Panasonic KX-HNA101AZW Home Smart Plug $29 (Was $49) @ Myer and eBay Myer


Reduced to clear . Enjoy :)

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Control lights and other appliances remotely and sensor monitor your home using this smart plug. You can also receive alerts and arm or disarm your system via your smart device.


  • Smart Plug for Panasonic Home Monitoring System
  • Automatically turns on/off lamps, electronics, holiday decorations and more
  • Arm and disarm smart plug via smartphone/tablet
  • Offers added comfort when you are at work, out late or on vacation
  • Easy DIY set-up, one-touch syncing with system
  • Hub unit required KX-HNB600W

This device requires a Panasonic Hub in order to operate

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    Hub unit required KX-HNB600W

    Not so good.

    • +4 votes

      And it's old proprietary technology. Not wifi, zigbee, or zwave.

      Panasonic gave up on it after one generation. It's all on clearance. This is only useful if you bought in to the system already.


    How does it work?

    I am looking for a plug that I can turn my coffee machine on while I do my face and tooth washing. Can I just plug my coffee machine using my iphone once I wake up?


      These are usually the equivalent of just turning your power point switch on or off. Unfortunately that doesn't actually turn on to start the heating/cooking/cooling etc process for many appliances, other than dumb ones like heaters and more basic fans.


        It really depends on the appliance and how they turn on.
        Like for example my tv will turn on into standby mode.
        But my amplifier will power on if it was on when I deactivated the smart plug.
        I think a coffee machine might depending on it's setup.
        That said I think the best you could do is get it to start heating up.

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      You need to buy a hub before this will work.
      Cheaper alternatives are available that don't require hub. I use those for simple plug in lights & fans (which are left turned on at their switch).

      As others have said it just turns power on / off to unit. So first try before buying - turn power point off, then on again to see if this magically produces coffee or at least heats… unlikely as these units usually go into Standby rather than operation. Otherwise an interruption to power supply could start them up!

      Don't know if any coffee machines come with a remote or Wi-Fi, otherwise a hub or App may be able to be programmed to turn on power, turn on unit, etc.

      My pod machine requires power button to be pressed after power is turned on at wall. Only then it warms up (& shuts down again if not used within minutes).

      Sometimes the simple solutions are better…
      Easier just to manually turn on coffee machine to heat, then clean teeth etc.
      Or could locate a machine in bathroom. Then you can do 2 tasks at once😉 Some pod machines have been free in deals (Lavazza paid me & sent 480 free pods by mistake in old deal).

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        My current kettle and toaster cannot be turned on without power, so I cant set using one of these. WiFi/Tuya app based are easier to start with.

        The site mentions this communicates to the hub with DECT wireless, making it a future orphan device. Stick with WiFi (no hub, but not as 'robust' as Zigbee, which requires a hub)

        Alexa, MQTT, GH support? No
        Explanation of the security for the hub: No


          I think it's been a long time since most heating appliances (jugs, toasters, etc) have been sold without a switch on the unit that has to be turned on after power is applied to work. Otherwise there would be a risk of fire etc. Strangely heaters are available which can be turned on at mains if switch is left on.

          Have a few electric jugs from 1950's that lack any switch or cut out.

          Yes, risk of obsolescence when buying devices which aren't usual.


      Get the Bunnings Brilliant brand smart plug for $20. Set a timer for coffee machine or turn on or off as needed using phone app. These plugs are all the same, no need to spend any more than necessary.


        Only useful with a coffee machine that does not need to also be turned on at unit. All machines I've seen turn on in Standby & do nothing.

        For other uses where unit starts up when power is applied - should be a cheaper option & doesn't require hub.


          Mine has a switch on the machine for on/off. I leave it permanently in the on position and plugged into the smart plug. Wake up to a hot machine every morning.


            @nubzy: What brand & model. May be helpful for others who want this set up.

            (I'm not that much in a rush for a coffee. So turning on while I get other things ready is part of the ritual.)

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              @Infidel: Mine is a high end E61 Italian machine, just about all of them are setup the same and require at least half an hour heat up time for optimal extraction.

              • +1 vote

                @nubzy: 30 minute wait😱
                No wonder you want it to be ready for you (using timer or App)!
                I expect the wait will be worthwhile☕

                I'm not allowed near high end Italian models😉


        Most are the same, and use various flavours of the Tuya app. There are some that are different
        TP-Link - not Tuya or flashable, but good support (WiFi). The energy monitoring plug is never on sale!

        Zigbee based devices. Potentially much more robust and easier to secure than WiFi based, but need a hub (often can mix and match brands on hub though)


          The energy monitoring plug is never on sale!
          Rarely go on sale. Bought a few in Amazon sales last year for a bit over $30 delivered😀


        My coffee machine has a timer and I can set up auto turn on function. But I am not sure what time I can wake up, it might be 7 or might be 9, depending on when I go to bed.

        Is the bunnings brilliant brand smart plug has a similar function? What I am looking for is just turning on the coffee machine using my iphone.


    Required hub - poor reviews, designed as home monitoring system (cameras)


    Just a plug (hah!) for the Kogan Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring:

    Wifi, Tuya app (so easy to use with Google Home and Alexa etc) and the bonus of measuring energy use as well as controlling devices.


      No hub required Yes? If no hub hope does it connect like can I connect it when out of my WiFi network on the train using mobile to turn things on or track energy usage.

      How does it compare to TP-LINK HS110 energy monitoring smart plug needing no hub.

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