Best Budget Earphones or Earbuds Under $60 in 2019

Moderators at OzBargain have decided to run yearly polls to decide the best products in popular categories that get asked repeatedly in the forum. Our aim is to have a central thread where users can vote on the items, suggest options and also change their vote throughout the year. The polls will end once the year is over.


What is the best budget earphones (under $60) for the money in 2019?

The results for last year's poll shows that wireless Meizu EP51 took the top spot as Ozbargain's preferred cheap earphones.

As more and more phones now come without a dedicated 3.5mm Audio Jack, it's not surprising that wireless audio devices are starting to become more popular. True Wireless earphones (abbreviated as TWS) are also now common as Apple Airpods have ignited a new trend & styling.

Some of the things you need to consider apart from their sound quality:

  • Wired or Wireless
  • Battery life, if they are Bluetooth earphones.
  • The qualify of the microphone for clearer phone calls
  • Active noise or passive noise isolation
  • Water resistance (for sweaty workouts)

Remember: You can change your votes at anytime, and suggest more than 1 product over the course of the poll.

How do I suggest products to What Should I Buy polls?

If you have a product that you would like to suggest for the poll (that is currently not in the Poll Options), you'll need to make a top-level comment (i.e. not replying someone else's comment) and fill up "Suggestions" text box just above your comment:

Suggestion box

Do try to make a sensible suggestion (e.g make sure the item is still available to purchase) and include a brief argument as to why you would recommend the product. You can only suggest 1 product at a time.

(extra note: The SoundPEATS TWS earbuds is known to be a rebadge of the QCY T1C and are considered identical)

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