

    These games are great!

  • +7


    • +4

      Construction completed

      • +6

        Insufficient funds

        • New constructions options available


          construction complete

          work work

          what you want me do

          aye sir! (oops now im crossing universes)

  • +9

    hell march starts playing

  • +4

    Kari Wuhrer aka Tanya. Probably one of my first attempts at googling something :)

    • +2

      You and me both brother! She was a looker, and 6 year old me loved her attitude haha

  • +3

    Imagine those blurry German shepherds from red alert, in 4k!

    • shoot! now I remember it all!

  • -1

    You get to play this game free with an origin account anyway, so cheaper to just sign up for an origin account.

    • +4

      What game? All 17?

    • You'll need an Origin account to redeem this code anyway

  • +4

    Was so good sending engineers into enemy facilities via sneaky apc..taking them over and selling the entire base in a matter of seconds

    • +1

      Structure sold. * Smile *

      • +1

        or the sneaky spy so you could acquire enemy technology. Damn i loved this series

  • They should really just do a high quality HD graphic version remake of all these titles

    • +2

      They are.. 2020 release

      • Hindsight is ?

        • 20/5 vision?

  • +2

    Does steam games work on Mac?

    • Some do, it will say if it is compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac usually on the store page somewhere.

    • +1

      This is on Origin not Steam and you can get Origin for Mac, not sure which titles are available though. I can check on Wednesday for you?

      • Thanks, I’ll google it now thanks again.

  • For the price of a beer, I can re-live my high school days playing Red Alert instead of studying.

    Count me in!

  • +7

    For anyone interested i found the location/guides for making them run properly.

  • Bah Origin Launcher…

  • +1

    I used to work for Westwood Studios - this brings back both good and bad memories!


    • I loved some of their D&D titles too.

  • So sad ea killed this franchise with crap.

  • does this work on a vm?

  • +1

    I will say this…red alert 2 chrono commando . Did they ever fix that hack lol

    • Just use mind control on them

  • I bought this for about this price a couple of years ago. Still play Generals Zero Hour from time to time. Still fun.

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