Best Aircon Installers Melbourne

Does anybody have any past experience with good aircon installers in Melbourne?

I've looked through the local leader and gumtree, but many are giving me the runaround, and most don't reply when asked for their ARC refrigerant handling license.

If you know any honest guys who do solid work (at a fair price!), I'd be super grateful if you could send me their details.




    Try airtasker. Should be $600 or $700 I think.


    I assume you already have a unit ready to install?


      Yep already bought the unit!


        Sorry then, don't know anyone who just does the units. Will be interested to see how you go though.


          Cheers mate, appreciate the reply!

          Hopefully I can get it done quickly


            @kindshibe: Will ask though, have you called your local installers? Or are you emailing? You are best to do everything over the phone. Much easier to reply "Yes" to having the license you speak of, instead of providing proof over the internet. If you want proof, when you book them just tell them to bring it on the day or you won't go through with the installation.

            But most likely if you are dealing with a brick n mortar place they'll probably balk at doing that, but on the flipside I'd say 99/100 would be legit.


              @serpserpserp: I've been texting them so far, maybe I'll have a go at calling them again.

              I wouldn't ask for a licence from an established business, but some random from gumtree - definitely!

              Thanks again for the reply!


    I used Ezyair to install 3. They are very popular on other forums so give them a look.


      Cheers mate, I'll call them up and ask for a quote.

      Appreciate the recommendation!


        I was going to recommend these guys but I thought they only installed their own units (I've had 3 installed by them too).

        They are also not the cheapest around.


    Ive had a recent similar experience to the OP in melbourne.

    Tradies whom go cold on asking what their ARC license # is
    Tradies happy to install whom don't seem to have any warranty service experience ('never had a problem')
    Ezyair have mostly positive reviews on whirlpool, but informed me they only do the full supply and install, but I already have the new units.

    I'm a fan of those willing to come for a free on-site quote. Decided to go with the one whom came and appeared to have insight into what potential issues they may encounter, rather than the one who was cheaper but didn't seem to recognise any of these issues. Awaiting the installation within a week, will see how it goes. What area of melbourne are u in OP?


      Finally, someone who feels my pain!

      I live in the Eastern suburbs (boroondara area).

      If the install goes well I'd really appreciate it if you could send me his/her details!

      Thanks mate!


    I used Rapid Cold air conditioning two years ago with a unit bought from the good guys. They came by and gave free quote. Decided to go with them rather than ezy air since their quote is more reasonable. On time and completed the job in 3 hours. They are based in Mitcham so they are closed by.

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