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VIOFO A129 Duo Dashcam with GPS $185.36 (+ $1 Shipping AU Wide) @ Shopping Square


Hey all,

My first time post!

I was looking for a dashcam and found this at a really good price.

Viofo A129 2" 1080P Car Dash Camera Duo Dual Channel 5GHz Wi-Fi Full HD DVR with GPS

Dual Channel Full HD Video Recording
Dual Band Wi-Fi Built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Sony Starvis Image Sensor (Same for Rear Camera)
F1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens (Same for Rear Camera)
2.0 inch HD LCD Display
140° Wide Viewing Angle
GPS Logger
G-Sensor & Motion Detection Supported
Parking Mode Supported
Quick Release Mount
Circular Polarizing Lens Filter ( Not Included)
Bluetooth Emergency Remote ( Not Included)
Support Micro SD Card Class 10 up to 256GB
Video Resolution Front & Rear: Full HD (1920 x 1080P 30FPS)

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  • I have this camera, and the quality is really good. Haven't tested the parking mode, but for every day driving it's great. FYI, iPhone app works much better than the android app.

    • just bought a $2k xs max for the car. Damn need a new cable.

    • Did you get the hardwire kit for parking mode? According to Viofo they were supposed to make a firmware upgrade to support buffered parking mode.

      • +1

        The latest firmware switches to parking mode after 5 minutes of no movement. I have mine set for 15fps, and it is surprisingly watchable.

        Each 2 minute file contains ~12 minutes of recording at 30fps playback rate. No audio though.

        Registrator Viewer throws its hands up at the file though! It plays it fine, but leaves large grey areas on the time line panel.

        I found NextBase Replay plays the videos, and gives the map tracking as well. For playback functions, almost as good as Registrator Viewer, although it doesn't have the fantastic grouping function to show an entire journey on the map.

        • +1

          Are you happy with the camera overall or would you of gone with something else?

          • +1

            @Pizdets: I'm very happy the quality is excellent

          • @Pizdets: I've only had a short drive so far. I had a BlackVue DR400G for years, which I was quite happy with. I bought it before the Korean sellers stopped selling on E-Bay, so didn't pay an arm and a leg for.

            It died, so I bought a cheapie to replace it, which was no where near as good, but was adequate.

            I was waiting for a decent dual remote unit to come out, but my cheapie broke the suction mount, so decided to get this one.

            Am happy so far. It's a bit unfair comparing it to something that costs twice as much, but I should think it's as good as other devices in a similar price range.

            I'll get around to installing the rear camera one day. Fortunately it used the same USB plug to power, so I just used the power lead from the old unit, so it was a 5 minute install.

            • @photonbuddy: If i hardwire the unit for parking mode, is the gps/unit smart enough to stop recording if it is sitting in my garage?

              Or is there a setting function to set "home", where it will not record?

              If not, can parking mode be micro managed to turn on or off within settings?

              • +1


                If i hardwire the unit for parking mode, is the gps/unit smart enough to stop recording if it is sitting in my garage?

                No. It will use parking mode recording everywhere you park. This is the same for every dashcam that offers this.

                Or is there a setting function to set "home", where it will not record?

                No. This could be a handy function for people who park in a garage. It would be easy enough to modify the hardwire kit with a switch to disable park mode though.

                If not, can parking mode be micro managed to turn on or off within settings?

                No. It's either on or off. You can change what it does when on, but there's 1 setting for everything.

                • @photonbuddy: Thanks for the reply. might send them an email suggesting that.

  • damn…i Missed it! this was real cheap

    • Although marked expired, it is still showing discounted price on website for me.

  • Just purchased. Not expired

    • Did you receive the product? I have ordered on 17th Mar and still waiting for updates :|

      • No, it still hasn't been shipped!

        • Mine still hasn't been shipped - ordered 17/3. The status "the order should be able to be dispatched within 1 working days" for over 2 weeks.
          They're out of stock in store now too.

  • Good price, been waiting for a deal on this. Got 2 just now, not expired

  • Great price ! Not sure if their stocks are covered by viofo Australia's warranty though.

    • Just confirmed with Viofo Aus these are grey imports, series number are not covered by their Australian Warranty. but I guess for people not worrying about warranty stuff, this is a decent buy.

      • The statutory guarantee is covered by the retailer which in this case would be SS.

        • Can you please elaborate on the SS guarantee???

          • @qlaik: SS is an Australian retailer which means that they're subject to Australian consumer law.

  • Do you need it installed or is it just something that you stick on then windscreen?

    • +1

      You need to install power and also cable to rear camera.

      • +1

        Is it something you can DIY easily or need a mechanic to do it?

        • -1

          need a mechanic

          I wouldn't trust a mechanic with a dashcam installation. They tend to disconnect dashcam every time we service our vehicles and never manage to reconnect them after they're done.

