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Here are some good movies for under $9.00
Any new interesting finds, put the link in the comments below.
Thank you.

John Wick BD $8.52 Link

Ready Player One BD $8.52 Link


Atomic Blonde $8.00 Link

Mad Max: Fury Road - Black & Chrome Edition $8.00 Link

Wonder Woman (2017) $8.00 Link


Schindler's List 20th Anniversary Edition $6.92 Link

Sausage Party $8.00 Link

Interstellar BD $8.52 Link

Baby Driver $8.52 Link

Fury $6.92 Link

Chappie $7.99 Link

District 9 $7.49 Link

Deadpool 2 $8.52 Link


Blade Runner 2049 $8.52 Link


Minions $8.52 Link

The LEGO Movie $7.98 Link

Spider-Man - Homecoming (Blu-ray + Digital) $8.52 Link

Dunkirk $8.00 Link

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    Gravity $5.58

  • -1 vote

    Mah aiwah, mah aiwah, mah aiwaaaaaaaaaah.


    Is the quality from a disc better then a downloaded one? On buray?

    • +1 vote

      Most downloads are 5-10gb Bluray normally 25-50gbs so yeah :)

    • +3 votes

      Picture quality is arguable but personally i'd prefer on a bluray. However, in terms of sound quality blu ray wins hands down. If you have an av receiver with good speakers or a nice home theater system, blu ray is the way to go. Can't beat with Dobly Atmos or DTS HD sound data emended in blu rays.

      • +1 vote

        Picture quality is arguable

        Here's the bit where I realised you don't have a projector. :)

        • +1 vote

          Haha you guessed right. It will be my future project to have one. Once the kids move away, I'm turning a room into a home theater.

    • +1 vote

      If you're downloading from Netflix / iTunes / Google Play / etc etc, then yes, definitely.

      If you're downloading Bluray files, then they'll usually be the same depending on encoding.

      • +1 vote

        Even a 10gb file is always going to be compressed. Some movies it doesn't matter much but movies that have impressive visuals and soundtracks will often suffer when compared side by side. This is especially noticeable when on a large screen with a good sound system. I always buy the movies I really like on 4K/Bluray.


          I download movies from yify in 1080p bluray with the smallest size like 2 gb. Is the same movie in bluray on disc going to have better picture quality then my downloaded one?

          • +3 votes

            @Chitore: Most definitely.

            I can see huge differences in quality between an 8gb Bluray rip and a disc. Artifacts from the compression mostly.

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            Is the same movie in bluray on disc going to have better picture quality then my downloaded one?

            The answer is almost always yes.

            You need to be downloading Blu-Ray rips that are at a minimum 15GB in file size (ideally 20GB or more, depending on the film as not all films were released on dual-layer 50GB media) to be somewhere close to the visual fidelity of the uncompressed Blu-Ray BDMV, where it's as near as makes no difference. Those rips are getting increasingly rarer these days, what with fewer and fewer torrent sites around and not that many scene groups specialising in those videophile-level releases.

            It varies wildly of course depending on the rip's format (codec & container) and the encoder and settings used; but generally speaking it is impossible to get compressed Blu-Ray rips that actually match the visual fidelity of an actual Blu-Ray in under 15GB. Audio quality will also suffer in more compressed Blu-Ray rips but generally speaking that's not as noticeable unless you've invested in an serious home theatre set-up.

            Also, your preferred video player and the video rendering engine it uses will have a significant impact on video quality, smoothness, interlacing, colour/contrast, compression artifacting, hardware acceleration/GPU-based rendering support, etc. which is why you should use something like MPC-HC with the built-in EVR Customer Renderer or MadVR.


              @Amar89: Ok thanks for the fast replies. I will buy my movies from now on.

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                @Chitore: Just to expand on that answer a bit, it also depends how you're watching your content.

                Mainly on a 12" tablet or a 15" 1080p laptop? 2GB YIFY rips will do.

                On a 50"-70" TV or a 100" projector screen? The compression artifacts and motion blur of low-quality rips will be impossible not to notice and the typically-gimped resolutions they're encoded in will scale terribly.

                For what it's worth I usually watch stuff on a fairly mid-range 29" 2560×1080 IPS monitor, and even on that, there's no way in hell I'm mistaking sh*tty 2GB YIFY rips for the actual Blu-Ray or even a 15GB rip of it.

                Where's_That_Cake also mentioned an important point when it comes to perceived visual fidelity, and that is, films that don't rely heavily on CGI or fancy cinematography with wide-format/panoramic/IMAX cameras that can shoot incredibly massive fields of view can get away with being compressed and still looking fairly decent compared to something like Avatar, which starts to look garbage with even a moderate amount of compression (i.e. 75% of master quality).


