LF Best 43" 4k TV?

Looking to buy a 43" 4k tv.
Looking at these few

Samsung 43" NU7100
Hisense 43" P6
Sony 43" X7500f
LG 43" UK6540

Will be used in the bedroom, mainly to watch netflix & football.
Any recommendations? Any to stay away from?




    all 3 are great

  • Hisense has the best average rating on the good guys site and it’s the cheapest ….. so that one

  • mainly to watch Netflix & football Great but are they now streaming Netflix and football in 4K?

    There is this 4k capable hdr tv from Kogan

  • I just had a Samsung die for the second time in 3 years. I will never buy samsung again.
    The Sony ebay store has the 43" x7500f refurbished (and with current 15% off) for 696.15 (code: PLUSMORE). The code ends tomorrow.

  • I recently had to make the exact same choice and ended up getting the Hisense for $500. It's not only cheaper than the competition, but has a nice simple operating system that boots fast and can do Netflix natively. I certainly have no complaints about the picture quality, although I will say that the HDR is merely local dimming, it's not real HDR - but I think that's the same for all TVs in this price bracket. Upscaling is pretty decent too. Looking at them side by side in the shop, the Sony and Panasonic looked the nicest, Hisense was probably 3rd. The audio is also really good quality, so you won't need external speakers/soundbars, etc.

    • we actually bought the Hisense 55P6 for the lounge room yesterday, pretty impressed so far considering the price. What did you think of the Samsung?

      • Honestly it was pretty underwhelming - given the number of better looking TVs, I crossed it off the list almost right away.