        • IMO if you can follow an Ikea manual then it should be easy.
          Just get the service manual for your car to understand how the trim comes apart.
          Should give you a good idea of where to run the cables etc.

        • +6

          The front camera is really easy, especially if you are just going to use the 12V power outlet (aka cigarette lighter socket). It comes with a plastic pry tool, but you can also just use your fingers to tuck the wire into the roof liner, run it along the top of the wind screen towards either the left or right side A pillar, go over the A pillar into the door weather moulding/strip, make its way down/under the floor mat to your power source. Just make sure the wire is not in the way of any moving parts.

          The rear camera is easy when installing in a sedan, just tuck the wire into the roof liner around the top the wind screen, all the way to the back.

          Hatchbacks or SUVs can be tricky, because the rear opens, you have to think about how to route the wire, especially if you want a clean install/look. A popular option is to route the wire alongside factory wiring looms to the rear brake light, but that typically involves removing internal plastic panels.

          Basically, the camera is plug and play, all that work is to hide the wires. If you are really not that confident and prefer to paid someone for a clean install, get a car audio/alarm guy to do it.

          • +3

            @browser: …and be careful not to run cables across airbags…

          • +1

            @browser: Thanks mate. That was really detailed and helpful. I really appreciate it.

          • @browser:

            Hatchbacks or SUVs can be tricky, because the rear opens, you have to think about how to route the wire, especially if you want a clean install/look. A popular option is to route the wire alongside factory wiring looms to the rear brake light, but that typically involves removing internal plastic panels.

            This was my worry. I saw a video for an SUV that had a rear window that would wind down, like our old XC Falcon wagon. He mounted it on the roof liner, rather than on the rear glass.

            Given they have thoughtfully included an extra mounting pad, I am thinking of giving this a go, rather than trying to get a neat wire into the tailgate, and then the rear window (which can open separately on my Territory).

            As I need to have my roof liner re-covered, not sure if I'll wait until I get that done or not …

  • Very good price. Got one for mum recently, works great.

  • Thanks for this. Was only keeping an eye out for months for a good deal on this to try it out lol.

  • IF any one has purchased this via Ebay at a higher price $186.59. You can price match within 48 hours

  • I bought this set with parking mount for about $40 more. Anyone have instructions for installation or suggestions on how to get it installed by a professional?

    • Use Autobarn or a car stereo place. Hardwiring makes for a super neat finish but if you're handy and can solder its easy to DIY

    • Don't wait your money getting someone to install it because it very easy to I stall. There are also plenty of YouTube clips out there to Show you how to install it all

      • +1

        Waste not wait :)

      • not sure why u got negged… but yeah its simple to install a front channel cam/rear is abit more fiddly…

  • Can this this be powered through the cigarette lighter?

    • looks like it comes with the cigarette lighter plugin, so i'd say yes.

    • Yes

  • hows the viofo app? (android)…

    using the 70mai… decent camera / but for dual camera thinking this is the way t go

    • +2

      I have an A129 duo installed with the 3 wire hardwire kit and GPS module.

      I've had recurring issues connecting to the android app wifi, I often have to connect to another wifi network then back to the A129. This the same on a OnePlus 5 and LG G6. Others on the forum report you need to go into airplane mode and back to connect. Once you're into the app it works but is not very responsive.
      Downloads are faster after changing to wifi 5ghz from 2.4ghz but can only be done through in the camera menu, you won't find it in the app.

      I upgraded to this from a 70 Mai. Video is definitely better and this has many more features.

      • thanks…

        video is better on the 70mai or the viofo?

        • +1

          Assuming he meant exactly what he wrote, context would infer the viofo has better video quality and more features

        • The A129 does have much better video quality than the 70 Mai. I'm able to read number plates from further back and aside in footage and it seems to perform better at night.

          This is in addition to the features around 5ghz wifi, parking mode, GPS etc which the 70 Mai doesn't have at all. Another nice bonus is the rear camera is 1080p which as far as I'm aware isn't available at any camera in this price range.

  • I got this recently to replace a xiaoyi with cooked battery. Couldnt be happier.

    The CPL filter is worth every cent in day light conditions.

  • Will these drain the car battery if I leave them on? do they turn off/on automatically when I switch off/on the car?

    • Will these drain the car battery if I leave them on?


      do they turn off/on automatically when I switch off/on the car?


      • +1

        This applies assuming you're on an accessory circuit of course.

        This camera has lots of features designed around parking mode which require a constant power supply. The 3 wire hardwire kit has a configurable voltage disconnect and a trigger to tell the camera when the ignition is on vs parking mode as an alternative to the motion sensing for parking mode.

        • I particularly like the auto-switch to parking mode after 5 minutes of no movement. My old BlackVue DR-400G had this feature. Unfortunately, the Viofo doesn't change the file name in any way to tell you it's a parking mode recording, although they are a smaller file at the 15fps setting.

