expired Apex15R 15.6" 2kg 144hz FHD i7-8750H GTX1060(6GB) 16GB Mechanical Keys 256GB 1TB 2year Warranty Delivered $2019 @ AftershockPC


Hi everyone! Following the launch of our new Apex 15-X which has the new RTX graphics cards, we're holding a sale offering up to 25% off our other 15.6" models Apex-15 and 15R which have the GTX1050ti/1060 GPUs respectively.

Our Apex-15 series offers great portability for both work and play. All our laptops have customisation options to tailor it to your needs/budget. Even down to custom paint! The 2 Year Parts Warranty is valid internationally at all Aftershock PC locations and includes on call and online after sales support. Each PC is built to order (assembled within 3-8 days) and shipped out from our showroom in Melbourne: 298 St Kilda Road, St Kilda VIC 3182.

For example for $2019 you would get the Apex15R with following specs:

Warranty Packages : 2 Years Parts Warranty (Pickup and Return from Your Location)
Central Processing Unit (CPU) : Intel® Core™ i7-8750H Processor (Six Core 8th Gen)
DISPLAY (APEX 15) : 15.6 Inch 144hz FHD IPS / AHVA wide colour gamut display (1920x1080)
MEMORY (RAM) : 16GB DDR4 2666MHZ (16GB X 1)
KEYBOARD : Blue Tactile Mechanical Switches
M.2 SSD BAY (PCIE 2X/4X) (P SERIES) : 256GB M.2 SSD (Read Speed Over 500 MB/s)
WI-FI BLUETOOTH : Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560
PROFESSIONAL COLOUR CALIBRATION : Colour Calibration Service (Ongoing service available at AS service centre)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone (03-90433893) or email (sales@aftershockpc.com.au) or just pop on by in person - we're here to help you get the best value for your specific needs!

Oh, and USE CODE: "TYOZBARGAIN" to get a bonus NZXT mouse pad! (450mm x 370mm) While stocks last…

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    The $1969 model seems to not have 144hz screen from the specs list - the recommended model that costs $2159 is the one with 144hz screen. To get the 144hz screen is a $50 addition - so still and upvote but the title is misleading.

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      Oops! Thanks for picking that up, have updated price/specs accordingly.
      Base specs is the 60hz screen for $1969. +$50 for 144hz so $2019 for 144hz, then +$140 for the recommended model which includes Windows 10 Home.

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        No problem still looks to be a damn good machine for the money. Especially as it seems to have a pretty good warranty behind it too.

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    Yeh i bought the lappy that i'm using right now from metabox, the only difference is the display refresh rate. i paid $1650 for mine a year ago. I don't see how this is a good deal at all.

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      Which Metabox model has mechanical keyboard AND under 2kg AND around $2k?

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        Thanks Scotty for pointing this out. Yes our Apex-15 is a Tongfang chassis which is slim bezel and lightweight with per key RGB mechanical keys whereas majority of older Metabox models are Clevo chassis which were heavier, thicker bezel and without mechanical keys. Both have their pros and cons - just gotta weigh it up as a customer and get the one that fits your needs/priorities so you get your moneys worth.


        Go have a look, just telling you the deal i got. Ram and gpus r cheaper now considering the cyptro mining has slowed down. So i wouldn't say this a great deal. Also you dont want the laptop to thin, it throttles under temp from lack of ventilation. Also the laptop with those specs will not be under 2kg, unless you exclude stuff like the hard drive and gpu/cpu cooling fans.


    This looks good. I'm more likely to buy secondhand with a 1070 or higher for longer lifespan and vr but this looks like a decent offer. Cheers.


    Come on rep! More discount :) for $2k pricepoint these days u can get rtx 2060


    I mean they look like nice machines and everything, it's just…

    "which has the new GTX graphics cards"

    Um? GTX 1060 was released over 2 and a half years ago? (And is based on NVIDIA's previous generation GPU architecture…)


    I dont see what the deal is here?
    We had multiple post on rtx 2060 laptops from "better brands"


    Prices meant to go down not up.


    Anyone got any leads on the 4k version for around $2500AUD?

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