expired SIM with Two Renewals of amaysim Unlimited 20GB Mobile Plan with 28-Days Expiry $4.97 (Was $9.95) @ Groupon (New Customers)


Half price on this recharge deal. Eligible for 15% cashback from Cashrewards which brings it down to $4.23.


  • Get 20GB every 28 days
  • Unlimited standard calls, texts and voicemails in Australia
  • Unlimited international standard calls to 10 Countries: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, UK and USA
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Keep your existing mobile number or get a new one
  • BYO phone
  • All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network
  • Price includes standard delivery of SIM card

Redeem before 7th April 2019

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    The description of Groupon seems a bit off - a SIM card is not included, they (instantly) send you a voucher to be redeemed by 7 April. The way I see it, it basically buys you 56 days on their network - you can't reuse them separately or whenever you want really.

    I got one to go with my Amaysim SIM bought on a profit. Looks like I won't get the full 28 days out of that one if I need to use this voucher by the 7th of April, but oh well.


    Price includes standard delivery of SIM card

    Confirmed with rep that a SIM is delivered.


      We need to redeem the voucher on amaysim website by selecting $40 plan and enter the voucher code at promo code section of payment details page.


        40gb plan is only 28 days recharge?

        Seems confusing


          Yeah, it's confusing as hell. You have to use the groupon code to buy a $40/month plan for $0. Nowhere does it indicate that it has 2 months.
          OP, since you have a link to the Groupon rep, can you find out what's the deal?

          This deal is not as good as I thought, because I can't add it to another SIM that hasn't been activated yet.


            @Make it so: Fine print -

            Note that amaysim mobile plan services auto-renew on a 28-day basis. After the Groupon promo code finishes (2 x 28 days renewals), the normal prices will apply: $40 for Unlimited 20GB per 28 days; if you do not wish to continue your amaysim service it must be cancelled according to the instructions outlined at the website

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            @Make it so: I bought this deal from an earlier promotion, can confirm that a sim is delivered after redemption as explained in the post above, however there is no clarity on how it applies to 2 months, the sim I received shows a validity of only 1 month/28 days after activation. Planning to get in touch with amaysim rep sometime soon to get the answers.


    It didnt say new customer.

    If I am already with amaysim (existing amaysim account), can I use this vouchers to recharge my existing amaysim number?


      Check find print again it clear says new customers only

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        It should be on the title of this post.
        Very important info.


          port out with a Boost $0.05 sim from officeworks, and then port back in again as a "new customer"


            @altomic: Even better, port out to Telstra with a free SIM (get it online from Telstra website). Delivery is 1 to 2 days. Only issue is you will then need to wait for the Amaysim SIM to arrive after you order it (after you are connected with Telstra) so either you will be without phone connection for 3 to 4 days or need to purchase credit with Telstra (day to day plan would be best to go with). Also you need to specify a new email address when going back to Amaysim.

            Just thinking about this, it might be possible to do the sign up to Amaysim before going to Telstra. And in the sign up process specify to pot your number from Telstra to Amaysim. They will not do the port until you want it ported (no issue with you saying at this stage that you are with Telstra as they will not check this now) and you could then wait for the Amaysim SIM to arrive and at the same time order a Telstra SIM. When both SIMs arrive, activate the port to Telstra. Then when active on Telstra, activate the port to Amaysim.


    Will it work if you buy a new sim($2) from woolies or coles and recharge it?


    on $10 plan, anyone explain to me about getting charge for excess over the limit data? i though get capped at 1G for $10 and this whole thing with auto-top up..seems deceiving.


    amaysims is not capped at all? get charge for data if go over the limit?

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