          I have a Power Magic Pro. I like it because I can choose to leave the dashcam running, or turn it off as soon as I leave the car.

          It also has voltage and time functions on it.

        • so if I connect it to the cigarette power plug, i can't use parking mode because the unit will turn itself off (when the car is off)?

          • @akatsuki: That's correct, it would need to be wired off a circuit that has constant power. Easiest is from the fuse box with a fuse tap or the battery itself.

  • Do these also function as a reversing camera since it has a rear camera and screen?

    • no.

      • +2

        Well … you could switch the 2" screen to rear camera view …

        I wouldn't though …

  • The camera software will recycle automatically old recordings or is a manual thing to do? is the software any good or is a pain to operate? actually do to need to operate in any way or its set and forget?

    • You can set it to recycle, so when the card is full, it'll delete the oldest non-protected file to make room.

      Once you set it up, it's pretty much set and forget.

      I pull my card and keep all the footage, but you don't have to do that. Just check the card every couple of months.

  • how do I pay via paypal?

    1. Can I push one button to capture(lock) an event? i.e 15 secs prior and after i pressed the button?
    2. can I use my iPhone to grab HD footage off the DashCam (I don't want to remove the SD card every time i want some footage (that I "marked" earlier)
    • Yes to the first. You can even buy a remote bluetooth button so it's close-by, and you don't have to reach up to the camera.

      Pretty sure you can do this with the Android app, so assume you can also do it with iOS.

  • +1

    Up to $210 posted now

  • $245 posted for me

  • Anyone's order been shipped yet??

    • Didn't get any notification but logged in to my Shopping Square account and saw this.


      25/03/2019 13:47:48

    • mine not yet still… :(

      anyone know how long usually it takes?

      • I came here to ask the same question! Mine has not despatches either.

  • Mine has arrived.

    • wow..!! mine even have not dispatched…gg

  • Mine hasn't been dispatched either. Been about two weeks.

  • Emailed support and here’s the response:

    Regarding your order for 1 x Viofo A129 Duo Dual Channel 5GHz Wi-Fi Full HD Car Dash Dual Camera DVR with GPS please be advise that it is under direct shipping category. As listed from our store listing this item will require an estimated handling time of 7-14 working days before we could send out. You will receive a dispatch notification once the item has been sent out. the delivery address is below.

    once dispatched kindly await for its delivery within 2-4 weeks.

    • waiting waiting waiting

    • Paid on 17/03/2019. Still Staus : Paid :(

      • I could not believe it, Paid and order since the 17/03/2019

        No status update… at all..

        Wonder if it worth just to try get a refund and shop somewhere else?

  • +1

    I must've been lucky with mine being delivered so quickly.

    I didn't realise they came with hardwire kit included too, thought that would be an extra thing to purchase.
    Both of mine came with the hardwire components as well as the regular plug.

    • yes you do..

      does have anyone have Shopping Square contact details?

    • oh your kidding. i bought the hardwire kit separate because it didn't show you get one. Unless you just lucky :)
      Anyhow i'm still waiting on mine, ordered 17/03

    • Mine didn't come with hardwire kit, only the plug and cables.

  • Has anyone else received theirs? Ordered mine 17 March.

    • +1

      nope… still waiting

      I would definitely avoid shopping swuare in the future.. cant believe its been one month and not a single damn status update

    • I just received mine in the mail. Ordered the same day as the deal was posted. It might be a coincidence, but mine posted yesterday 3 hours after sending them a follow up support ticket via their website, threatening to go to fair trading if they don't post or give me a firm ETA this week.

      The package was from their Sydney warehouse. They obviously have stock in Australia but maybe just don't want to honour the low price yet.

      • +1

        Funnily enough I just got a shipping confirmation, but not received the item yet. Will update once (if) it arrives.

        • Received, no hard wire kit included (as some others have found).

        • Dupe

  • Received:

    Not sure if I received the GPS mount? Did anyone receive this separately in the box?

    • Came in the same box it's just already attached to the main camera. Well atleast i think it is. I'll install it tomorrow and see the GPS works.

  • I still didn't receive my order and i placed order on 18th. as per their tracking info they tried to deliver on 24th April and left the card which i never received. is there any thing i can do other than making a complaint to Consumer affairs?

    • Before going to Consumer Affairs, create a support ticket on their website, they should be able to give you the tracking number from the courier or Auspost for you to find out where it has gone. It'll be quicker if you contact the courier company yourself rather than waiting for them to give you an update.

      • They are still investigating where it gone. terrible customer service

    • the exact same thing happened to me and I made a complaint to them nothing happened, I raised a dispute with my credit card provider and got the money back. it would be the last time I am shopping from this dodgy business.

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