                  @Amar89: Ok thanks for that


                    @Chitore: @Chitore to be honest, the YIFY encodes are terrible. I think you're better off getting the 1080 WEBDL's for around the same size, as their compression is usually a lot more effective than the bluray compression.

                    Dependent on who encodes though, but in general!


                  @Amar89: Agreed, I watch most of my movies on a 120" screen with a 4K people nowadays and that really does show the artifacts and motion blur on compressed rips.


          I have the majority of my collection in 15-20gb bluray files. I've got a 55" X9000E, and it feels fine.

          Then movies that I really care about I'll have a copy in 4K Bluray remux (anywhere between 50gb-100gb, depending on the movie). I highly doubt there is any discernible difference between the UHD remux and the UHD bluray disc.

          In terms of the bargain value - going by 8TB drives at $250:
          8TB fits 80 movies at 100gb
          =$3.12 per movie

          So the discs would need to fall below $3 for it to start making financial sense, and even then you have disadvantages including the fact that you are able to erase and download a different one.

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            @snoopydoop: Or you know, you could buy the movies instead of stealing them?



            I have the majority of my collection in 15-20gb bluray files. I've got a 55" X9000E, and it feels fine.

            Then movies that I really care about I'll have a copy in 4K Bluray remux (anywhere between 50gb-100gb, depending on the movie). I highly doubt there is any discernible difference between the UHD remux and the UHD bluray disc.

            That's all well and good but the days of being able to find ultra-high quality rips of any and every film you want are long gone in the world of public torrents and trackers.

            Maybe private trackers/Usenet is a different story but since the end of KickAss Torrents and other big names of that era, it's become nigh-on impossible to consistently find actual 1:1 Remux rips and even if you do, there's virtually no one seeding them. Scene groups only tend to bother with newer, popular garbage like Generic Superhero Movie Sequel 17 that gets a 4K release, otherwise for anything older or obscure, there's just no hope in hell of finding them.

            The best you can hope for these days are decent-looking 1080p rips in the 10GB-20GB range and even then, you'll find uploads of that quality lacking for most films that are older than 4 years, or that are documentaries, indie, non-mainstream, limited release or not popular.


            @snoopydoop: Buy or don't buy, it's up to you I won't judge you. But remember though, if it wasn't for people like myself you wouldn't see movies like you do right now as they simply couldn't get made. I take my family to the cinema at least a dozen times a year and Mr wife and we go on our own maybe half a dozen times. I also own maybe 200 blurays and 4K blurays movies. I have 10TB of storage on my network right now so I gave plenty of space to steal whatever I like but I'm doing well financially so I don't mind spending a few bucks on the things I like.


              @Where's_That_Cake: I appreciate that mindset!
              I try to go to the movies fairly often too, and I pay for Netflix & Stan (as well as Spotify). However I'm not in a financial situation to be able to purchase Blurays most of the time.

              I just did the maths for people seeking the cheapest price since we're on OzBargain, but I'm aware of the sketchy ethics involved.

            • -1 vote

              @Where's_That_Cake: @theguyrules

              It’s really not that hard. Earn or buy an invite to somewhere like BeyondHD. You’ll have access to every 4K movie released, full remuxes.

              Ratio bullsh*t.

              Private trackers are not access to a media library, they're a commitment to running your own P2P server 24/7 . For the OCD datahoarders who chew through 1TB a month of stuff they'll never watch just to maintain their ratios, they're fine. For the normal person who just wants to seek out a handful of hard-to-find quality rips per month, they're useless and slow.

              I also sincerely doubt the extent of their indexes as most private trackers are just mirroring the same set of stuff. BeyondHD look to have at most a few hundred regular members, like most private trackers that boast of their infinite indexes, as long as you supply your real IP address, donate monthly and seed a petabyte monthly.

              It doesn't compute that if public tracker X doesn't have torrent Y, when it has quadruple the number of users that an average private tracker does, that the private tracker will have that very hard-to-find torrent. Sure you can request stuff on private trackers and wait like patience on a monument until it's made available.


              Try rarbg

              Mediocre at best. I've never seen a RARBG movie upload that was over 15GB in file size. Searches for stuff that pretty much every other major torrent site indexes, frequently come up empty on RARBG. It seems to be mostly recent/popular stuff under 5GB in file size.


