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½ Price Selected Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza Varieties $3.75, Steggles Frozen Chicken $2.90kg @ Coles


½ Price Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza (excludes meat and gluten-free) Varieties $3.75 @ Coles (Starts 13/3)

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  • These always go on half price - but they definitely aren't worth the full price why don't coles just make them cheaper everyday?

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      Because then people would only buy them when they're 1/4 price instead of half.

    • Been a month or two since it has been?

  • what's a good flavour?

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    • depends what you like on pizza

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      The mushroom one is pretty good, pepperoni isn't bad either.

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      I always make
      Four Cheese: add mushrooms
      Mozzarella: add tuna and olives
      Spinach: as is
      But in general you can take any and add what you want…

    • I buy spinach or mushroom ones and add extra veggies, e.g. capsicum, mushrooms blanched asparagus or broccollini, ham, etc.

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    you can grab the mushroom one and add some salami - they are a good base then you can just pimp the toppings a little,

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    I find these pus, I prefer the ones in the woolies deli section for $3.50.

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    our kids love the mushroom - we normally go the aldi pizzas (the goat cheese one is really nice) but make a special trip to Coles when the Dr's are on sale. Haven't been 'pimping' the toppings but maybe we should - suggestions other than salami welcome :?)

    • Additional pizza/mozarella cheese is what I usually go for, and (tinned) pineapple as well (if you’re okay with pineapple on pizza)

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        You can really go fo what you like - add some extra dollops of pesto and a few olives on top of the mozzarella one - or shredded ham and finely chopped pineapple,

        another way to really get alot of punch from only adding a little bit is fresh rosemary and chopped capers with some grated lemon rind on any of the pizzas,

        the only thing i have found is dont put too much on as it can sometimes result in a soggy pizza base as these pizzas are near their limit on toppings.

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      I add marinara mix (rolled in seafood seasoning) to the four cheeses.

    • Capsicum, mushrooms, baby spinach, blanched asparagus or brocollini, ham, etc.

  • Coles brand chicken seems to have gone up to $4.50/kg, I wonder how Steggles can be so cheap.

    • It’s called a promotion. Some call it a sale.

  • Does this include the Papa Gesipi Range?

  • Does it say "excludes GF" in fine print? My niece is a coeliac and we try to bulk buy these - sometimes when they forget to add fine print

  • Off topic - Coles just increased the price for its ABBOTTS range bread - no down down down price. It's 30c more expensive now…

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      I noticed the same thing at Woolies earlier today.

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    I've never paid full price for Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza. Every fortnight or month they are on sale somewhere, that's when you stock up.

  • hmm need to make room for my freezer box

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    Thanks op, gonna stock the old chest freezer with pizza

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    I use to love these until one day I cooked one three weeks past its use by date and was shocked when I opened the oven and the entire pizza was a uniform brownie yellow colour all over. Not burnt just weird past it's use by business, the peperoni was yellow the same as the everything else. the whole thing looked like carboard and I was put off as I got paranoid about what's in them and what I end up putting inside of me. If you stock up when they're half price like I did and one gets around a month past its use by give it a go, it's weird.

    • Well they do originate from the country that gave the world Dr Mengele & Zyklon B

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    Catalog says excludes meat and GF varieties. Only the mozzarella, fungi, spinach and margarita are half price.

    Great price none the less.

    • Agree, was about to post this. I ended up accidentally getting a Hawaiian pizza at full price. Very annoyed.

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