expired Breville the Crystal Clear Kettles BKE595CLR $54.99 + Freight (RRP $109.95) from Stan Cash


From Stan Cash Website
Model - BKE595

2400W Fast Boil Concealed Element
1.7 Litre, 7 Cup Capacity
Quality SCHOTT Glass Jug
Cushion Controlled Soft Open Lid
Safety Locking Hinged Lid
Multi Directional Cordfree Base
Auto Shut Off
230/240 Voltage

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    $65 with free delivery on Billy Guyatts eBay works out cheaper for me. There's also a 3% off code to save another buck or so


    I got one after price matching Good Guys.


    watch out all

    I had this model two years ago
    the lid kept opening when boiling
    I changed 2 and still had the same issue!
    if you have the same issue go for a refund, it means they haven't fixed it

    the review website have lots of similar complaints



      Mine also goes for a while then shuts off and acts completely dead for a few days. Then some sort of slow acting thermo cutout releases and it works again. Haven't had the time to get a warranty replacement.

      Currently using my backup glass kettle — a much cheaper Aldi special (that actually looks cooler because it has a ring of LEDs that illuminate the water).

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      I don't know what you're complaining about. The product photo clearly shows the lid in the open position while water is boiling. This is to let steam to escape to prevent blowouts. Your kettle is working as designed. /s


      The lid mechanism is a bit crap. Ive had ours for 2 years now, and I have the opposite problem. The lid sticks shut. I have to press the release button and kind of shake the kettle a bit to get it to open. The soft opening mechanism crapped out after a few weeks of use lol.

      But mine has never opened when in use. Could it be cause by people prying open the lid when it gets stuck? Ive never done that, just a gentle shake will release the lid when pressing the button.


      Yep, this is a crap kettle. For mine, the lid wouldn't open when warm. I returned mine.


    $59 at Bing Lee if they have stock. Website won't confirm for me without chatting to them.

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    I bought this > 12months ago for $35

    boils water well! still going strong

    or for $59 you could get this with multiple temperature options

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