              Buy or don't buy, it's up to you I won't judge you. But remember though, if it wasn't for people like myself you wouldn't see movies like you do right now as they simply couldn't get made.

              What separates degenerate leechers from ethical pirates is quite simple: you use torrents like an appetiser, try things out and then give your money to the people that deserve it.

              You don't drop $60-90 dollars on yet another sh**ty, Triple-A pre-order that's released as pre-alpha hot garbage, as it'll only encourage scumbag publishers/developers to shoe-horn in microtransactions and DLC into every single click and keystroke, and you don't drop $30 dollars a movie ticket on Sequel of the Prequel of the Bottomless Cash Cow Franchise which gives studios a licence to print money by regurgitating the cinematic equivalent of meme copypasta.

              As consumers the only recourse you have to being swindled is to vote with your wallet and not support retarded business practices that clearly only dilute and degrade the medium itself and stifle innovation or consumer satisfaction, just so the MAFIAA execs can have their 30th yacht and 2nd Caribbean Island.

              • -1 vote


                Ratio bullsh*t.

                If you can't seed then good, don't join a private tracker. Enjoy your slow and unavailable downloads.

                • -1 vote

                  @theguyrules: Still faster than most private trackers I'll bet. I've seen screenshots of BeyondHD's site, most torrents have a pathetic amount of seeds.

                  This is precisely the attitude that turns people off these elitist, P2P circle-jerks and there's no need to be sour because your fragile E-Peen is taking a bruising. Just accept that some people don't have time in their lives to be incredibly obsessive datahoarders worried about scoring points and maintaining ratios and just want access to content in a convenient fashion.

                  I've never found the need the look at private trackers and I still manage to find most everything I want, even very obscure stuff. There's content out there, you just have to know where to find it. If it was that hard, private trackers would have 5 times the membership they actually do.


                @Amar89: RARBG is awesome for newer popular movies, usually half a dozen groups anywhere from 700mb-60gb. Look up the latest deadpool movie and sort by filesize as an example.

                For niche stuff is it kinda crap though.

                • -1 vote

                  @Jolakot: I wouldn't classify movies older than a few years as niche but yes, RARBG is basically only good for movies that have either been in the cinemas for a while or just released on Blu-Ray.

                  I have never seen any RARBG uploads close to 60GB. Like YIFY or YTS, the most seeded and popular releases from RARBG are sub-3GB, compressed-to-death garbage.

                  The better quality releases tend to come from those more obscure scene groups like UTR, Condor, Sparks, Geckos, Drones, Cinefile, Blow, etc.


      Yes and so is audio quality.

  • +2 votes

    Damm I wish the 4k's were on special !

    • +2 votes

      Some 4K still are:
      Great Gatsby $8.52
      The Mummy $12.00
      Tomb Raider Cradle of Life $12.00
      Transformers Dark of the Moon $12.00
      Maze Runner $15.76
      Hunger Games $15.76
      Greatest Showman $15.98
      The Martian $15.98
      Maze Runner Death Cure $15.98
      Xmen First Class $15.98
      Pedators $15.98
      Red Sparrow $15.98
      Deadpool 2 $15.98
      Shape of Water $15.98
      The Revenant $15.98
      Deadpool $15.98
      Lots more at $15-16

  • +2 votes

    Lol @ reviews for sausage party. The reviews are for the wrong item.. some kind of jewish dance instructional video and something that would be NSFW


    Didn't realise Avatar had an extended cut.

  • +3 votes

    darn i thought it was the tv series.

  • +3 votes

    Love this film, it's one of my all time favorites sits right along side Middle Earth.
    I watched Avatar 70-80 times in 2017, about 50 in 2018 and about 20 this year :).

  • +2 votes

    Can anyone tell me which of these have or how I can find out if any have Atmos or DTS:X. Yes, I know they’re BD and not 4K.

    Mad Max certainly has as I have the BD. Mainly interested in Ready Player One and Interstellar.


    Jesus Christ bought Titanic instantly. IMAX 3D session of Titanic at midnight premier was one of the best film experiences ever. I doubt it’ll compare but just adding the 3D disc to my collection is worth it. I already have the collectors edition set etc.

    • +1 vote

      At this price, it's a steal in my opinion. It's a keeper for sure. Gotta respect James Cameron. That guy pushes every boundary that ever exist.

  • +1 vote

    Apocalypse Now $6.92

    I think the prices may go up after tomorrow.

    As the JB Hifi 20% deal finishes, but the Buy 2 get one free deal is going a bit longer.


    Are any of the movies besdies Titanic and Spiderman in 3d?

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