This was posted 2 years 10 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Apple Homepod $448 Delivered @ Officeworks


Think this might be the cheapest around at the moment.

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    Does this work with Spotify? Serious question

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      Unless there's been an update, nope.

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      Only way a HomePod can play Spotify songs (currently, can’t say for future updates) is if you use your iOS device and AirPlay the music to the HomePod.

      You won’t be able to have the HomePod itself play Spotify music like it does with Apple Music.

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        Looks like I won’t be buying it. Thanks for the info.

        • Yeah. It's a shame how anti-competitive Apple has decided to be with this speaker. :(

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        The homepod is an airplay 2 device so you should be able to stream spotify from an ios device/mac to it (unless Spotify has done something untowards to prevent it).

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    I reckon this was the cheapest 7 months ago,

  • or 9 google home minis

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      Also sounds 9 x better than a Mini.

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        Yeah, that's the only reason to buy the Homepod to be honest. Possibly the best sounding bluetooth speaker out there. It's not good for anything else.

        • It's wifi, not bluetooth.

          It uses bluetooth for initial setup but not for music streaming.

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    I’m an apple fanboi but siri suuuuuuuucks

    Lucky the sound on this is supposed to be good.

    • I have one and the sound is absolutely great. I’m tempted to pull the trigger here so I can run them in stereo.

      • No Spotify though? :/

        Do you use Apple Music? What's it like?

        • Apple Music family sub here paid with discounted iTunes cards. I prefer to Spotify, which I used for years before Apple Music began. Bonus is Apple Music has videos as well! You can restrict explicit content too, something I think Spotify have refused to implement (I may be wrong though as I gave up checking).

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            @Fancydancer: Hmm, I guess it might be cheaper with the discounted pricing. Spotify does have video as well, plus you can block explicit content. I just prefer Spotify myself, means I’m not stuck to using only iPhone/iTunes, I can use it on an Android device as well. Plus, I have all my songs in Spotify already.

    • Siri is absolutely the worst. Why won't they update her :(

  • Heard Google max matches the sound quality of this beast

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      Probably the same people that said the google home sounds good shakes head

  • Officeworks is now selling the HomePod for $424. Picked one up today.

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