expired [QLD] Paperclick Alarm Radio Clock $3.75 (Expired), USB Desktop Fan $5.40 @ Woolworths (Margate)


clearance items.

8 clocks, 12 fans in stock at time of posting.

towards the end of homewares aisle.

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    I'm giving this a +1 just because it's right down the road from me :)

    Oh, and I guess it's a good deal!


    Are these one of the annoyingly loud beeping alarm clocks? My parents have got one.

    I wouldn't get one even if you paid me lol - scares (and scars) me and it's not the best way to start the day..


    I have the clock - got it few months back for 7 or 8 .. Just using it as clock - haven't moved ahead a minute so I am happy.


    None at Croydon, Vic.. radio clock sold out.

    One USB fan left

    Saw stickers there for clearance


    paperclick alarm clock or google home hub. decisions decisions


    Alarm clock was posted last month - incorrectly listed as [Vic] (Reported)
    Checked local Southside Brisbane Woolies online then & again now - shows stock available.

    Nationwide Woolies link from last comment of that deal. Change locations to find stock. Easier than searching for stock in stores. Then check store as level may be inaccurate.

    Bought different 2 speed oscillating USB fans from Woolies in past down from $25 to 50c. Some weren't impressed. So keep the receipt! 3 of 4 still working well - was a good purchase at that price. Other Woolies USB fans were far worse.