ToolPro Drill Press 350watt 13mm $99.99 (+ Bonus Drill Bit Set Worth $31.78) @ Supercheap Auto


I was going to buy one for $159 @ Trade Tools but thought this might be ok for the price and just diy. I haven’t set it up yet so can’t attest to quality. Bit set is also ToolPRO and is 15 piece upto 10mm

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto



      The Ozito one actually looks pretty good. Not sure about the ebay one.

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      IMO it's pretty hard to go past the Ozito in the budget range that these all appear to be in given the 3 year warranty via Bunnings.

      I note the comment in the only review of the bonus drill set on SCA that the reviewer broke 3 of them the first day using them drilling through tin fencing. Easily done but quality sounds questionable.


    Looks a pretty good deal - I have a Full Boar drill press, which is pretty good, but I sort of regret spending as much money on it as I did because I don't use it that much due to the limited applications. If it's something that you will use for the odd job, this is probably a pretty good deal.


    Bunnings sell an Ozito 500 watt 16mm 9 speed drill press for $99 which comes with a 3 year warranty.

    It may be better value if you don't care about getting a bonus drill set.


    I think the Ozito would actually be the better buy. I obviously didn’t check what Bunnings offers. Is $99 the usual price for the Ozito?


    $99 seems the usual @ Bunnings. Never seen it cheaper…
    Does the job, but check before you buy as quality is ordinary…
    I wouldn't pay $32 for this dill bit set fwiw..


    I bought one of the SuperCheap drill presses a while ago - it was cheap.

    With the cheap ones you need to get your hands on them before you buy to test the amount of wobble on the spindle. Most of them have a sleeve bearing which does not hold the shaft firmly - just grab the chuck and see how much it moves sideways.

    The one I have has a fair bit of movement, so if you need precision holes, it could be a millimetre off your mark with a long bit. On steel it will wonder around quite a bit before biting and even then the holes are not precise.

    I don’t need super precision but I suspect there will come the day when I wish I had bought better.

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